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Usaburo Kokeshi CO.,LTD.
(Maker, Wholesale, Sell direct)

Zip 370-3501
1591, Nagaoka, Shinto-mura, Kitagumma-gun, Gumma Japan

The modern kokeshi dolls made between 1965 from 1950

Modern kokeshi(Gumma)
The characteristic feature of moern kokeshi dools exisls in their new styles and designs of free ideas which are the results of sophisticated technigue of the lathe, and will match the feeling of today's people.
 There are various tyoes of modern kokeshi dools, and every doll is colored accorging to it's style and design.
 Their rustic, simple beauty is becoming more popular among the people as a modern, living art.

Traditional kokeshi(Tohoku)
Of all the native folk toys of Japan, there is perhaps none so familiar as the "Kokeshi", which is to be found in souvenir shops throughout the nation,
 It is said to have originated in the Tohoku region (Northeast Japan) in the hands of the lathe-craftsmen who lived a gypsy life in the mountains of that region, seeking good wood material for their craft.
 Eventually, about the middle of the Edo Period, these craftsmen settled down near the many spas that abounded in that region, and began to make bowls and trays to sell to the visitors at the spas.
 After a time, they started to make the "Kokeshi", and this, accorging to one viewpoint, was the beginning of the "Kokeshi".
 However, there are other possible origins.
 One is that they may be related to the household god that had wide belief in the Tohoku region from long in the past.
 Again, another possibility is that they may be a modified version of phallic symbols derived from an ancient sex worship.
 At any rate, the "Kokeshi" of today is not so much a religious toy or charm as a toy loved for its simple artistry, so that perhaps there is not a sigle school girl in Japan who does not have one adorning her desk.

About the creative kokeshi dolls