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30 December 2004
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Band: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
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BRMC Updated: 02/08/03
Dark moody types talk dealing with the media
Hailed as the saviours of rock and roll, San Francisco trio BRMC aren't big on conversation. So much so that they've developed a reputation for being difficult interviewees. Even their PR admitted that 'they aren't the world's best talkers'.

So it was, rather intrepidly, that OneMusic caught up with Zane Lowe's live guests and persuaded guitarist Peter Hayes to talk about the constant pressure of the media and interacting with live audiences.
"A bad interview isn't the end of a band. We've had plenty of rubbish talked about us. You learn to let it go."
Are you sick of people saying you're difficult to interview?
"People write what they want to write. I try hard not to think about it and that's what keeps me on my feet. as has every band that anyone has ever been talked about be it The Beatles, The Rolling Stones. You have to learn to let it go."
How do you handle being branded as the 'saviours of rock and roll'?
"It's flattering and you try not to think of it anymore than that. Again it's the media talking. You can't take it for anything other than someone writing a headline to sell a magazine. If someone calls you 'saviours' of anything - don't believe it."
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