Inspection 12
In Recovery


Inspection 12’s future looks highly uncertain with ¼ of the band now in Yellowcard in the form of guitarist and vocalist Pete M, ¼ living in Colorado away from everyone else and ¼ back in school studying hard. They’ve not split up, just more on a bit of a hiatus!! Having only recently discovered the brilliance of Inspection 12 through the re-release of “Get Rad” (See review on this site…’s amazing!) I was then told to get “In Recovery” which was released by Honest Don’s in 2001.

I wasn’t quite sure if they would live up to the standard of latest album “Get Rad”, but with a more straight forward style of pop-punk filled with occasional cello, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, tribal drumming and even a brilliant violin display from Sean of Yellowcard on “Great Scott” where he bangs out a perfect rendition of the theme from Back To The Future!! Brilliant, highly unexpected, but brilliant.

Inspection 12 are/were one of the most underrated and misjudged bands ever, having seemingly mastered the mix of interesting and original music with undoubtedly catchy and hook filled tunes. With more of a push and full commitment from the entire band Inspection 12 could have and should have been massive. I’m not talking the Beatles massive, but certainly leading lights of the underground scene.

It’s hard to pick out great songs as every single one is a must have, with “Hear Anything?” mixing vocal harmonies and guitar musicianship to die for, whilst “Red Letter Day” toys with you in a gorgeous build up then slapping you with a huge dose of in your face energetic poppy punk. The vocals throughout are a pure pleasure to listen to as is the noodling guitars and foot stomping drums and thick bass.

Inspection 12 could well be one of the greatest ever bands who deserve your attention. Buy this and “Get Rad” and you will not be disappointed.

Track Listing:

1. Secure
2. Sweet Sixteen
3. Red Letter Day
4. Doppelganger
5. Secret Identity
6. Great Scott
7. Leave It To Me
8. Hear Anything?
9. Photograph
10. Immortal Beloved
11. To The Victor Go The Spoils
12. Elegy

Submitted by James Davison
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