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Named "Event of the Year"
By the City of St. John's, Newfoundland!

Do Not Touch the Rev.Welcome traveller to St. John's, the City of Legends, and North America's oldest city. Perched on the sides of the hills surrounding St. John's harbour, and often wreathed in the misty fog that drifts in off the North Atlantic, St. John's is steeped in history... and the paranormal... Dark alleys and laneways wind through the heart of the historic downtown area, and in the shadows lurk the shades of yesteryear. 

Walking through the town, one is surrounded by the memories of public hangings, duels, and horrific murders, passing over forgotten cemeteries and unmarked graves, past buildings known to be visited by those who have passed over to the other side... Vengeful lovers, murdered soldiers, and mysterious fires await those who are brave enough to explore the secrets that lie in wait in St. John's darkest corners. 

For those truly brave enough, there is The St. John's Haunted Hike, a walking ghost tour of the dark back lanes of historic (and haunted) St. John's. Take part in Newfoundland's most popular paranormal event, an Ambulatory Theatrical Exploration of the Macabre, with your host, the distinguished Reverend Thomas Wyckham Jarvis, Esquire, eminent Lecturer on the Paranormal, well versed in Grimm Tales of the Vengeful Deceased, Murthers of Gruesome Dispatch, Curious Manifestations of the Holy Ghost and Historical  Miscellanea.

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