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Mike Pondsmith

Roleplaying Game Credits:
Book Publisher Credit
Alliances (Champions: New Millennium) (1997) R. Talsorian Games Layout
Alliances (Champions: New Millennium) (1997) R. Talsorian Games Editorial Assistance
Bubblegum Crisis: Before and and After (1997) R. Talsorian Games Other Writing Contributions
Champions: New Millennium (1997) R. Talsorian Games Additional Writing
Champions: New Millennium (1997) R. Talsorian Games System Design
Champions: New Millennium (1997) R. Talsorian Games Graphics
Champions: New Millennium (1997) R. Talsorian Games Editorial Assistance
Cybergeneration, 2nd Ed. (1997) R. Talsorian Games Author
Memoirs of Auberon of Faerie, The (Castle Falkenstein) (1997) R. Talsorian Games Additional Layout and Design
Teenagers from Outer Space (1997) R. Talsorian Games Layout
Teenagers from Outer Space (1997) R. Talsorian Games Cover Design
Teenagers from Outer Space (1997) R. Talsorian Games Author
Mecha Manual 2: Invastion Terra Files (Mekton) (1996) R. Talsorian Games Editing
Mekton Empire (1996) R. Talsorian Games Interior Artist
Mekton Empire (1996) R. Talsorian Games Source Material
Starblade Battalion Mekton (1996) R. Talsorian Games Interior Design
Starblade Battalion Mekton (1996) R. Talsorian Games Graphic Design and Layout
Starblade Battalion Mekton (1996) R. Talsorian Games Author
Starblade Battalion Mekton (1996) R. Talsorian Games Creator
Book of Sigils, The (Castle Falkenstein) (1995) R. Talsorian Games Additional Material
Comme Il Faut (Castle Falkenstein) (1995) R. Talsorian Games Graphic Design and Layout
Comme Il Faut (Castle Falkenstein) (1995) R. Talsorian Games Author
Lost Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci, The (Castle Falkenstein) (1995) R. Talsorian Games Additional Assistance
Mekton Z (1995) R. Talsorian Games Author
Mekton Z (1995) R. Talsorian Games Executive Producer
Mekton Z (1995) R. Talsorian Games Original Design
Mekton Z (1995) R. Talsorian Games Layout
Mekton Z (1995) R. Talsorian Games Cover Design
Mekton Z (1995) R. Talsorian Games Layout Design
Mekton Z Plus (1995) R. Talsorian Games Contributor
Neo Tribes (Cyberpunk) (1995) R. Talsorian Games Guidance
Steam Age (Castle Falkenstein) (1995) R. Talsorian Games Layout
Steam Age (Castle Falkenstein) (1995) R. Talsorian Games Editing
Steam Age (Castle Falkenstein) (1995) R. Talsorian Games Author
Steam Age (Castle Falkenstein) (1995) R. Talsorian Games Design and Graphics
Castle Falkenstein (1994) R. Talsorian Games Graphic Design and Layout
Castle Falkenstein (1994) R. Talsorian Games Writing and Design
Eco Front (Cybergeneration) (1994) R. Talsorian Games Design
Listen Up, You Primitive Screwheads!!!! (Cyberpunk) (1994) R. Talsorian Games Author
MediaFront (Cyberpunk) (1994) R. Talsorian Games Design
Bastille Day (Cybergeneration) (1993) R. Talsorian Games Design
Bastille Day (Cybergeneration) (1993) R. Talsorian Games Contributor
Cybergeneration (1993) R. Talsorian Games Author
Cybergeneration (1993) R. Talsorian Games Graphic Design and Layout
Operation: Rimfire (Mekton) (1993) R. Talsorian Games Additional Material
Chromebook 2 (Cyberpunk) (1992) R. Talsorian Games Graphics
Chromebook 2 (Cyberpunk) (1992) R. Talsorian Games Contributing Editor
Chromebook 2 (Cyberpunk) (1992) R. Talsorian Games Contributing Author
Home of the Brave (Cyberpunk) (1992) R. Talsorian Games Contributor
Chromebook (Cyberpunk) (1991) R. Talsorian Games Interior Artist
Chromebook (Cyberpunk) (1991) R. Talsorian Games Contributor
Chromebook (Cyberpunk) (1991) R. Talsorian Games Editing
Chromebook (Cyberpunk) (1991) R. Talsorian Games Cover Design
Night City (Cyberpunk) (1991) R. Talsorian Games Graphic Design
Night City (Cyberpunk) (1991) R. Talsorian Games Author
Cyberpunk 2020 (1990) R. Talsorian Games Editing
Cyberpunk 2020 (1990) R. Talsorian Games Graphic Design and Layout
Cyberpunk 2020 (1990) R. Talsorian Games Author
Roadstriker II (Mekton) (1990) R. Talsorian Games Interior Artist
Roadstriker II (Mekton) (1990) R. Talsorian Games Author
Hall of Heroes (Forgotten Realms) (1989) TSR, Inc. Author
Near Orbit (Cyberpunk) (1989) R. Talsorian Games Interior Artist
Near Orbit (Cyberpunk) (1989) R. Talsorian Games Layout
Near Orbit (Cyberpunk) (1989) R. Talsorian Games Design
Rockerboy (Cyberpunk) (1989) R. Talsorian Games Author
Rockerboy (Cyberpunk) (1989) R. Talsorian Games Photographer
Solo of Fortune (Cyberpunk) (1989) R. Talsorian Games Interior Artist
Solo of Fortune (Cyberpunk) (1989) R. Talsorian Games Art Director
Solo of Fortune (Cyberpunk) (1989) R. Talsorian Games Editing
Solo of Fortune (Cyberpunk) (1989) R. Talsorian Games Author
Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms (Oriental Adventures) (1988) TSR, Inc. Design
Mekton II (1987) R. Talsorian Games Layout and Typesetting
Mekton II (1987) R. Talsorian Games Author
Magazine Article Credits:
Article Credit
"Castle Falkenstein" in Pyramid #4 (Nov/Dec 1993) Author
"Future of Gaming, The" in Pyramid #2 (Jul/Aug 1993) Author

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