No One Lives Forever
Published by Fox Interactive
Posted on 05/12/2000
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Shot One I wonder if they serve martinis here... shaken, not stirred, of course

We originally saw this title at last year's E3, and while it was fairly early in production (it had yet to be converted over to the Lithtech 2 engine), it looked promising even then. Fox describes it as being "in the tradition of the great 1960's spy films and shows." Licensing issues aside, the game is really in the tradition of one specific 60's spy icon—the one that starts with "Bond" and ends with "James Bond."

Shot Two Since we saw it last, No One Lives Forever has made the transition from the Lithtech engine to Lithtech 2

The game was under wraps for quite some time while developer Monolith made some design choices and pondered on whether or not they could keep the working title "No One Lives Forever" without stepping on any legal toes. It seems that they discovered that they could, and the game is being dragged back into the limelight for it's second (and ostensibly its last, before it ships) E3. The basic premise of the game remains the same, but the main character has had a sex change—you now play the role of Agent Archer, a "beautiful but deadly" female operative. The game takes place from a first-person perspective, and there seems to be a good deal of action and shooting, but the game also places a strong emphasis on stealth (something that has become increasingly more popular in games since Thief and Metal Gear Solid) and espionage. Like that other popular secret agent, you will have access to all the tools of the trade, from the mundane to the wacky (briefcase rocket launcher, anyone?).

Like most of Fox's products, No One Lives Forever is slated to ship at the end of this year.

by Benjamin E. Sones

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