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Building a Dinosaur

NMNH scientists are replicating dinosaur bones and modeling dinosaur movement.



Stegosauraus Changes

The upright Stegosaurus skeleton in the center island of the Dinosaur Hall has some features that are incorrect...

Photo by David Dunkle

For example, there are supposed to be 17 bony plates along the back instead of the 19 shown here. And the tail should be carried off the ground with the spikes near its end pointing sideways instead of upwards. These are important details discovered since our Stegosaurus was mounted in 1917, and we plan to make the corrections once funding is obtained.

Also, the spikes on the end of Stegosaurus' tail now have an official name, The Thagomizer, suggested in a Far Side cartoon by Gary Larson. (Reference: The Complete Dinosaur, James O. Farlow and M. K. Brett-Surman, editors, Indiana University Press, Bloomington and Indianapolis, Indiana, 1997, p. 302.)

Other new changes include Gorgosaurus, Centrosaurus nasicornis, Triceratops, and Heterodontosaurus tucki

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