Lunar the Silver Star

GamefanDecember 1993

SEGA CD owners starved for RPGs should be playing Lunar: The Silver Star about the time this issue comes out. So how do you like it? If you're like thousands of RPG players in Japan then you're probably having quite a great time. Believe it or not, SEGA of America thinks that RPGs aren't viable in today's market and, makes them out a hassle for developers, so, if you want to see more, drop them a line, to you, they will listen. We have covered Lunar now three times, so, if you are a regular reader, you are probably familiar with Lunar by now. If not, than let me tell you, if you're into RPGs and own a SEGA CD, this is it! In fact, along with the original Y's and Phantasy Star 2, I would have to say that Lunar is one of the best RPGs ever. The music alone is reason enough to own this game. It is almost magical. Besides that, the fighting engine and story line are among the best in the genre, and the translation (both voice and text) has been done perfectly by Working Designs. Working Designs next SEGA CD title will be Vay, another great RPG. So, get ready for more of the same, very soon. These RPGs, as far as I can see, are the best reason to own a SEGA CD. Let SOA know that and more will surely follow. Maybe 3x3 Eyes!.......

-E. Storm

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Lunar is far and away the best RPG I have ever played in English. Everything is perfect, the graphics, the fighting engine, the music, and the story. Working Designs knows how to translate RPGs, and has converted this game so well that it is better than the original. Set aside a week this Christmas and Escape with Lunar.

Lunar is a well conceived and executed RPG that will challenge even the best RPG players. Working Designs did well to decide and pick Lunar up and translate it for the American market. With the thin schedule of releases in this genre on the SEGA CD, Lunar is going to be a welcome change for CD owners and one of the best games on the system in '93.
K. LEE: 98%

This is one of my favorite RPGs. If you can imagine a SEGA CD version of Final Fantasy 2 (one of the best), then you've got a pretty good idea of what kind of game Lunar is. Lunar has a long and fascinating quest
with plenty of catch-you-off-guard situations to keep you interested and coming back for more. Combine this with great graphics and an incredible soundtrack, and you've got a game that was well worth the wait.

SEGA CD owners and RPG Gamers are in store for a big surprise. Working Designs has translated the greatest RPG of all time for the SEGA CD and it is truly amazing. Imagine Final Fantasy on the SEGA CD but with better graphics, music, and one of the greatest stories ever told, and you have Lunar. It is also one of the longest RPGs that I have ever played on CD. If you're a lucky owner of a SEGA CD, buy it, and prepare to be blown away to RPG heaven.