Albert Odyssey

Gamepro September 1997

Although Albert Odyssey materializes on the Saturn with a fun cast of characters, a soothing soundtrack, and a compelling story line, the lack of solid gameplay and overall shortness of the adventure banish this RPG to the realm of rentals. You play as Pike, a young hero who must find a priest powerful enough to save his sister from an evil spell that has turned her into stone. The story line is loaded with twists and turns as you find new friends to join your quest and learn how you life is connected with your enchanted sword, Cirrus. The rich, engrossing original score accentuates the involved story line, lending atmosphere to the environments. The graphics are sharp and detailed, and though the characters seem a little cartoonish, they add color and flair to the overall game. Unfortunately, Albert Odyssey's downfall is its gameplay. Once you master the basic controls to learn magic, buy new weapons, and find items, the lack of any puzzle-solving or different paths to choose from makes the game easy to conquer. Albert Odyssey is worth trying, but you'll probably finish it during a weekend rental. For a little more involving gameplay, sheath your sword and move on to Shining The Holy Ark.

PROTIP: Pike's magic Lecture and Leos' magic Molotov Cocktail are a deadly combination for almost any acversary.

PROTIP: Use th Barrier and Recover spells to defend against Radoria's Icicle Bomb.

PROTIP: When facing Valerian, use Pike's attack, Eka's Wind Arrow, and Leos' attack.

PROTIP: Fully explore Tomari to resolve the rift between the Birdmen and the Beastmen.

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