The following stories contain sex with homoerotic themes. If you don't like that kind of thing, don't read these. Do not continue if you are under the legal age in your state, country, district, or whatever. 



ENTRÉE - (3/27/99) - Mulder and Skinner go out to dinner. PG-13 for UST, a few lustful thoughts, and perhaps one or two unhealthy food choices.

VOICES- R -(11/99) - Walter meets his inner demons, and they nag him into a specific action.


 Due South (F/K)

If It Aint Broke - (9/22/99) - R - This is for the tight spaces challenge, although they're not in any tight spaces they don't want to be in. Spoilers for COTW, Odds

Welcome Home - (7/00 - Posted 9/00) - This one was written over the 4th of July weekend, out of a vague sense of guilt that if I wasn't working, I ought to at least be writing. Ray K. steps off an airplane and back into his version of normality. No plot, 3,542 words, sort of sappy in an argumentative kind of way. F/K, no more than PG (sorry). Yes, of course there's food.

Did Too - - (11/25/00) - NC-17 - An argument leads Ray to discover an entirely New Fraser.


 The Sentinel

First Shot - 1/6/2000 - J/B - R - Post-series - Now Blair's got a badge, but does he feel like a cop?

Under the Radar - 3/25/2000 - J/B - R - Post-series - Do I think real men would behave this way? Nope. Does it make for a warm-and-cuddly schmoopfest? I hope so.

What's for Dinner - 7/31/00 - J/B - PG-13? - Where's the beef?



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