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General Crisis Resources

Additional NASP/NEAT Materials

Children's Reaction to Trauma
Community Crisis Responses
Creating A Safe Building
Crisis Follow-Up Activities
Cultural Responses to Trauma and Crisis Response
Dealing with a Death in School
Developing Your Own School Safety Task Force
Disaster: Helping Children Cope
Essential Skills for Crisis Responders
Estimating the Severity of Reactions to Death
How to Handle The Media During A Crisis
LAUSD Guide to Crisis Management
More on Crisis Response and Violence Prevention from NASP's Center
Research Review on Violence Prevention
Safe School Resources
Sample Memo to School Staff On School Safety
School Crisis Planning: A Q&A with Scott Poland
Schoolyard Tragedies: Dealing with the Aftermath
Teen Suicides: Life, After Death
Useful Links
Vulnerability to Violence Among Gay and Lesbian Youth

NEAT also recommends:

Gift from Within - click here to read comments from Dr. Ted Feinberg, NEAT member and NASP Assistant Executive Director

Crisis Sites (from the NASP Links Collection)

American Academy of Child and Adolescent PsychiatryOne of Bill's Favorite Sites
Great handouts for parents & teachers

American Academy of Child & Adolescent PsychiatryOne of Bill's Favorite Sites
Other good handouts too

American Hospice Foundation

American Psychological AssociationOne of Bill's Favorite Sites

American Red CrossOne of Bill's Favorite Sites

American Society for Suicide PreventionOne of Bill's Favorite Sites

The Center for Effective Collaboration & PracticeOne of Bill's Favorite Sites
Materials on functional behavioral assessment, plus other valuable resources on school violence

Center for Mental Health in the SchoolsOne of Bill's Favorite Sites
Site for resources on increasing mental health focus in the schools.

David Baldwin's Trauma InformationOne of Bill's Favorite Sites
A clinical psychologist from Oregon with excellent information and links

Essential Information on Trauma & DissociationOne of Bill's Favorite Sites

Federal Emergency Management AgencyOne of Bill's Favorite Sites
Kids information too

Gift From WithinOne of Bill's Favorite Sites
Several references on trauma

International Association of School PsychologistsOne of Bill's Favorite Sites
Dolek's web site list! Awesome.

The International Society for Traumatic Stress StudiesOne of Bill's Favorite Sites
Good information and links

National Association of School PsychologistsOne of Bill's Favorite Sites

National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - VA HospitalOne of Bill's Favorite Sites

National Victim's Assistance Organization One of Bill's Favorite Sites
Crisis information for everyone

National Youth Violence Prevention Resource CenterOne of Bill's Favorite Sites

Project LinusOne of Bill's Favorite Sites
State by state listing for getting blankets for those who are traumatized.

PTSD Resources Web PageOne of Bill's Favorite Sites

Safe and Responsive SchoolsOne of Bill's Favorite Sites
Developed by Russ Skiba at Indiana University offers some good information and links. Russ addresses Zero Tolerance too

Safe Students/Healthy Students Action CenterOne of Bill's Favorite Sites
A partner with NASP. See Clearinghouse. It is an awesome resource! Also click on Resources.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) - Resources:

National Mental Health Information Center - Disaster Mental Health - Tips for Talking About Disasters

Age-Specific Interventions at Home for Children in Trauma: From Preschool to Adolescence
Suggests age-appropriate activities to help children share recovery feelings and experiences at home.

The Long-Term Impact of a Traumatic Event: What to Expect in Your Personal, Family, Work, and Financial Life
Cites examples of personal uncertainties, family relationship changes, work disruptions, and financial worries that may contribute to the long-term impact of a traumatic event.

Anniversary Reactions to a Traumatic Event: The Recovery Process Continues
Describes common anniversary reactions among victims of traumatic events and their role in the recovery process.

Suicide Prevention Program (SOS)

Surgeon GeneralOne of Bill's Favorite Sites
Featuring the new mental health report and great links.

Teasing VictimsOne of Bill's Favorite Sites
Developed by Izzy Kalmar, a school psychologist, has some interesting information you may find useful on bullying. Child and Parent manuals on-line

Trauma Resource AreaOne of Bill's Favorite Sites

U.S. GovernmentOne of Bill's Favorite Sites
Type in "crisis" or similar title

NASP has made these materials available free of charge to the public in order to promote the ability of children and youth to cope with the anniversary of September 11. The materials may be adapted, reproduced, reprinted, or linked to websites without specific permission as long as the integrity of the content is maintained and NASP is given proper credit.

Special thanks to the staff of the Fairfax County, Virginia, Public Schools for providing translations.

Links/Resources for Remembering September 11, 2001

The Families and Work Institute has developed a series of 16 age-appropriate
lesson plans to help educators address the 9-11 anniversary with their
students. The 9-11 As History program includes four lessons each for grades
PreK-2nd, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th, 9th-12th that are linked to national education

NEA and the NEA Health Information Network have created a special Remember September 11th Web site. This site draws on the creative inspiration of NEA members and partners in educational excellence, including NASP. It brings together in one place an abundance of ideas, lesson plans, discussion points, and much more to help young people learn from the September 11 tragedy.

9/11 Materials

These are revised editions of materials originally produced in response to the September 11 events that can be used in other crisis situations. For access to the original materials, click here.


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