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E-Mail | Introduction | Archives | Message Board May 15, 2000
Issue #32 of 1048
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Title: Ziggy Pig - Silly Seal Comics
Issue: Vol. 1, No. 6
Date: September, 1946
Publisher: Comedy Publications, Inc. (Timely Comics)
Cover Artist(s): Al Fago (?)

Here's a classic example of what's referred to in Oddball circles as an "infinity cover." In other words, it reproduces the same image over and over, smaller and smaller, supposedly duplicated down to the point of infinity. (Unfortunately, there exists neither the printing press, paper nor human eye than can actually accomplish this "infinity effect." Nonetheless, it's a pretty cool-looking gimmick that lends a bit of interest to tepidly generic funny-animal characters like Ziggy Pig and Silly Seal. (It's also the type of piecework assignment any freelance cartoonist would looooove to get; after all, most of the work is done by whoever's shooting and pasting up the photostats! And some of those cartoonists who worked on ZIGGY PIG AND SILLY SEAL COMICS include THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA's Mike Sekowsky and MAD MAGAZINE's Al "Chicken Bone" Jaffee!

ODDBALL Factoid - Although primarily associated with super heroes, Timely Comics (Marvel's original incarnation) published a bunch of funny-animal titles, including TERRY TOONS, MIGHTY MOUSE, SUPER RABBIT, ZIGGY PIG - SILLY SEAL, COMEDY COMICS, FUNNY COMIC-TUNES, FUNNY FROLICS, ALL SURPRISE, KRAZY KROW, SILLY TIMES, MOVIE-TUNES, KID and COMIC CAPERS! Phew!

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Scott Shaw!
Staff Writer, CBR

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