Bloodite Interview: Rhnegative

Real name : Chris Chitaroni
Gender : Male
Date of Birth : January 7th 1984
Location : Canada, Sudbury
Connection : Microwave connection (don't ask, i don't understand it myself:) but it runs something like 50x faster than a cable:) hehehe (might wanna check up on that... - Infern0)
Hardware : Pentium MMX boosted to 266 from 233, Voodoo Banshee card,
In-Game Character and Color : Black and blue caleb or a souldrudge in nightmares with my blood1 zombie :)
Control Method : Mouse/Keyboard
Date and time interviewed : May 1st about 10pm

01 What's your gaming nickname and is there any particular reason why you chose it?

I chose Rhnegative when i was signing up for the original blood ladder, i was looking for a cool name and all i could come up with was killer or stud or something like that, then my dad suggested RH, as in the blood type, but i tweaked it around and made it RHnegative. It just stuck after that, and also i always use rhnegative as my name online so that any other forumers will recognise me:)
02 Do you use a custom character config and, if so, how is it setup?
Strength : 5
Resistance : 3
Speed : 2
Focus : 4
03 What weapons do you include in your arsenal?
01 : Knife
02 : Assault Rifle
03 : Napalm Cannon
04 : Sniper Rifle
05 : Orb
06 : Vulkan Cannon
07 : Tesla Cannon
08 : Singularity Generator
09 : Voodoo Doll
10 : Life Leech
04 Do you prefer bloodbath, standard teamplay or CTF?
I like bloodbath, but a really good game of CTF beats that anyday:) But there are never good CTF servers:(
05 What maps are you best on?
Bodies for Bloodbath (my all time favorite) and Cabana for CTF.
06 Which weapon do you think induces the most lag?
Definitely the Vulcan cannon, no doubt about it.
07 What is the funniest kill you've performed or received?
OOOOOH, that would have to be the time in Doom (yeah,it's old) in a lan game with my friends (3 players) they were both pumped up on ammo and life and armor, and they were in the middle of a rocket fight, i shot my BFG and took one of them out, and then the other turned and fired the rocket launcher just as i did, the rockets collided right in front of him and he splattered against the wall, and i had a cool mod that would say "STILL GOING" when you splattered, it was pretty funny:)
08 What's your standard way of carrying out a humiliation death?
With whatever i have, i don't take time to change weapons to kill someone, because it has happened too many times that i do that and end up getting killed because of the lag.
09 What games do you play online apart from Blood 2?
Shogo and sometimes blood1
10 What is your all-time favourite weapon from any game?
Definitely the new tesla cannon, i love the X fire, it is just so cool.
11 What is your all-time favourite map from any game?
Well, my favorite BB map is bodies (i already mentioned that) but sp map would have to be the last level of doom2, the enemies just never stopped coming, me and friends would play that in co-op for ever, it rules:) I actually still play that co-op sometimes.
12 What do you think the future holds for Blood 2?
I dont think blood2 will be around much longer, since it is so easy to modify, i think it will gradually change into a 3d version of blood1, though i don't think that is what should happen, it will.
13 What tips do you have to share with your fellow bloodbathers?
Don't stop running :) (Sage advice - Infern0)
14 How can people contact you so they may try and damage your bloodbathing prowess?
ICQ, definitely, i just formatted my hard drive, and lost all my contacts so if i am on yer icq, just send me a message or something so i can re authorize, my # is 31204756.
15 What do you think about PlanetBlood and is there anything else you would like to see on it? (this is also the place where you can plug your sites)
Well, the crypt is a great site where you go for news and anything else that has to do with blood2, though an editing section would be nice because my site ( might not be there for long:( cuz we lost our webmaster. but i have a little site up for editing that doesn't look as good but will basically do the same thing.
16 How did you get interested in mod work?
When i was eight i deathmatched a guy that showed me all kinds of crap how to edit games (namely doom2) and thats where i started, but now i am interested in becoming an architect and this is just something to develop my skils now:) But anyone who hasn't tried editing levels and stuff, i suggest you try it, it is really fun.
17 What plans do you have for future mods?
Well, as you might have seen, i have just released mods that have zombie skins and pain animations, my next mod will merge the 2 with 3 new BETTER zombie skins and more animations for enemies such as fanatics prophets and civilians (really cool idea:) But my mod Ginen Houfour has had to be cancelled because of my partner VOdunZombie losing his internet until july:( bad report card) But i am now doing levels for jerk on maim.
Closing Comment : Thanks for filling that out, Chris. We're all looking forward to plenty of mod work from you in the future - Infern0

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