> Is Chronic Fatigue the New Face of Polio?
> Just as tuberculosis, once believed to have been eradicated by modern
> medicine, has now returned in more virulent, drug-resistant strains, so may
> polio be with us again in a disguised form. We may be mistakenly calling it
> chronic fatigue syndrome (U.S.) or myalgic encephalomyelitis (England).
> According to William Campbell Douglass, M.D., editor of the medical
> newsletter Second Opinion, polio is more common than ever and may actually
> be caused by the polio vaccination. This intriguing and potentially
> electrifying theory is based on information Dr. Douglass gleaned from
> several clinical studies

> Dr. Douglass argues that the Salk and Sabin vaccines, widely administered to
> children in the 1950s for poliomyelitis, did not eliminate polio at all but
> forced it to change its form. While the vaccines suppressed the polio virus,
> the virus was replaced by genetically similar ones, such as Coxsackie virus
> which is often found in elevated levels in CFS patients. The Coxsackie
> family of viruses, first isolated in 1948, consists of 29 different strains
> and is linked to numerous illnesses. When physicians first began identifying
> these viruses in the blood of CFS patients, they failed to discern their
> connection with polio.

> The sustained use of polio vaccines for over 40 years has resulted in "at
> least 72 viral strains that can cause polio-like diseases," says Dr.
> Douglass. Before the polio vaccines, there were only three polio viruses. He
> notes that he was not the first to point to evidence of "the changing of
> polio rather than the elimination of it." As early as 1934, cases of
> "atypical" polio were reported in Los Angeles; "abortive poliomyelitis" was
> reported in Switzerland in 1939.

> Dr. Douglass suggests that the trend towards the emergence of a new
> polio---its predominant symptom changing from infantile paralysis to adult
> muscle weakness-has rapidly increased since the polio vaccines were
> introduced. "We now know that chronic fatigue syndrome is not a new disease,
> but simply an 'aborted form' of the more serious paralytic polio," he
> states. If Dr. Douglass' speculations prove correct, the credibility of
> conventional medicine's mass vaccination program will be seriously
> undermined. It is hardly a public health benefit if a vaccine simply
> modifies an existing disease, forcing it to take another form in the next
> generation of patients. The indiscriminate use of vaccines may prove to be
> as counterproductive as has the overprescription of antibiotics.

(su "VIA", 23.01.99)

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