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Free University of Toronto is organized by students, staff, faculty and community members interested in reclaiming university education for the people. The aim is to create an open, accessible, inclusive, non-corporate, no-fees University of Toronto.

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The university curriculum is planned in open meetings by a collective of students, staff, faculty and community members. All are welcome. All courses will be free. A significant focus is outreach to communities that have been traditionally under-represented at the university and to people who have not had the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education.

We encourage participants who would like to be involved in classes which:

  • Highlight the history, cultural perspectives, political issues and knowledge of a diverse range of communities; in particular, those who have been traditionally excluded from the existing university curriculum.

  • Include basic and advanced studies from all disciplines.

  • Offer creative and alternative educational forums, styles and topics, which make active participation an integral part of learning while challenging the existing hierarchical and stifling structure of academia.

  • Create a forum for examining and addressing critical social and political issues affecting us within our community and around the world.

This Way, Please

to the

Free University of Toronto

Friday, September 8, 2000
11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
16 Bancroft Avenue
(north of College St., northeast off Spadina Circle)
University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario

The Fall 2000 term of the Free University of Toronto begins this Friday, September 8, with the corporate-free Orientation, This Way, Please.

The Fall 2000 term of the Free University of Toronto is being organized. A preliminary list of courses is available. Courses are open to all, regardless of previous educational background or experience.

If you are interesting in teaching a course, please fax, e-mail or regular mail the your course submission and/or come by the Teaching & Facilitating meetings on Tuesdays or the General Meetings on Thursdays. No previous teaching experience is necessary; we can provide teaching support and/or connect you with someone of similar interests to help co-facilitate your course.

You can take a look at the Summer 2000 course list and the Winter 2000 Calendar for previous course offerings.

If you would like to help plan, organize, or support (through volunteered labour, donated photocopying, donated computers, etc.), please come by the Thursday general meetings.

We are always looking for instructors/facilitators/learners; the only criteria are a willingness to share and the desire to learn. This is a volunteer effort, with the classes/workshops/discussion groups being held at U of T and surrounding community centres. Anyone who wants a forum for free discussion and would like to learn in a free environment is encouraged to participate. Please see the course submission form for details.

Campus group work space

FreeU of T has work space, the Hart House Map Room (7 Hart House Circle, where the west end of Wellesley St, enters U of T campus, on the 1st floor). Facilities:

The 1st floor of Hart House is wheelchair accessible from the west entrance ramp. The Map Room is on the 1st floor, by the Porter's Desk (other floors require an escort from the Porter's Desk, 978-2452, for the elevator - not recommended ). The closest transit is the Wellesley bus; stop at Hoskins Ave, in front of Trinity College and go south towards Soldier's Tower to Hart House.

Please note : The space is shared with other campus clubs, so please be respectful of other people's needs, but feel free to use the space as your needs dictate.

The room is open from 7am to 12 midnight, seven days a week.


If you are interested in teaching a course, attending classes and/or helping organize the free university, please come to the weekly planning meetings. Meeting groups usually meet at the Hart House Map Room and decide, depending on the size and needs of the group, where to re-convene. Please check for posted notes at the Map Room or inquire at the Porter's desk as to the location of meetings.

Alternate meeting/lounge/discussion space at Hart House include:

  1. Teaching/facilitating & Organizing meeting
    Tuesdays at 5pm
    meet at the Hart House Map Room
    All are welcome

  2. Weekly Workings Meetings
    Thursdays at 5 p.m.
    meet at the Hart House Map Room
    All are welcome

  3. General Assembly Meeting
    Dates and locations for Free U of T general assembly meetings for the fall 2000 and spring 2001 TBA


If you need more information or can not attend the meeting but wish to be involved as a student/teacher/coordinator/volunteer please contact:

Free U of T:

(416) 978-CLUB ext. FREEU
(416) 978-2582 ext. 37338)


Chris Ramsaroop,, (416) 832-4932
Elan Ohayon,, 978-2582, ext. 37338

Please send comments to:
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