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Internet�s hot sites Friendster, e-Bay test market in Philippines


Top officials of Cyberspace�s hot site Friendster.com has began talks with the Philippines� top three telecommunications companies on how to provide free mobile phone calls to Filipino Friendsters members.

Friendster, Inc. has chosen the Philippines as the test bed for the newest service of the two-years old Silicon Valley, California-based company.

Friendster�s general manager for international program was in town recently to firm up the blueprint on Friendster�s rolling out on the mobile phone. He did a very brief show and guested during the second day session of the recent 3rd Internet Commerce Congress and Exhibit of the Philippine Internet Commerce Society.

In baring Friendster�s choice of the Philippines as its test bed in the utilization of mobile telephone technology, he announced, "The Philippines is a very important part of our business. It is adding a lot of value to our site. We are in the process of (launching) Friendster Phone and Friendster Search."

If plans stay on course, Friendster Phone will be available from Smart Telecommunications, Globe Telecom and Sun Cellular in December this year.

Friendster is an online community that connects people through networks of friends.

A few days earlier, another popular Internet site, online marketplace eBay formally faced the local media to announce its Philippine version. Called eBay.ph.

"The launch of e-Bay Philippines brings our succcesful online markerplace to a growing Internet market in Asia," said Bill Cobb, senior vice president of e-Bay International in its press release. "eBay�s global community already includes many thousands of members in the Philippines, and we are happy to provide them with their own dedicated website."

The launch of e-Bay�s local website will allow the company to better serve its members in the Philippines, providing greater opportunity for local buyers and sellers to come together, build new local trading communities, and help expand the country�s e-Commerce, explained Frederic de Bure, managing director for e-Bay Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines.

"The global community expands to the Philippines today," he remarked during the press conference. "We already have a big business of people trading in the Philippines. "

The website eBay.ph is in English and allows members to buy and sell using the Philippine peso. He said individuals and small businesses can list and sell their items on eBay.ph at no charge.

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Internet�s hot sites Friendster, e-Bay test market in Philippines
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