What is this site?
Every day, I upload new short video clips ("vidbits") that I shoot with my little cameracorder. I upload these and tag them with relevant data (the place it was shot in, the people who appear in it, the time of day, etc). Once this information is in place, we can use Vimeo to generate short films that comprise these short clips.

For example, we could say, "Vimeo, show me every clip of Ricky Van Veen at lunchtime from the past four months," and then we could instantly watch this new short film; this computer-assembled narrative.

What does Vimeo mean?
I made it up. It's a mix of "me" and "video" and is also an anagram for "movie" and also reminds me of "mimeo".

Who makes this site?
The site was conceived and is developed by Jakob Lodwick. Hi, everybody! I also run Blumpy.org, Busted Tees, CollegeHumor, and a few other sites. I live in New York City and am a rapper.