Lost Ski Areas of Northern California
Northern California has a rich ski history. From Snowshoe Thompson's mail runs over the Sierra to Genoa, Nev., through the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley and up to the present, the citizens of the north state have had a wide variety of ski areas to choose from and each of them has their own stories to tell If you have any information or corrections please e-mail me.
Most of the areas didn't make it, either due to financial problems, poor location, poor terrain or snow droughts. It is these areas that we pay tribute to here.
I would like to thank Jack Leeper of
Hyak Ski and Snowboard for giving me a list of California ski areas circa. the 1950's.  The following are areas that either I have skied at or that have been made known to me by others:
Ski areas that have been incorporated into other larger ski areas:

Tahoe Ski Bowl

Echo Summit
Edelweiss/Camp Sacramento
Iron Mountain/Silver Basin/Ski Sundown
Lassen Park Ski Area
Long Barn
Mt. Shasta/Panther Meadows
Peddler Hill
Portola/Johnsville Ski Area
Powder Bowl/Deer Park
Rainbow Lodge Ski Area
Truckee/Hill Top Lodge Ski Area
Wolverton Ski Bowl
For a list of other possible lost ski areas, click here.
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