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The following stories were added on 4/1/02 (no foolin'!):

Title:  Chantilly Lace
Author:  Corinne Hansen
Rating:  R, for language
SPOILERS:  A tiny, tiny reference to the movie (BUT THIS IS NOT
           FLICKFIC!) : )
Content Warning: MSR
Classification: S, R, A--Scully POV
Summary:  A haunting and recurring nightmare of Mulder's death
          causes Scully to think she's losing her mind.

Moot Point  #1:  The Wedding
Rating:  PG -- one tiny bad word from Mary Sue...what can I say?
Oh, I guess Mulder says a couple too.
Classification:  S, H
Keywords:  Mulder/Scully Romance
Spoilers:  No episode spoilers, but I've given away the plots to
about a bizillion fanfics.
Summary:  Scully's plans to get married are disturbed when Mulder
shows up at the last minute, and then Mulder's plans are
complicated when Scully develops an attitude.  Furthermore,
everybody keeps interrupting them, and everybody's plans need to
be put on hold.
Guest starring:  Everybody

Moot Point #2: By Any Other Name
Rating:  PG with some gratuitous and continual swearing
Classification:  V, H
Keywords:  nope
Spoilers:  not unless I've uncovered the 5th season myth arc by accident
Summary:  The phone rings.  Someone picks it up.  A conversation. Denouement.

Moot Point #3:  The Conspiracy Conspiracy
Rating:  PG, for language
Classification:  V, H
Keywords:  none
Spoilers:  Does this font make me look fat?
Summary:  The Cigarette-Smoking Man flaunts his knowledge.

Moot Point #4:  The Edge
Rating:  PG
Classification:  V, H
Keywords:  Negatory
Spoilers:  Well, keep it in the fridge and it won't spoil!
Summary:  Scully delves into the possibilities of the edge.

Feedback:  Gimme, gimmie, gimmie.  Thank you.

Night Giving Off Flames
by Jesemie's Evil Twin or
Summary: "Yet from those flames no light, but rather
darkness visible."  - John Milton
Category: Angst, Oddness, M/S.  Quasi-Post-
Colonization AU that occurs sometime after "Hollywood
AD".  Oddness.  One wee-tiny spoiler for "HAD" and
hardly any others whatsoever.  Did I mention it's Odd?

TITLE: Not A Three Hour Tour
AUTHOR: Rhetta
SPOILERS: Set mid-Season Seven with slight allusions to 'D.P.O.',
'Small Potatoes', 'Arcadia', and 'Sixth Extinction'
SUMMARY: Mulder stuck on a life raft in the middle of the ocean
with a moody teenager and a ticked-off Scully.  What could possibly
go wrong? A post-ep for an episode that never was.

Title: Ravens and Crows
Author: Dryad
Rating: PG13, MS/UST, M for Melancholy
Spoilers: 'A Christmas Carol', 'Emily', 'Demons', 'Wetwired'
Summary: Bill sticks his oar in ? not without just cause

AUTHOR: Blackwood
CATEGORY: MSR, UST, Post-col Vignette, AU, Angst, Humor
ARCHIVE: With a note to me.
DISCLAIMER: The usual.
SUMMARY: It's not the critic who counts.

The following stories were added on 3/25/02:

TITLE: Benediction
AUTHOR: Alelou
SUMMARY:  A strange little mixture of the sacred and
the profane adding up to ... well, fluff.

Title:   Inevitable
Author:   Flynn
Rating:   NC-17 for adult expressions of affection.
Classification:   MSR, PWP
Keywords:   None
Category:   X-Cops post-ep
Spoiler warning:   Brief nod to Hollywood A.D., SUZ, and the cancer arc.
Feedback:   Nourishes the soul and is good karma.

Title: Miracle
Author: Tesla
Locale: faux-Uzbekistan
Author: Tesla Title: Miracle
Rating: PG. Some four letter words.
Spoilers: None, but set way before the advent of Will
Keyword: MSR, spooning
Probability: Low
Feedback: Always read.  My new page is,
or  e-mail:

Title: Ricochet
Author: Kel
MSR, G-rated fluff, Humor

TITLE: Tell you a secret
AUTHOR: Melymbrosia
FEEDBACK: (criticism welcome)
SPOILERS: "Trust No 1"

Author: CindyET
Rating: NC-17 (Adult Themes, including Rape, Language)
Classification: V
Keywords: RAPE, MSR
Spoilers: "Irresistible," "Trust No 1" and a teensy-weensy nod
to "Je Souhaite"
Summary: What if the unthinkable once happened to "Dana"?
Years later, how would "Scully" cope?
Authors Notes: "Trust No 1" -- the title, the monologue and
also Mulder's use of Scully's first name in his email
(referring to the often hidden persona of "Dana"), along with
two threads on Haven: one about the lasting effects of rape
and a more recent one about Scully's seemingly split
personality -- conspired to pull these words from my heart.
This tiny vignette is dedicated to all of us who have walked
too near the edge of darkness, and, for a while, lost
Do not read this story if you want to bask in the afterglow of
"Trust No 1." This has almost nothing to do with that
storyline, and may affect your enjoyment of the episode.
This story is about rape. Please, consider yourself warned.

The following stories were added on 3/1/02:

Title:  Desire
Author: Alelou
Feedback: (Gratefully received
and replied to -- but please remember the 123, or
you'll really annoy the poor soul who doesn't have
the 123 and long ago lost patience with this.)
Rating: NC-17
Category: MSR
Spoilers: Big ones for "All Things," minor for "Chimera"
Summary: A loving elaboration of the canon as
represented by "All Things."

TITLE:  First Night
AUTHOR:  Suture
FEEDBACK:  Please, please, please.
SPOILERS:  Tiny ones for "All Things" and "Dreamland."
SUMMARY:  "What're you thinking about G-woman?" he drawls.
His tone and smile are bedroom-sultry, but his eyes are
slightly panicked.  He's not completely certain about this either.

Title: Glass Menagerie
Author: Karen (
Rating: PG/PG-13
Keywords: Doggett.  Reyes.  Reyes POV.
Summary: 'I am just the observer, watching him-his
every move-from behind a transparent glass wall of emotions,
and doubt, and truth.'
Spoilers: Very minor: Empedocles; Essence/Existence

Title - Hormonal Blues
Author - Donna
Email address -
Rating - PG-13
Category - MSR
Spoilers - Per Manum
Keywords - MSR, angst
Summary - All those chemicals in her body, surely she was affected

TITLE: I Like This
SPOILERS: None. Set somewhere pre-Requiem.
SUMMARY: Scully is at Mulder's place to help him choose a baby photo
for a fundraising competition at the bureau.

Title: Tilt
Author:  Michelle Kiefer
Episode: Pilot
Summary:  It was as if the planet had tilted, and the
          ground had dropped out from under her feet.
Category: Post-ep
Rating: PG-13

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