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6/28/2004 12:59:00 PM

Monday Update: Raw tonight featuring Benoit Vs Kane, McMahon misses PPV, Rikishi in trouble with WWE, Jericho honored in Winnipeg, Sapp returns in losing effort, Former PM's relative wins Indy title and much more!

by John Pollock

*What a terrible show last night, for those of you that watched it, it was in my opinion the worst WWE PPV, ever. The only decent match on the card was Rey Mysterio Vs Chavo Guerrero and everything else from the booking of the title match to the quality of the mid card was just terrible.

*Tonight "Raw" is live from Richmond, Virginia at the Richmond Coliseum. The only match announced is Chris Benoit Vs Kane for the World Title. I would expect they announce Benoit Vs Triple H for "Vengeance" or possibly a 3-way if they add Kane or Eugene. The "Smackdown" crew is in Winston-Salem, North Carolina for a house show with a main event of Eddy Guerrero & The Undertaker Vs JBL & The Dudley Boyz, but that may be changed after last night.

*Vince McMahon did not attend the PPV last night due to an internal infection and was told to stay home by doctor's. Triple H was at the show last night.

*Paul Bearer's website has the following posted on the main page: "Forever cemented in history, 1991-2004".

*Speaking of the Bearer angle, apparently when they were doing a run through of the angle, it went out on satellite so a lot of fans saw what would happen later in the evening. You can watch the rehersal here.

*As we discussed last night on the show, Rikishi is in trouble with WWE management after going to have nasal surgery without telling the company.

*Chris Jericho will be honored on 7/5 by Premier Gary Doer on the South Lawn of the Manitoba Legislature at 10:30am and will also be given the keys to city by Mayor Sam Katz at 1pm in the courtyard of City Hall. Most of all Jericho will be presented with the Order of the Buffalo!! I love Canada. "Raw" takes place in Winnipeg that night and then Jericho's band Fozzy will perform at Cowboy's bar after "Raw".

*Bob Sapp lost his first match back in over a month this past weekend to Ray Sefo 49 seconds into the 2nd round.

*The "Pro Wrestling: Past, Present and Future" PPV featuring Edge and Christian from their independent days is airing all day today on Viewer's Choice Canada for $5.99.

*At the NHL Draft Saturday in Raleigh, after the Calgary Flames made their 1st round pick they played Kurt Angle's theme song. (Thanks to Andy McNamara)

*It looks like Warner Brothers is worried about using Triple H in the lead role of the "Conan" remake and only wants to finance the movie if Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the lead. Director John Milius is a big fan of Triple H's from their work on "Blade: Trinity", which comes out in December.

*Pancrase has signed Josh Barnett Vs former WWE developmental prospect Ron Waterman for the Open Weight Title on 7/17 in Seoul, South Korea.

*How is this for a interesting news piece on election day? Jared David St. Laurent (the great grandson of former Canadian Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent) won the Heavyweight title for an indy group out of Florida on the weekend. The story is making news in the Canadian Press.

*Valor Fighting will be touring with UPW to help scout potential fighters for K-1 in the upcoming weeks. They will be at the South Florida Boxing Gym on 7/8 in Miami Beach from 1-5pm, on 7/9 they will be in Atlanta at Velocity Kickboxing from 1-6pm and then finish up in New Orleans on 7/10 at the Martial Arts USA/Anconas Gym from 1-5pm.

*Here are the results from the WWE Raw show at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night:
*La Resistance over Rhyno & Tajiri to keep the Tag Titles
*Eugene over Jonathan Coachman
*Kane over Matt Hardy
*The Hurricane & Maven over Test & Garrison Cade
*Chris Jericho over Batista
*Randy Orton over Edge to keep the IC Title
*Trish Stratus over Victoria to keep the Women’s Title
*Chris Benoit over Triple H to keep the World Title

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