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Video Game Cheats is an archive of cheat codes and video game cheats for over 56,000 video games in 79 distinct platforms. We cover the most popular games for consoles such as the XBox, the PS2, the Nintendo Gamecube, and all your favorite PC Games cheats. We also cover consoles of the past, and even Game Genie and GameShark codes!

3DO373 Game.com26 Playdia3
Amiga CD3291 Gamecube810 Pocket PC22
APF-*1000/IM2 GP3220 Redemption13
Apple II568 Handheld26 Sega 32X53
Arcade3675 Jaguar CD14 Sega CD260
Arcadia 20013 Macintosh953 Sega Dreamcast915
Astrocade36 Mattel Intellivision152 Sega Game Gear486
Atari 2600801 Microvision12 Sega Genesis1329
Atari 5200102 Mobile/Cell Phone2166 Sega Master System386
Atari 780069 MSX275 Sega Saturn1468
Atari 8-bit26 NEC PC-FX73 SG-100075
Atari Jaguar82 NEC TurboDuo183 Sony PlayStation5860
Atari Lynx120 Neo*Geo182 Sony PlayStation23213
Atari ST414 Neo*Geo CD144 Sony PSP109
BBS Door11 Neo*Geo Pocket105 Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)2503
CD-I87 Nintendo 64 (N64)676 Turbo CD423
Channel F9 Nintendo 64DD10 TurboGrafx462
ColecoVision171 Nintendo DS73 Unix/Linux79
Commodore 643914 Nintendo Entertainment System2059 Vectrex21
Commodore Amiga1618 Nintendo Game Boy1509 VIC-203
Dos/Windows (PC Games)11658 Nokia N-Gage60 Virtual Boy33
DVD1620 Nuon9 Web Based Games54
DVD (multi-region)12 Odyssey12 WonderSwan116
Famicom Disk System197 Odyssey^265 WonderSwan Color102
Game Boy Advance1822 OS/23 Xbox1185
Game Boy Color1492 Palm OS29
Game Boy e-Reader38 Pinball227
Total Games Listed:58057

Game Genie Codes Online - 12:56:26 AM - December 5th, 2004
I've just spent the last few hours importing the old Game Genie codes from the old database into the new one. I've still got to update the number of games for each platform but everything should be working.

I've also changed a few things in the layout to make some things more legible, and to clean up a few things. The forum was spammed a little in the past few days by a few people so I've decided to take them down temporarily. There was also a big security issue with the forums - so all of that should be rectified soon.

In other words, there has been a lot of traffic to the site lately, and I will try and continue to make large updates like this in the future.

Cheat Codes are Back - 05:08:13 PM - November 30th, 2004
I had accidentally uploaded the database without resetting what games had which cheat codes. I'd like to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. The cheat codes should be back now.

In other news, you should also now be able to add codes to the database. Just submit any codes that we don't have that you think we should and I'll update the game with your cheat codes as soon as I can.

Major Database Update - 07:08:00 PM - November 21st, 2004
There has been a MAJOR database update to the site. As a result, all old URLs are no longer completely valid (although they still might work).

However, this has enabled me to add over 50,000 games to the site. So right now, we're probably the largest cheat code site in the world in terms of listed games.

Cheatbot Update - 12:52:30 PM - September 26th, 2004
I'd like to apologize for leaving the site unattended for a period of time. I have been very busy with school and my music, but after having a lot of time to think I should be able to greatly improve this site very soon.

Please stay tuned :)

Strange Ad Positioning - 04:01:35 PM - July 12th, 2004
There will be some odd looking positioning for a few days as I run a few tests for advertising.

There still should not and will not be any intrusive ads on the site, so bear with us as we help to make site-wide improvements.

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