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Georgia Flag | Southern Poverty Law Center


Well, well, the Beltway snipers have been apprehended and they are not angry white men with guns. No sir, the authorities did not round up a cell of AK-74 (oops, AK-47)-toting Billy Bobs and Bubbas who had been taking out their frustrations on the gentle streets of the national capital and its surrounding environs. Instead, the FBI arrested two black men. The eldest, one John Allen Muhammad, is a U. S. army vet and erstwhile security guard for the Nation of Islam. The other, 17-year-old John Lee Malvo, is an illegal immigrant from Jamaica who was let loose by the INS in Washington state.

Now that the two culprits are in custody and the crisis is apparently resolved, we learn that the ubiquitous Chief Moose, the FBI, BATF, and other law enforcement agencies had been engaged in a little "racial profiling" of white men with guns. You see, the professional profilers know that white men are more likely to be serial killers than any other group (even moreso than blue-haired old ladies, who probably were second on the list of suspects). Therefore, these relentless guardians of the public safety spent an inordinate amount of time and resources tracking down suspected white gunowners in Maryland and Virginia. This in spite of witness reports rather early on that the suspected snipers were "dark skinned" men. Nonetheless, the FBI and others went right ahead with the "white gunman" theory.

It is now obviously quite politically incorrect to suggest that "dark skinned" Muslims or illegal aliens might shoot up the streets for religious or political reasons. After all, how can these folks be part of the "vast right-wing conspiracy" against our beneficient federal government and democracy itself? The consensus from a bevy of government profilers was that the sniper was a white "loner" who killed for the thrill of killing. As a result of this theory, not a few law-abiding white men had their perfectly legal .223 caliber firearms confiscated in an anti-gun frenzy.

From the beginning, however, it seemed likely to some that the sniper (or more likely, the snipers) was in some way linked to an Islamic terrorist "sleeper cell" that had received orders to awaken, or at the very least he was a Muslim with an agenda. Has not al-Qaida threatened exactly this sort of small scale terrorist activity within these United States? Anyhow, this appeared a more plausible scenario than a "lone wolf" white killer.

But the real issue here is quite simple. White men with guns are to be cast as the real threat to democratic society in America. In contrast, all "dark skinned" people (e.g. Muslim, black, Hispanic, Arab, etc.) are merely victims (or potential victims) who must be protected from evil, racist white men with guns. Actually, the issue runs even a bit deeper still. The illicit government in Washington, DC, and its junior partners on the State and local levels, know that the real threat to the tyranny they pursue is most likely to come from vigilant white men with guns who are jealous of their constitutional liberties. Conversely, most "dark skinned" people have shown little aversion to the various forms of totalitarian government in our modern age. In fact, "big government" poses as the friend and protector of the "dark skinned" masses everywhere. Nowhere is this more evident than in America's current immigration policy and Washington's firm commitment to multiculturalism and diversity (the new civic religion). The resulting "browning of America" is seen as a good thing by white liberals, big business (cheap labor, you understand), and "dark skinned" folks themselves, who see more power accompanying their growing numbers. Clearly, the chief enemies of the above-mentioned interests are the descendants of the white, Christian founding stock of America. What the anti-white PC crowd will not admit is that white men with guns historically have not been dangerous to civilized society in America, but rather necessary for its defense.

What the actions and attitudes of Chief Moose and his cohorts showed us is that law enforcement in America has become politicized. They suppressed the truth to advance a political agenda. The very first time an investigation is politicized, then the rule of law is dead. What we have seen here is no better than Stalinism in the old USSR.

As long as a completely politicized law enforcement and legal establishment favors the interests of "dark skinned" people (including Arab Muslims and the black Nation of Islam) over those of white men, then we can expect more terrorism and chaos on the streets of America. It is past time for law-abiding, tax-paying white men (and their women and children) to seriously consider what sort of future they and their descendants are likely to have if this leftist agenda continues. If things are to change for the better, then white men must shed the "guilt" heaped upon them by their opponents and defend their interests. If they do not, then they will soon be white men with nothing.

Dr. Michael Hill


On 13 March 2001, and interesting article appeared online in the The Slate new site under politics, entitled Let's Ditch Dixie: The Case for Northern Secession, written by the senior editor of "Foreign Policy" magazine, Mark Strauss. Of course an article like this causes most of us to ask "What's taken 'those folks' so long to figure this out?"

In response to this article, we have:


(from Slate.msn.com, 13 March 2001)


As President of The League of the South, an organization that, according to Mark Strauss, “fondly remembers the Confederacy as a golden age,” I give a hearty second to his motion for Yankee secession. After all, we were in Virginia (1607) before you were in Massachusetts (1620), so you Yanks should be the ones who have to leave.

Mr. Strauss, what do you Yankees have that we Southerners really need? For starters, you have no musical or literary traditions. All the genuine musical genres native to these shores have their roots in the South-bluegrass, country (the real stuff), rockabilly, jazz, soul, R&B, blues, and rock and roll (y’all can have rap and heavy metal). Moreover, your northern literature is only a bad imitation of the worst that Europe has produced, while ours is truly world class (e.g. Faulkner, Percy, Poe, Welty, Twain, etc.)

Southerners were in the majority among the Founding Fathers (whom you have demonized by your own brand of Stalinism know as “political correctness”). Among those out-of-fashion Dead, White, European Males (DWEMs) are Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Henry, and Mason, among many others. Where would America have been had these Southern gentlemen decided to remain loyal to the British Empire, Mr. Strauss?

The north (I will not capitalize the word because it is merely a direction and not a real place), Mr. Strauss, has always tried to claim as “American” all the good things that Southerners have created or accomplished. But what should we expect from a people who have no culture of their own? Heck, you people at the north don’t even know how to cook, and you’re so uptight that you don’t know how to relax and enjoy the blessings God bestows. Ever heard of “northern cooking” or “northern hospitality?” Is laissez bon temps roulet a Yankee expression?

We Southerners have a sense of place that is part of our inherited tradition. We even write songs about our places, Mr. Strauss. Ever heard Lynyrd Skynyrd sing about “Sweet Home Alabama,” or Ray Charles’ soulful rendition of “Georgia On My Mind?” Sure you have. But why are there no heartfelt songs about Massachusetts or Minnesota? Hmmm, Mr. Strauss?

If you haven’t noticed, Mr. Strauss, our Southern women are world-famous for their beauty and charm, and feminism, thank the Lord, has not taken root here. Yes, we do have a few hairy-legged Amazons, but they are usually confined to the faculty lounges of our major universities (yet another of your Yankee strongholds that we’ll have to root out). And the men down here, sir, still hold fast to the manly virtues. Even our sports (football and NASCAR) demand toughness and steely nerves, and carry with them the risk of serious bodily injury and death. But, no guts, no glory, Mr. Strauss. Those Southern men who cannot measure up to the gridiron or the racetrack still enjoyed the thrill of shooting guns. Why, I remember in the days of my own misspent youth (playing in a Southern rock band in the late 1960s) a girl of northern persuasions telling me that she liked Southern males because they were “still real men,” unlike the emasculated flower children of the north and west coast. Mr. Strauss, tell us the truth. I think one reason you’d like to see us go is because our men scare the panties off you and our vivacious women evoke within you feelings of great inadequacy.

I will agree with you, Mr. Strauss, on your main point, and that is your contention that “North and South can no longer claim to be one nation.” I hope you’re not just joshing us here. But the trouble is that we’ve known this for about 140 years now and you’re just coming around to seeing the light. So who’s the “dumber” here, my man?

And as for that “gangrenous limb that should have been lopped off decades ago,” don’t forget that as a result of your departure you’ll lose access to all of our oil, natural gas, and coal (and your winters are long and cold), our fertile and extensive farmlands, and all those wonderful vacation spots that attract the ill-mannered “black socks and sandals” crowd from Ohio that descends on us every year (Whew! Those accents).

You must also ask yourself, Mr. Strauss, who’ll fight your wars for you when we’re gone? We Southrons have served the Yankee military in numbers far out of proportion to our population. Perhaps your Yankee Empire won’t be so trigger-happy if you Ivy League brats-the best and brightest (just ask them)-actually have to brave the prospects of blood and death on the battlefield.

Yes, Mr. Strauss, we have our problems here in Dixie. But our material poverty since Appomattox pales beside the poverty of the soul that prevails in your cold and haughty clime. Be honest now, sir, and admit we’ve never really bothered you people up north. All we’ve ever wanted from you and yours was to be left alone. But you people could not oblige us because God has fitted you by nature to be busybodies. And on top of that, you’re envious busybodies. Having no real cultural inheritance of your own, you have sought to destroy what we have out of sheer spite. You are not the sort to make good neighbors.

You have all but destroyed your own region by advancing a liberal “culture of death,” and Mr. Strauss, you can hardly deny that forty million aborted babies is a lot of death. Surely our Southern Solons did not countenance this enormity. So you go ahead and have your “liberal majority” up there, but don’t call us when your part of the house now divided falls in on you. We’ll be down here with our majority of traditionalists restoring a true civilization. God willing, after our divorce we Southerners will be busy enjoying the sweet fruits of a free and prosperous republic founded on private property, free association, fair trade, sound money, low taxes, limited regulation of business, equal justice before the law, secure border, gun rights, protection of the unborn, and an absence of entangling foreign alliances. In other words, Mr. Strauss, we’ll have a civilization and you will not.

And about those nuclear warheads, Mr. Strauss? You won’t have to worry about us harming you. For without the South’s restraining influence, you people will soon enough destroy yourselves through your own stupidity and licentiousness.

Another response to Mr. Strauss: 14 March 2001

Dear Mr. Strauss:

A compatriot of mine forwarded a copy of your 13 March 2001 article entitled 'Let's Ditch Dixie; The Case for Northern Secession' which I read with much interest. Although it was literally dripping with contempt for, and a complete misunderstanding of, the South and what we are really all about, I agree wholeheartedly with your premise. I hope that more of your northern contemporaries come round to the same conclusion - AND SOON!!

At least you do realise, as many of us here in Dixie have always understood, that the cultural, social, economic, and political interests and philosophies of our two sections can NEVER be reconciled to one another. As Richared Weaver so aptly stated in his essay, 'The South and the American Union', just because two peoples live side by side, it does not mean that they will grow to resemble one another. We would probably both say a resounding, 'Thank God', on that one. It has always struck me as odd, though, that although we Southrons, in our live-an-let-live way, have stated our lack of agreement with the northern mindset and ways, we have not shouted utter contempt for y'all from the housetops through endless streams of articles like yours. Nor have we engaged in and incessant campaign of 'reconstruction' against you, trying to make you over in OUR image. Northerners can not make that claim.

There is also a great deal of irony in your article, considering that it was northern States that were the first ones to unfurl the banners of secession in america. Y'all didn't much like the purchase of Louisiana or the war of 1812. Yeah, ole new england was more than ready to secede over those issues. They even called a convention and drew up the papers. Of course, the war ended and so did their desire for leaving the union. But no one begrudged them their right to do so, and THEY certainly understood that that right was theirs to exercise. It's funny, in a very sad way, that fifty years later, those same new england secessionists would howl the loudest about 'treason' and send waves of their boys to die so as to DENY us the very right they themselves once claimed. Had that not happened, you and I would not even be exchanging this correspondence. By all means, I urge you to continue to fan the flames of secession up yonder. We'll be doing our part down here I can assure you.

Yours for the Cause of Southern Independence,
Mark A. Thomey, Chairman
Louisiana League of the South
Monroe, Louisiana CSA


Georgia Flag Attack Georgia Flag
Under Attack

6 November 2002


The sign read "Boot Barnes." And indeed Democrat Roy Barnes was booted out of the Georgia Governor's mansion by the supporters of Republican challenger Sonny Perdue on Tuesday, 5 November. From the time "King Roy" cut his backroom deal with Jesse Jackson and his ilk to change the State flag, he was a marked man, politically speaking. Tens of thousands of "Let Us Vote" and "Boot Barnes" yard signs and placards, all emblazoned with the real Georgia flag, began turning up everywhere across the State.

In response to Barnes's deal making, the various elements of the Southern movement in Georgia kicked into high gear, determined to teach the Governor of Atlanta a lesson. For months on end, "King Roy" and his court were "flagged" incessantly by Southern Patriots from The League of the South, the SCV, the HPA, and other organizations. On election day, Barnes learned a hard, but well deserved, lesson. His successor, Sonny Perdue, has promised to let the voters of Georgia have their say on the State flag issue in a referendum. He would do well to keep his word. The same folks who played such a major role in putting him into the Governor's mansion could just as easily send him packing in four years.

In the past few elections, three (and perhaps four, depending on the final outcome of the neck-and-neck Governor's race in Alabama) Southern Governors--David Beasley and Jim Hodges of South Carolina, and now Roy Barnes of Georgia (and perhaps Don Siegelman of Alabama)--have incurred the political wrath of Southerners who do not wish to see the symbols of their proud cultural heritage unceremoniously banished. Indeed, the pundits and media talking heads may be loathe to credit the Southern movement for having made major contributions to the defeat of these men. But a close study of the dynamics of their political Waterloos shows otherwise.

The slogan "No Votes For Turncoats" (begun by the South Carolina League of the South during David Beasley's unsuccessful bid for re-election as Governor) is more than empty rhetoric. On the contrary, the label "Turncoat" is an appellation that now comes with some hard political costs attached to it. Ex-Governor Roy Barnes, welcome to the new reality in Southern State politics.

Michael Hill
The League of the South

Georgia: They STOLE Our State Flag And We Want It BACK!
By Mike Crane (2001)

Last month, the people and citizens of Georgia received an unwanted history lesson. They learned first hand, about the find of government their ancestors faced during Reconstruction. Beginning with the dramatic unveiling of the Jesse Jackson State Flag of Atlanta, Governor Barnes exhibited the total disregard and contempt for the citizens of Georgia that hasn't been seen since Reconstruction.

For a year, the governor of atlanta had plotted and planned to defraud the people of Georgia a voice in their State Flag. For a year the governor of atlanta had publicly claimed that he was "neutral". While lying to the citizens that he was elected to represent, he consulted with not only men of ill-repute such as Jesse Jackson, but placed the State's History and Heritage on the auction block for the corporate scavengers. He made secret deals with "selected" members of the Georgia House and Senate and then sprung his surprise.

In five hours he rammed his ugly, UN-look-alike Jesse Jackson flag through the Georgia House. Imagine that, four hours, no one outside of Atlanta even had a chance to make it to the Capitol. The media even knew about his surprise before the members of the Georgia House.

In the Senate, a committee hand picked by the Lt. Governor, called for a "public hearing" to allow Georgians to speak on the issue. But a whole two hours, yes that is correct two hours, notice was given. Once again, no one outside of Atlanta could have participated. Besides the "public hearing" was nothing but a charade anyway. The Chairlady and one of the other Senators were smirking and winking at each other as the citizens who did make it tried to express themselves to no avail. A majority spoke against the new ugly flag.

During the whole episode there was an endless stream of Representatives and Senators being called to the governor of Atlanta's office for their arm twisting, businesses pressuring them, judges threatening lawyers, spouses employers being pressured, our tax dollars being used as poker chips for selling our Heritage for votes and probably other forms of corruption that we cant even conceive or understand.

But despite the efforts of the best government money can buy, despite the efforts of the worst government in Georgia since Reconstruction, the governor of atlanta while gloating over his ugly flag of Atlanta is losing the battle. His ugly flag of Atlanta is being rejected virtually everywhere in Georgia except within the State of Atlanta.

The Governor, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP and their cronies in the Georgia House & Senate forgot something. The State Flag belongs to the citizens of Georgia and Our TRUE State Flag is just fine! They also forgot who elects the governor, the Representatives and the Senators. But just as a reminder and as a message that we do accept this corrupt style of government an effort is building across the State of Georgia to adopt Our TRUE State Flag as County and City Flags.

In Catoosa County, The proposal was presented a couple weeks ago by Jimmy Rogers, the Southern Party of Catoosa County chairman. The City of Ringgold appointed a three man commission to report the pulse of the public on February 26. Since then the Catoosa Times has run a front page article and the local TV station sent a film crew to Ringgold to interview those opposed. There report was interesting, they spent all day but couldn't find anyone to interview that was opposed.

In Union County a similar proposal was presented last week also. The Union County Commissioner also is appointing a three man commission. The local SCV Camp has endorsed the proposal also. In Fannin County the Commissioners have recognized the sentiment of the public but have delayed action due to threats of funds cut-off. A petition drive has now been started and we will return to the County Commission 27 March.

In Franklin County the item is on an upcoming Commission meeting agenda and a petition drive is starting. Banks County is adopting the State Flag replacing the seal with the County Seal.

Petition drives and proposals to County Commissioners are underway in Colquitt, Gilmer, Henry, Haralson, Paulding, Pickens, Spaulding, Stephens, Tift and Walton Counties. In Echols, Habersham, Jasper, Wayne and Whitfield Counties the proposal is being written and will be submitted this coming week. And we have begun. If you want to add your county or city to this list please call toll free at 877-903-0996, or contact Mike Crane using the "Your Feedback" selection below.

So from cross the entire State of Georgia, the citizens are sending a message to the governor of Atlanta. "He Stole Our State Flag, And We Want It BACK!" The message is simple and even the politically correct can understand this one. Continued threats from the governor of atlanta's office will result in racketeering charges against the governor. Continued stalls from County officials will only add to the fresh air in the governor's mansion and State House in July and November 2002. The corrupt government of Roy "Judas" Barnes will join the corrupt government of Reconstruction where it belongs, in the history books.


19 February 2001

Dear Compatriots:

Today, I learned that the League of the South, along with the HPA and SCV, had been accused of engaging in a backroom compromise to change the Georgia State flag. As far as the League of the South is concerned, this accusation is blatantly false, and we in the League resent the spread of such malicious and baseless rumors.

This morning I had a long conversation with our Georgia State Chairman, Jim Arp, who told me that the League's position in Georgia had been one of "no compromise" from the start. Neither Jim nor any of his officers or members were party to any negotiations, secret or otherwise, that would have jeopardized the campaign to keep inviolate the 1956 State flag. When any mention of compromise reared its ugly head, Jim Arp denounced it in the most severe terms and refused to even hear of such actions.

The League of the South denounces in the strongest terms any compromise of our symbols and has not (and will not) be a party to such reprehensible behavior. Moreover, we do not take lightly the circulation of malicious and untrue rumors designed to sow discord within our own ranks and within the Southern movement. We thus call on those responsible for starting and perpetuating these rumors to do the gentlemanly thing and confess that they had not done their homework before making such incredible accusations against our organization.

While it does appear that certain members of the Southern movement did conduct some sort of behind-the-scenes deal with the anti-flag forces in Georgia, I will say again that the League of the South had nothing to do with such a deal. Furthermore, we condemn what appears to us to be the elevation of expediency over principle.

It is none of our business how the officers and members of other organizations choose to conduct their affairs. However, the League of the South will not be party to anything that compromises our glorious Southern heritage or any of its symbols. We hope and pray that the "compromisers" do not attempt to do in Mississippi what they apparently did in Georgia.

For Southern independence,

Dr. Michael Hill
The League of the South

New Georgia Flag

In a flurry of legislative and economic extortion, Governor Roy "Judas" Barnes is pushing bill through the Georgia House to adopt a previously unseen flag in Georgia. Bearing some resemblance to a UN flag the Governor has joined forces with those who propose economic and political extortion and want to remove every vestiage of Southern Heritage

Phone numbers for:
Governor Roy "Judas" Barnes
Phone: 404-656-1776
Fax: 404-657-7332

Lt. Governor Mark Taylor

Go to /web/20041225064605/http://www.accessatlanta.com/partners/ajc/ and let them know what you think about the new flag design!!!!!

Who Needs the "Sell Out" Governor of Atlanta Or His Flag?
by Ron Holland

Traitor to the Georgia State Flag
Georgia's "Sell Out Governor of Atlanta" Roy "Judas" Barnes

Powerful government tends to draw into it people with bloated egos, people who think they know more than everyone else and have little hesitance in coercing their fellow man. Or as Nobel Laureate Friedrich Hayek said, ‘in government, the scum rises to the top. --Walter E. Williams

It is time for the proud citizens of the Sovereign State of Georgia to wake up and discover that the "Governor of Atlanta" & his multinational business conspirators that exchanged honest debate and a fair and open vote on the flag question for midnight threats, political blackmail, extortion and private payoffs does not speak for the vast majority of Georgians. This planned one week political blitzkrieg against the will of the people and all Georgia flag polls sacrificed the democratic political process for "special interest tyranny" against the voters and existing State Flag of Georgia.

PC is the new American religion, and it is more fanatical than any fundamentalist religion ever thought of being. It is more dangerous than any fundamentalist religion because it now has control of the court system, the trial lawyers, the media and one of the major parties.

--Diane Alden, The Old Totalitarianism vs. the New, Deceitful Kind, 10/20/2000

Everyone in Dixie knows that Governor Roy "Judas" Barnes sold out the people of Georgia to meet the demands of political correctness and he and his Democratic Party co-conspirators will get their payoff in political contributions at election time if not before.

The flood of money that gushes into politics today is a pollution of democracy. --Theodore H. White

We need to tell Governor Barnes and his leftist Democrat Party political hacks that Atlanta is not Georgia. It has become an alien city-state that rules the rest of Georgia like Rome ruled the Roman Empire, like Nazi Berlin ruled all of Europe during World War II and like Washington rules over our once great United States Republic.

The city of Atlanta is a cesspool and open sore of corruption, crime, political hacks, big business, anti South press and special interest voting blocks all living off the productive citizens and the wealth of the rest of Georgia. Maybe it is time, we sent Roy "Judas" Barnes & his Atlanta cohorts in political crime a message, either you leave Georgia or the rest of Georgia may consider leaving the city-state of Atlanta. Thomas Jefferson saw the horrid future of big cities governed by mob rule & corrupt politicians when he said;

When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corruptas Europe....The mobs of the great cities add just so much to the support of pure government, as sores do to the strength of the human --Thomas Jefferson

What should the citizens of Georgia do now that they have hopefully discovered that all of Georgia is held hostage by the corrupt politicians of the Atlanta city-state? They can either choose to defend their right to representative government in the legislature and the real Georgia Flag that remembers the sacrifices of earlier generations or they can worship the "Traitors Flag" and support evil night dealing of Roy Barnes and conspirators.

This overruling of the democratic process and honest debate by a small group of despots has all happened before in history. Remember 68 years ago, there was another takeover of a democratic government and all past historical symbols were replaced with a "twisted cross". Democratic institutions and the popular will of the people were sacrificed to the threats of a another group of evil men only interested in money, power and forcing their will on the people.

We all know what happened when the sacred Cross of Jesus Christ was twisted into an evil symbol of tyranny, anti-democratic dictatorship and holocaust by Adolf Hitler. What will be the ultimate outcome of Roy "Judas" Barne's evil plan to sell out the history and heritage of the people of Georgia for his latter-day payment of 30 pieces of silver? What will happen now that he has replaced the sacred Cross of St. Andrew with a polyglot PC version of a United Nations inspired flag?

Only time will tell but a great Southern gentleman and statesman well understood the importance and necessity of remembering our history.

A nation which does not remember what it was yesterday does not know where it is today. --Robert E. Lee

May each of us follow the example and direction of Robert E. Lee and remember what we were yesterday, learn where we are today and work for a future where this type of political manipulation, blackmail & takeover of representative democratic government from the will of the people is only read about in history books.

To do this we need to educate the voters of Georgia and make the will of the people heard as we Dare Defend Our Rights against the tyranny of the Atlanta city-state and its governor. For education, read Lew Rockwell, Aw Shucks and the Sierra Times on a daily basis and other excellent weekly news sites. In political action remember the Republican members of the legislature that stood with us in personal thanks at their courage, prayers for their dedication and in votes and contributions at the next election.

For Barnes and his Democrat Party henchmen, never forget what they did to Georgia history and what was once an open and free democratic legislative process. Tell them over and over, Never Again!

For a Confederate future in Georgia, join and support the Georgia Sons of Confederate Veterans, Georgia League of the South and the Georgia Southern Party.

In closing, who needs the city of Atlanta, the new flag or the "sell out" Governor of Atlanta? Certainly not our past Confederate ancestors who gave so much in lives, property and suffering to defend the sovereign state of Georgia from takeover and rule by the political corruption that now occupies Atlanta. Certainly not the proud citizens of Georgia today that have found their votes and will of the people stolen by Barnes and his friends. Who needs any of this, no one but the corporate and media elites and their voting special interests that have taken over Georgia.

We've lost a battle but not the war. Now we go on to defend Southern heritage and symbols at the ballot box in Mississippi in April. The will of the people will decide the fate of the State Flag of Mississippi and this is the right way it should have been done in South Carolina and in Georgia. Link to FreeMississippi.org for more information.

The Flag: Time To Wage War in Georgia
FLASH REPORT by J.J. Johnson

Georgia, get your dialing fingers ready...

The Georgia House of Representatives just voted 94 to 82 to CHANGE the Georgia State Flag. The Senate is expected to follow suit.

Details Here:
(GA Senate Contacts on this page)

Georgia Panel Adopts Flag Proposal
By CHAD ROEDEMEIER, Associated Press Writer

ATLANTA (AP) - A key Georgia legislative panel on Wednesday adopted a compromise state flag that reduces the Confederate battle emblem to one of five small symbols at the bottom of a banner dominated by the state seal.

After being quickly passed by the House Rules Committee, the proposal headed for a vote in the Democrat-dominated House.

It had the support of Democratic leaders, including black lawmakers and of Gov. Roy Barnes, who planned to speak in its favor on the House floor, said House Majority Leader Larry Walker.

Civil rights leaders had threatened boycotts if the Confederate battle emblem wasn't removed from the state's flag. Many are the same activists who successfully fought last year to remove the Confederate flag from atop South Carolina's statehouse.

Passage would require a simple majority in both the House, which has 105 Democrats and 75 Republicans, and the Senate, where the split is 32 Democrats to 24 Republicans.

The new flag would have the state seal on a blue background. Beneath the words ``Georgia's history'' at the bottom would be five small replicas of flags that have flown over Georgia - including the current banner that contains the Confederate battle emblem.

It was a fair compromise, said state Rep. Tyrone Brooks, the black lawmaker who has led the fight to remove the Confederate emblem from the flag.

``The civil rights community indicated to me it will follow my judgment, and I believe we will have overwhelming support,'' Brooks said. ``I do not anticipate any protests or boycotts if we can solve the issue with this flag.''

Charles Lunsford, president of the Heritage Preservation Association, which supports the current flag, called the proposal ``a big mistake.''

``We have a well-organized, well-financed effort throughout the nation to completely erase every vestige of old South history, and this is the politicians caving in and allowing one more domino to fall after hundreds have already fallen,'' he said.

But the man who sponsored the 1956 bill that created the current flag, former legislator Denmark Groover, repeated his call to change the flag.

``It has become the most divisive issue on the political spectrum and needs to be put to rest,'' Groover told the rules committee.

Groover said it is time to ``end this cauldron of discord that adversely affects our lives and the future of our children and grandchildren.''


The League of the South &
the Southern Poverty Law Center

27 March 2001

In its latest “Intelligence Report,” (Spring 2001) the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) includes an article entitled “Confederates in the Pulpit.” This article claims that “Key members of . . . the League of the South (LOS) . . . are moving to take control of conservative churches around the South . . . .” and that we are animated by an “extremist theology.”

Excuse me for laughing, but the last two SPLC’s “Intelligence Reports” (Fall 2000 and Spring 2001) would be better named “Dumb and Dumber.” They both show such shoddy research and play so fast and loose with facts, we would think them a joke were the charges not so serious!

For instance, the latest report refers to the problems experienced by the York (Alabama) Presbyterian Church over the past couple of years. The York church is said to have been a “PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) church.” Not so. The York PC belonged to the ARP (Associate Reformed Presbyterian) Presbytery. Oddly enough, the report states that they interviewed Dominic Aquila, “the official spokesperson for the PCA,” about the situation at the York PC, and that Aquila told the SPLC that the PCA “really ran into a stink there” and that what occurred in York “was a total aberration from what we are as a denomination.” Why a representative of the PCA would comment on the affairs of a church that did not even belong to his denomination, we will leave you to figure out.

The report charged that York PC Pastor Martin Murphy packed the congregation with League of the South members in order to establish control over the church. It is true that several members of the church indeed were League members (three of the “four leading League members”), AND they were members of the church long before they were members of the League. Two of them, incidentally, were elders, both highly respected in the church and community.

My family and I joined the York church because we sought to worship with people of like mind. We have friends in York, and family ties. One of the elders was a good friend of my grandparents and another elder’s parents had been friends with my wife’s parents. We thought it perfectly natural to want to be in such a congregation. Unfortunately, we had enemies there, too.

The old men at York, who used the denominational and civil courts to wrest the church’s assets and building away from the majority of the congregation, had problems with the pastor and other church members long before the League of the South or my family ever got there.

Despite Judge Eddie Hardaway’s ruling, we had no intent to use the York church (or any other church, for that matter) as “a staging ground for an increased membership for the League of the South” nor “for promoting its purposes and missions.” We have no desire to take over any church, conservative or otherwise. The League keeps us busy enough.

Because most of the SPLC’s Spring 2001 “Intelligence Report” is about Rev. J. Steven Wilkins (LS Board of Directors) and Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church in Monroe, Louisiana, what follows is Rev. Wilkins’s response to the SPLC’s report:

The "Intelligence (sic) Report" of the Southern Poverty Law Center is so filled with errors and falsehoods, one wonders how the title can be justified. Just a few observations regarding the accusations and claims are in order:

1. My name is J. Steven Wilkins NOT Steven J. Wilkins. A minor point but it does indicate the attention given to detail by the SPLC.

2. "Last summer, Wilkins almost caused a rupture within the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), a conservative Southern denomination founded in 1973 that has more than 300,000 North American members. Persuading 10 churches to join him, Wilkins called a meeting of the PCA’s Louisiana Presbytery to consider the possible departure from the PCA of those with "theonomic" views."

Response: Here’s what really happened: We had discussed problems within the PCA as a church and decided to petition our presbytery to consider withdrawing as a presbytery from the denomination. NOTE: There was never any "persuasion" excercised, no other churches "joined" us, it was a simple request from our congregation to the presbytery. The recommendation was NOT that "theonomic" churches withdraw from the PCA, but that our presbytery withdraw (our presbytery, as far as we know, contains no "theonomic" churches). From the outset, we had determined to submit to the decision of our presbytery. The presbytery did call a meeting to discuss the concerns we raised but not to consider withdrawing from the PCA. Thus, the meeting that was held this past summer was merely a discussion of concerns, NOT a deliberation over withdrawing from the PCA. We had a very helpful discussion, it was fully reported in our denominational news (pcanews.com) and that was that.

3. "At the moment, Wilkins is fighting a two-front war. On the one hand, he is mobilizing churches to join with him in the possible split. On the other, he is putting pressure on more liberal PCA churches to conform to his rigid theology."

Response: Wilkins is not fighting any war on any front, aside from the war with sin and unbelief which all Christians are called upon to fight with the weapons given us to carry out this battle (the Word and Spirit). He is making no effort whatsoever to "mobilize" churches to join him in a split. He is putting no pressure on any church, liberal or conservative, to conform to his rigid theology. He is simply seeking to be faithful to the calling God has given him to preach the Word in season and out, and to pastor the congregation under his charge.

4. "The pastor of one of the PCA’s largest churches told the Intelligence Report that Wilkins and two LOS members from South Carolina have repeatedly brought ecclesiastical charges against him for espousing relatively liberal theological positions. John Wood, who leads the 5,000-member Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church in Knoxville, Tenn., said the charges resulted in investigations by the PCA’s Standing Judicial Committee for failing to follow rules about the role of women.

Response: Wilkins has never brought charges of any kind against Pastor John Wood for any reason. Mr. Wood’s own presbytery brought charges against him, which were indeed examined before the Standing Judicial Committee, but Wilkins has never been a party to any charges.

5. "Even Dominic Aquila, the official spokesperson for the PCA, says that Wilkins’ church appears to be the "mother church" to this theonomic movement. Wilkins, he said, "is very aggressive." Aquila added that when "pulpits were without pastors" Wilkins and others who agreed with his religious views have tried to convince congregations to hire people "who thought like they did."

Response: Wilkins has done nothing to try to persuade churches to call pastors who agreed with his views. As for the claim that Auburn Avenue congregation being a "mother church" in the theonomic movement, that would be news indeed to both elders and members, many of whom would be utterly mystified if asked to define the "theonomic movement."

6. "Wilkins’ church is a key focal point for this movement. He pushes Reconstructionist and League ideas from the pulpit and elsewhere."

Response: Wilkins seeks to be faithful in expounding the Word of God and is very thankful to note that the League of the South has no objection to this in the least.

7. "Wilkins’ church hosts semi-annual conferences and Confederate balls that bring to Monroe men like LOS President Hill and Joseph Moorecraft, the Reconstructionist theologian."

Response: This is a reference to the Annual Confederate Heritage Conference, which is sponsored each year NOT by our church but by The Southern Heritage Society, an independent organization made up of concerned citizens in Monroe. And it has been the great privilege of the Southern Heritage Society to have men like President Hill and Pastor Morecraft speak at their conference, and, word is, that they would be delighted to have them speak again in the future!

8. "During these events, Wilkins reportedly demanded that congregants provide lodging for the church visitors. "They got real pushy about us not putting people up," says Kathy Holland, a former congregant. "They were glaring at us from the pulpit. Wilkins said we were a boil on the body of Christ that sticks out, pops out, pokes out and squirts."

Response: There is never any "demand" that congregants provide lodging for anyone, though we do encourage biblical hospitality. Members are often requested to open their homes to those who cannot afford lodging in hotels. Further, Mrs. Holland is apparently the only person who has ever heard this statement about a "boil on the body of Chirst" - no one else can recall any such statement ever having been made (and it is difficult to imagine forgetting such a stunning word picture!).

9. "Wilkins, add some former and present church members, spends much time discussing the coming end-times anarchy, a situation that will involve a government crash or even a race war. They say that church elders in late 1999 were so concerned about a Y2K crash that they stocked the church basement with supplies."

Response: Wilkins not only does not discuss "the coming end-times anarchy" but doesn’t even believe such a thing is coming at all. Wilkins happens to be a post-millennialist and thus expects that God will bless the preaching of His Word to such a degree that the majority of the world will be converted prior to the coming of our Lord and the end of history. He has never been an advocate of "end times" hysteria. The members of the church were encouraged to make prudent preparations in the event that the Y2K bug caused disruptions, but the church basement was blessedly free from clutter the entire time.

10. "They believe either a race war will happen or the government will collapse," Michael Holland, a former Auburn Avenue member who has left the congregation, said in an interview. "They said you have to fight for what you believe in." The church actually wanted congregants to become physically prepared for the end-times battle, adds Roger Carter, a disgruntled congregant. "They liked the idea of a strong body, in case we’d ever have to fight."

Response: Never has Wilkins or any one else to his knowledge encouraged church members to "become physically prepared for the end-times battle." As mentioned above, this would contradict long held theological convictions. Further, Mr. Carter came to Wilkins after this article was published to say that he never said what is quoted of him above. He was appalled over the article itself and embarrassed that his name was attached to it. That being the case, we should be cautioned against taking any of the quotes at face value.

11. "According to Michael and Kathy Holland, other children at the church taunted the Hollands’ youngsters because the Hollands refused to allow their children to train to fight, fearing they’d be hurt. The Hollands say that led to more trouble."

Response: There has never been any "training" of children to fight, so one is mystified over this allegation. The problems the Hollands had with how their children were treated by other children were investigated by the elders and the one child involved (and by the way, he did not hold a knife to their throats, though he did display a knife) asked forgiveness for his action of both the child and the Hollands. The incident was dealt with properly and to the satisfaction of all parties at the time.

12. "When the Hollands stopped attending the church for fear of the children’s safety, they were put up for excommunication."

Response: The Hollands never had any discipline instituted against them at all. They requested time to find another congregation in which to become members and the elders of Auburn Avenue granted them time to do so. They eventually joined another congregation and were transferred to that congregation as members in good standing (this transfer of membership occurred in November of 2000).

13. "Wilkins did not return phone calls seeking comment."

Response: This is absolutely true. Wilkins has learned that to talk to unscrupulous people who have no regard for the truth is a fruitless and sometime dangerous exercise. He has, furthermore, long held the conviction that anyone who would talk to the Southern Poverty Law Center is either a fool, mentally deranged, or a vicious and dangerous crack pot.

By Martin Murphy

The SPLC “Intelligence Report” must mean something other than the use of intelligence. Before I intelligently refute the allegations under the heading “In Alabama, A Movement Begins” I must warn you that I will use intellectual processes. Intellect refers to the proper use of knowledge and logic. Therefore the laws of intellectual discourse may measure the premise of my statements: the law of non-contradiction; the law of causality, and the basic reliability of sense perception. My intelligent response (IR) follows:

SPLC: The first evidence of a church take-over by League-linked theonomists came to public attention in 1998, when a court battle erupted over the control of a small church in the sleepy west Alabama town of York.

IR: There is absolutely no evidence that York Presbyterian Church (YPC) had “League-linked theonomists” associated with the church. An intelligent person must first know the meaning of the word “theonomist” and then he must determine under careful scrutiny whether or not the doctrine of theonomy fits the theological creed of the person so accused.

SPLC: York Presbyterian Church was originally part of the PCA, but departed for a more conservative denomination as key League members began to take control of the church.

IR: An intelligent person may examine the history of YPC and learn from the church records that the church was originally part of the Presbyterian Church in the United States (PCUS). It left the PCUS to become a member of the PCA and only remained in the PCA for a few years. They left the PCA in 1976 after a long church fight (many of the same people who started the church fight against me) and remained independent of any Presbyterian denomination until they joined the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARP) in 1994. The ARP is by no means a more conservative church than the PCA.

SPLC: In 1997, Pastor Martin Murphy - a man the York congregation had paid to put through seminary school in the late 1980s.

IR: This is a half way intelligent statement. They assisted in Pastor Murphy’s theological education, but the records will show they did not “put me through seminary.”

SPLC: At the same time, Murphy’s office filled with Confederate symbols, including a portrait of General Robert E. Lee and a toy Confederate soldier holding a battle flag on the pastor’s desk.

IR: Murphy’s office was not filled with Confederate symbols. There were no confederate symbols. There were three beautiful portraits and a toy Confederate soldier. I had a large office and could have had many other portraits and symbols, but to set the record straight, I have a large theological library, which did fill the pastor’s office.

SPLC: "It was a slowly developing relationship," congregant Aubrey Green recalled. Pastor Murphy "approached me and my wife to join [LOS] and we, of course, turned him down. …

IR: I have no recollection of asking Aubrey Green or his wife to join the League of the South. I knew too much about Aubrey Green’s past to recruit someone like him.

SPLC: Soon, League rhetoric was being preached from the pulpit.

IR: This is the most unintelligent statement among the unintelligent statements found in the Intelligence (sic) Report. The testimony given in the Circuit Court of Sumter Country, Alabama in Civil Action No. CV-99-01 the Plaintiffs testified that I never mentioned the League of the South in “close to 500 sermons, 200 Bible Study Classes, and 100 Sunday Schools Classes.” Neither was “League rhetoric” mentioned. If the plaintiffs are now claiming I did, they are guilty of perjury.

SPLC: "He openly advocated secession from the United States and all kinds of crazy ideas," said Green.

IR: I never “advocated secession from the United States” within the context of my ministry to YPC. I openly quote (but never in church) The Declaration of Independence which says “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive to these ends it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it and to institute new Government.” Any intelligent person must realize that the United States was born out of secession.

SPLC: said Green, who ultimately brought suit with another long-time church member, J. Everett Cobb, to wrest control of the church back from Pastor Murphy and the League.

IR: Murphy nor the League ever had control of the church. In Presbyterian Church government, the Session has responsibility for all oversight of the church and its ministry. The pastor is only one voting member of the Session. If the church had several Lion’s Club members and maybe one prominent Lion’s Club member, does that mean the church is controlled by the Lion’s Club?

SPLC: In the end, Judge Eddie Hardaway ruled that LOS adherents "were admitted to [church] membership before the local congregation realized that the true intent and purpose of these new members was to promote the League of the South."

IR: Judge Hardaway’s ruling was a fallacious allegation. There was never any evidence presented to show that “the true intent and purpose of the these new members was to promote the League of the South.” The fact is that the new members promoted biblical Christianity to advance the kingdom of God.

SPLC: The church, he added, was used "as a staging ground for an increased membership for the League of the South and for promoting its purposes and missions."

IR: This statement is not only unintelligent, but it is not true. See the above IR.

SPLC: The PCA now describes the York episode as an embarrassment. Aquila told the Intelligence Report that the PCA "really ran into a real stink there" and that what occurred "was a total aberration from where we are as a denomination."

IR: The PCA had nothing to do with the “York episode” unless he is talking about the fiasco in the mid 1970’s where some of the same men caused a split in the church while YPC was in the PCA. I talked to Dominic Aquila and he didn’t intend to communicate that the PCA was in any way associated with “the York episode.”

SPLC: Like Pastor Murphy, Cripps preaches the virtues of Southern secession and a form of theonomy.

IR: This is another half-intelligent statement. Pastor Murphy does not preach “the virtues of Southern secession.” Pastor Murphy does preach “a form of theonomy.” The word theonomy means “law of God.” Every Christian pastor I know preaches the law of God. The Ten Commandments are essential to the Christian faith.

Now you will have to make an intelligent decision. Does the SPLC Intelligence Report reflect the attributes of intelligence?

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