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Controversy's fallout stuns some students at Missouri

Register Staff Writer

Columbia, Mo. - University of Missouri students are shocked that photographs taken at an early-morning college party on campus might lead to Iowa State men's basketball coach Larry Eustachy losing his job.

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Sean Devereaux, a Missouri student, took a dozen photos of Eustachy with beer, kissing on the cheek - and being kissed by - college-age women at his Columbia apartment after Iowa State lost to the Tigers, 64-59, on Jan. 22.

"I didn"t think he was going to get fired," Devereaux said.

Devereaux said the coach acted inappropriately and refused to leave the party. He later gave the pictures to The Des Moines Register. To Devereaux's surprise, his pictures have erupted on the national scene.

Eustachy was suspended with pay Wednesday by Iowa State, pending the outcome of an appeals process. Iowa State athletic director Bruce Van De Velde recommended that the coach be fired.

"People say stuff like, "Do you feel bad?" " Devereaux said of his feelings toward Eustachy, who makes more than $1 million per year. "I don"t. . . . I don"t feel for anyone who was acting like that and who makes that kind of money."

Other Missouri students shared in his surprise, especially that the pictures came from a party less than a 10-minute walk from campus.

"I can"t believe it," senior Ben Gatlin said. "They are amateur pictures. Now they are all over."

Columbia radio stations are having a bonanza with the picture flap. An advertisement Wednesday encouraged students to take advantage of specially priced beers at a local bar Friday night - termed Larry Eustachy Night. The ad for Deja Vu - a downtown dance bar and comedy club - said, "Come party like you"re the head coach of ISU."

The deal included one beer, a kiss by a waitress and a picture.

Some expressed concern, however.

"I feel sorry for his family, his two children and his wife," said Jilian Anderson, a senior communications major. "It must be really embarrassing for them to go through."

Anderson added that Devereaux"s actions "show that we are smarter than most college kids because we"d find what he was doing wrong and report it."

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