Bloodite Interview: TronicMind

Real name : Hermann Klein
Gender : Male
Date of Birth : 11.15.1964
Location : Germany, munich
Connection : 56K
Hardware : pentium 233 mmx, 64mb ram, voodoo2 12mb, awe 64 gold (sound)
In-Game Character and Color : Ophelia, red (its definetly her color)
Control Method : AWSD + mouse
Date and time interviewed : 07.12.99

01 What's your gaming nickname and is there any particular reason why you chose it?

ophelia. i like her. she is the reason why caleb followed tshernobok. so she is the root for the blood tale itself. she is a mighty woman with an evil brain and a cool body.
02 Do you use a custom character config and, if so, how is it setup?
Strength : 4 (i would pefer 3 but then i cant use the sniperrifle and i think thats a must have weapon for ophelia)
Resistance : 2 (150 armor max is cool and in bb there`s allways a bug around)
Speed : 4 (speed is important for escape, shortcutting and bonussnatching)
Focus : 2 ( could be more but i am out of points)
03 What weapons do you include in your arsenal?
01 : the razorsharp knife
02 : the mac 10 (great resapwn weapon and a bitch at close range)
03 : the shotgun/combatshotgun (very statisfiying when it hits)
04 : napalmcannon
05 : deathray (great defensive weapon)
06 : teslacannon (secondary for cheap kills)
07 : sniperrifle (i love sniper shoot-outs)
08 : flaregun (especially with anger power-up)
09 : voodoo doll (girls play doll, right. and btw with blinding the only weapon against willpower)
10 : orb/flayer (shoot and forget)
04 Do you prefer bloodbath, standard teamplay or CTF?
i prefer bloodbath cause for effective team or ctf you need to practice with your friends. in bloodbath itself its most intense to play duell.
05 What maps are you best on?
bloodkeep and midgard. in bloodkeep you only have to camp the anger and the big heart, the medkid and the bullets for the mac 10. then you are the king of the hill. i like it also cause its hard to play with the napalmcannon and its really hard to tell where the opponent will pop up next. midgard is the complete opposite to bloodkeep. if you know where your opponent is you also know where he is heading to and then its no problem to intercept him with a glowing napalmball. also good shoot-out situations in the pits.
06 Which weapon do you think induces the most lag?
i have no technical expertice to answer this correctly but i guess the napalm- cannon ond the teslagun make the most lag because its a lot to process when all the balls flying around and all the impacts are in action. the most lag in gameflow, ie action, is caused by the proxbombs and the singularity generator. you have to stand and wait until its over...... :)
07 What is the funniest kill you've performed or received?
i had a hard duel in midgard. the two of use wipded the server clean and we battled head to head. he, i forgot his name, played the same "i know where you are" style and kicked my ass as hard as i kicked his. we met on the birgde in the middle, tossed napalm at each other, we strafed to dogde and found us parted by the bridge in middle. suddedly he blindly shoots a bug spray grenade over the brigde and hits me right between the eyes. one in a million....dam, we paused for 10 seconds to recover from the surpirse and laughing. :)
08 What's your standard way of carrying out a humiliation death?
the knife of course.
09 What games do you play online apart from Blood 2?
quake, kingpin
10 What is your all-time favourite weapon from any game?
the BOOOM double BAMMMM barrel SPLATT shotgun. i like it since doom2.
11 What is your all-time favourite map from any game?
dm4 of quake. the possible moves in this map are incredible (rocketjumps, wallhugging, strafejumping). its allways a pleaure to watch demos of experts. it`s poetry in motion.
12 What do you think the future holds for Blood 2?
there is no great, but a honest future. the people that play blood2 are lovers of the game. they dont look primarly on the stunning graphics and the cool programming, they are with the community cause they love the game, the atmosphere the charakters and the fun.
13 What tips do you have to share with your fellow bloodbathers?
-there are times to fight and times to run. watch your health and armor.
-use the goddam medkit. it is a mighty item. try to find a config where you can choose and use items without taking the fingers from the keys. at AWSD i use Q to select and E to use.
-try to control the powerups.
-try to guess what your opponent does next and try to cut his way or shoot a spot with the napalmcannon where he will pop up next.
-use the taunts in close range shoot outs it worx!!! and is fun.
14 How can people contact you so they may try and damage your bloodbathing prowess?
look out for ophelia on pk`s fuckshak. its a server thats very stable with an acceptable ping (290-350 for me)
15 What do you think about PlanetBlood and is there anything else you would like to see on it? (this is also the place where you can plug your sites)
to be honest i visited the crypt never before. but now i took a look and must say i missed something very important. its bookmarked :=/
16 What was your inspiration for your line of mods?
the sounds are in most cases the stepchilds in the gamedesign. i think thats a shame. sounds are able to suck you in the game. they let you feel the hits and the action rather than just seeing it. maybe my work inspires future game projects to pay more attention on that.
17 What are your plans for future Blood II projects?
well there are some doors, platforms, ambients and monsters left...hmmm
18 What big new game are you looking forward to the most?
daikatana looks pretty promising, some addons for kingpin and mostt important the mods and addons for blood2 :)
Closing Comment : Thanks for that interview, Hermann. Nice to see some evidence of someone who's played plenty of bloodbath :) - Infern0

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