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review: The Saint
review: Kobian's 0716
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  • Kobian's 5.1 Home Theatre Speakers
  • Wave Master by CoolerMaster
  • What happened to my free time?
  • Asus and Abit Intel 915 Boards
  • The PCI-Expressway to Hardware Hell
  • Intel's Azalia: High Definition Audio
  • Dawn of War: Relic Entertainment Q&A
  • Half-Life 2 Evaluation

  • Oracle aquires its long term target
  • EA Games sign exclusive deal with the NFL
  • A test version of Microsoft's new search tool is unveiled
  • MSN Messenger 7.0 in beta test stages!
  • nForce 5 will not feature SoundStorm 2
  • Catalyst 4.12 Drivers Released!
  • Intel sets dates for some, pushes back for others.
  • Galileo satellite is go.

  • Kobian's 5.1 Home Theatre Speakers

    ::posted by:: mrhaz ::on:: 14-12-2004 @ 10:12 GMT

    This morning, we are looking at a set of 5.1 speakers from newcomer Kobian that claim to be THX and DTS certified for a budget price. Can they really deliver? Rob Young doesn't really think so.

    Coolermaster Wavemaster

    ::posted by:: mrhaz ::on:: 13-12-2004 @ 10:51 GMT

    Dave Williams - aka Macroman - has taken a look at Coolermaster's Wavemaster case. Dave is a something of a case-connoisseur, but this beauty seems to live up to even his exacting standards. Find out more here.

    What happened to my free time?

    ::posted by:: mrhaz ::on:: 10-12-2004 @ 15:54 GMT

    Ever wish you could just chuck in your job to play with computer hardware? What about when your job is computer hardware and you just want to spend some time gaming? I'm getting myself in a right old state, here....

    Asus and Abit 915

    ::posted by:: mrhaz ::on:: 08-12-2004 @ 15:27 GMT

    Richard Swinburne takes a look at two very different motherboards using the Intel 915 chipset. How do they stack up? Find out here.

    Intel's Azalia: High Definition Audio

    ::posted by:: mrhaz ::on:: 06-12-2004 @ 09:49 GMT

    Today, we are looking at the Azalia audio standard from Intel, which is paving the way for a new set of PC products featuring high definition audio. How does Azalia work? What's Dolby got to do with anything? Find out the details of the future of PC audio, here.

    The PCI-Expressway to Hardware Hell

    ::posted by:: mrhaz ::on:: 03-12-2004 @ 16:44 GMT

    Tim Smalley is not happy with the pre-announcement of the shoddily produced products that wing their way onto his hardware testing bench. Find out why here.

    Relic Entertainment Q&A

    ::posted by:: mrhaz ::on:: 02-12-2004 @ 08:10 GMT

    We chat with the developers of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, to get their opinions on the state of the hardware industry, and information on the game's tech specs. Read more here.

    Half Life 2 Performance Evaluation

    ::posted by:: mrhaz ::on:: 01-12-2004 @ 07:08 GMT

    Today we are looking at performance in Half Life 2 on the latest video cards. See how the 6800Ultra stacks up against the X800XT PE, the 6800GT takes on the X800 Pro, and the 6600 battles with the 9800. Which cards give the best performance in our real-world testing? Check it out!

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