Lunar the Silver Star

Game Players February 1994

When the first SEGA CD role-playing game finally arrived, Jeff Lundigren jumped right into it and had an altogether enjoyable time.
Although the huge storage capacity of CDs would seem to make them a natural for role-playing games, Lunar is the first traditional RPG for SEGA CD. It has a lot going for it - it's fairly big, the graphics are nicely detailed, and some of the characters actually talk. But what really sets Lunar apart is that it's the goofiest game I've played all year, although whether this was the designers' intent or not is unclear. Still, from the moment Luna and Alex sat down for singing practice, I started laughing and couldn't stop.
In the course of the game, your band of adventurers - people join and leave as they please - has encounters that include an inventor who lives alone in a tower because of his rotten body odor; a wizard who cares as much about foot hygiene as magic, and, in the game's crowning moment, a village populated entirely by inbred hicks ("We're just' one big happy family 'round hee-yur!").
These are just a few highlights. Strange things happen all the time, and the fact that some characters actually speak their ridiculous lines just adds to fun. But listen - even if your sense of humor doesn't run this way, there's a lot in Lunar to like. It's a solid RPG, and well worth you time.

Graphics: 8/10
+ Everything's detailed and colorful, with lots of nice animated breaks.
- The characters are small, and it looks like every other RPG.

Sound FX: 7/10
+ The voices and other effects are clear and fit the action pretty well.
- Some of the voices display questionable talent.

Music: 5/10
+ The music fills the background...
- ...but it doesn't make an impression - bad for a game that's about a singer.

Bells & Whistles: 8/10
+ The game's got a warped sense of humor.
- The game's got a warped sense of humor.

Control: 7/10
+ Menus and choices are clearly laid out.
- The combat system is dull.

Replay Value: 5/10
+ It takes a while to get through it.
- You probably won't play it more than once.