Jake by April Dobson
Jake is charming traditional teddy who'd make a wonderful addition to any collection. His endearing expression is sure to win over any arctophile. Follow the step by step instructions below and he could soon be joining your hug. Once complete he stands 43cm (17") tall.

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You Will Need

  • 1/2 metre of mohair (I have used short sparse mohair - but this pattern would look equally as good in a more dense, or even curly mohair).
  • 5 pairs of locking nut and bolt joints or cotter pins if preferred
  • 10mm glass eyes
  • Sewing thread to match the backing of the mohair
  • Nose thread
  • Polyester filler and either pellets or glass beads for the tummy
  • Toning fabric for the paw pads (wool felt, ultrasuede or suedette are ideal)
  • A 3mm (1/4) seam allowance is included on all pattern pieces

Step by Step

  1. Trace all the pattern pieces and transfer to thin card, remembering to mark the points shown for the joints. Identify the direction of the pile of the mohair and place the pattern pieces on the material, following the direction of the arrows.

  2. Draw round all the pattern pieces on the reverse side of the mohair using a pencil or marker pen - again remember to mark the position of the joints. Do the same for all the paw pads.

  3. Cut out the pads and paws, then cut out the bear using sharp, pointed scissors. Cut only the backing and not the pile. Check that you have all of the pieces. Trim away 1/4" of mohair around all of the cut out pattern pieces.

  4. With right sides together, stitch the side head pieces from the tip of the nose to the neck (A to B). Pin the head gusset in place, matching A to A, and stitch. With right sides together, pin and stitch around the ear, leaving open where indicated.

  5. Pin and sew the paw pads to the inner arm pieces, then attach the inner arm to the outer arm, leaving a gap where shown for jointing and filling. With right sides together, pin and sew leg pieces together, leaving a gap for filling, and the feet open in order to attach the foot pads. To sew in the foot pads, line up the centre front and back markings on the pads with the front and back leg seams and pin. Pin all the way round the foot pad. Place the foot pad downwards on the sewing machine plate, (as though the bear is standing up), and sew around the foot.

  6. Pin together and sew darts 1 to 2 and 3 to 4 on each of the body pieces. With right sides together, pin and sew the body pieces together, leaving a gap as shown for stuffing, and a small space at the neck edge in order to insert the joint. Comb out all the seams of each of the body parts from the wrong side first of all. Turn the pieces the right way out and comb again from this side.

  7. Using polyester filler and a stuffing tool, stuff the head very firmly...fill the nose area first with small bits of filler, and then the rest of the head. Assemble the head joint and place in the neck. Sew a running stitch all the way around the neck edge using doubled strong thread. Pull up tightly to encompass the joint. Make several tight back stitches around the gathered area and tie off.

  8. Using two glass-headed pins, experiment with the eye positions. Once you have decided where you want them, make two holes with an awl and insert the eyes.

  9. Next experiment with the ears until you get the right look for your bear, pinning the ears on at different angles. Once you are happy with them, attach them using ladder stitch by working along the outside of the ear and then the inside. Once securely in place, release any trapped fur with the needle or a comb.

  10. Neaten the muzzle area by trimming away the fur around the nose and mouth. Many different looks can be achieved by trimming either more, or less hair away. Using the nose thread, mark out the position of the nose with a few horizontal and vertical stitches as a guide. Fill in the nose area working from top to bottom, finishing with the mouth.

  11. Attach the head to the body by inserting the head joint through the hole in the neck of the body and securing from inside the body. Attach the legs and arms by making small holes on the points you marked on the inside of the limbs and inserting one half of the joints inside all four limbs. Make four holes on the points you marked on the body and attach the limbs. Secure the joints from the inside of the body.

  12. Stuff the paws, feet and top of the limbs (the joint area) quite firmly. Fill out the rest of the limbs using polyester filler, or for a more scrunchy feel, pellets or glass beads. Using strong thread, ladder stitch the gaps in the limbs and fasten off securely. Using polyester filler, stuff the bear's bottom and neck firmly. Fill his tummy with pellets or glass beads. Finally, ladder stitch the gap closed.

Bear Facts

For more details on April Bears call 01842 810 334.