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"here comes twike"

a film documentary of the Twike 98 Challenge

Twike at Karlbrucke, Czechoslovakia

In the summer of 1998, six Twikes set out from Bern, Switzerland on a trip that eventually covered 15 countries - including Germany, Poland, Russia, the Baltics, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and France - and took them to Nord Cap, 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle, then finally back to Bern. The 11,000 kilometer journey was accomplished in eleven weeks, averaging about 90 miles a day - no small feat in the world history of electric vehicles! Each of these super efficient electric/human hybrids completed the trip (equivalent to going from Seattle to Boston and back and then on to Los Angeles) on 55 kilowatthours or $44 worth of electricity (at $.08/kWh).

But forget the numbers - what fun it must have been to tour Europe in a Twike! Michael Patterson went along for the first leg of the trip, from Bern to Prague, with his video camera and the resulting beautifully executed film permits the rest of us to share in the experience. For any Twike enthusiast this film is an inspiration - indeed, for any one who understands why efficiency matters. A Twike, just rolling down the street, makes for great cinema; perhaps one of these days we'll see Hollywood car chases in Twikes...

Personal copies of the hour long videotape with English narration are for sale at $19.99 retail, which includes postage and handling; $99.95 for institutions (schools, libraries, video stores) which includes unlimited public screening and rental rights; or $120.00 wholesale, for a case of a dozen. Anyone who would like to buy one (or a hundred) can contact the film maker, Michael, at: mikeosaurusp@netscape.net

To see a fantastic photo essay of the trip visit the Swiss Twike 98 Challenge page. (Captions are in German.)

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