Type D Loudspeaker

Snell Acoustics introduces a new high end – high value loudspeaker, the Snell Type D. This new, slim tower, three way loudspeaker delivers the sonically accurate performance necessary to support today’s multi-purpose home entertainment needs while providing the highest quality music reproduction. As with all Snell loudspeakers designs, the Type D accurately reproduces any source material with exceptional clarity, tonal balance and dynamic range. In fact, and as is true with all Snell loudspeaker models, the Type D has only been released following superior performance when compared in double blind listening tests with competitive models at up to twice its price.




The response of the Type D is extremely flat to within +-1.75dB from 36 to 20,000 Hz (half space anechoic), both on axis and as much as 25 degrees off axis. Efficiency of design supports use with amplifiers rated from 20 to 200 watts per channel and permits handling dynamic peaks many times this level.

Driver configuration includes a 1" pure Titanium Dome tweeter with a pleated Titanium surround. A rear-firing supertweeter is also used to ensure correct power response contributing to consistently outstanding performance in a wide variety of rooms. A 5" midrange driver includes a substantial magnet structure as well as a polypropylene cone for smooth response and notable power handling. Extraordinary bass response results from a combination of a computer designed reflex enclosure with an 8", high output woofer. Extensive internal bracing eliminates cabinet resonance.

Correct frequency distribution is the result of a high order crossover which ensures low distortion, minimal phase shift, high power handling and excellent long term reliability. Dual, gold-plated five-way binding posts allow for bi-wiring and bi-amplification. Adjustable spiked feet are included to support a rigid enclosure-to-floor contact for the purpose of preventing cabinet movement generated by driver accelerations.

Meticulously hand finished, matched, real wood veneer cabinets surround the Type D’s sophisticated internal technology. Each cabinet weighs approximately 65 pounds and measures 43" tall by 10 " wide by 12 " deep, making for a relatively small footprint and an attractive tower-like design.


Unique design and carefully established production processes are utilized at Snell Acoustics to meet these demanding performance standards. Within the design stage, driver, crossover, and enclosure parameters are precisely balanced to achieve accurate sound reproduction. The production process requires that each crossover/driver set of every loudspeaker model produced of every model designed is tuned to within a fraction of a decibel to the original reference. This tuning process provides a level of production and resulting performance consistency that is truly unique in the loudspeaker industry. The production process is then followed by a three hundred percent quality control procedure to ensure the optimum performance and quality of all products produced.


36 Hz to 20 kHz +-1.75 dB in anechoic

One 8" woofer with injection

Moulded cone and surround
One 5" midrange with injection moulded cone and surround
One 1" pure titanium front tweeter
One 1" textile dome rear tweeter

89 dB at 1 meter with 2.83 Vrms in anechoic half-space

Half-space both on axis and 25 degrees off axis

Crossover Points
275 Hz, 2.8 kHz

Power Requirements
Suitable for use with amplifiers rated from 20 to 200 watts

8 Ohms nominal
5 Ohms minimum

Shipping Weight
87 lbs. each

The base accepts spikes which add 1.5" to the height

Box Dimensions (HxWxD)
43"x16.5"x12.75" each