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Thursday, December 30th

Network for Good

I understand that maybe not all of us have much of a disposable income but please try to help.

Posted by Emmy on 12.30.04 @ 09:10 AM PST
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Friday, December 24th

Merry Christmas

My present to you.

Be sure to at least check out days 19 and 24. Also, days 4, 6, 9, 12, and 13 provide some excellent gift ideas for all you late shoppers.

Posted by Ethan on 12.24.04 @ 06:37 PM PST
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Wednesday, December 8th

Passionate Butt Sex

Don't worry, it is safe for work.

Posted by Ethan on 12.08.04 @ 12:17 PM PST
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Wednesday, November 24th

What's next a statue???

I came across this story while looking for the new terror alert level link (see Emmy's Cool Shit). I figured I should put the terror level up again since it's almost Thanksgiving. Christmas and Chanukah are right around the corner! Beware of those nasty terrorists and happy holidays!

Posted by Emmy on 11.24.04 @ 03:37 PM PST
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Monday, November 22nd

Humor for both Jeff AND Mark

And it is in one place! So long as it hasn't been farked out of existance, one of the most clever things I've seen all week can be found here.

Posted by Ethan on 11.22.04 @ 12:20 PM PST
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Thursday, November 18th


You are Domo Kun!

Take the "Which FARK Cliche Are You" quiz!

Posted by Emmy on 11.18.04 @ 08:00 PM PST
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Tuesday, November 16th

A couple goodies for ya

mood: E Blues

Well, since yours truly does NOT yet have access to Halo 2--a fact which I plan to rectify in cold blood if necessary--I figured I'd send a couple goodies your way.
For those of you still feeling some simmering rage from the outcome of the presidential election, here's a site that ought to fulfill all your cathartic needs. I should probably preface it by saying that I really don't endorse the tone of the guy's argument--to put it mildly, it's probably not safe for work if vulgarity is a problem--but I highly recommend checking out all of the links in his rant. There's a LOT of interesting statistics and information that, if youi can put aside the vitriol, actually give some keen insight to why certain areas of the country think the way they do.
For thos of you feeling a little more high brow, here's a column from today's New York Times (believe it or not it's not Friedman) about Tom Wolfe's latest novel which explores the moral ambiguity of university life. I suppose if we really wanted to talk about it we should reads the novel, but honestly, who has that kind of time?

Posted by Pat on 11.16.04 @ 08:48 AM PST
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Thursday, November 11th

Time to Get XBox Live

Really, folks, it's the way to play Halo 2. In fact, I hear there are even a few other games that can be fun on Live as well. But you are really missing out on a good portion of what is great about Halo 2 if you aren't playing on Live.

Hell, I'll even make it easy on you. I've got two (2) coupons for two (2) free months of XBox Live service. They, of course, do not come with the headset, but that can be bought seperately once you have realized that it is worthwhile, and in the intermediary time you can change the settings in Halo so that all of your teammates' communications get piped through your TV speakers. But unless you have a deathly fear of letting Microsoft have your credit card number (which would be understandable, I suppose) you can at the very least check out what it is all about for free.

In any case, if you are interested (or somehow already have an account) let me know, and I will give you the code for a two month trial, and then add you to our "clan," the RGA North. (The RGA also exists; contact Shawn's friend Ryan Loche about that one.)

Posted by Ethan on 11.11.04 @ 12:22 PM PST
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Wednesday, November 3rd


...of the Halloween party can now be found here. Enjoy.

Posted by Emmy on 11.03.04 @ 03:04 PM PST
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Well, I suppose its about time for one of us to put up an election post, and since I just saw Ethan out the window of the capitol building with a batch of torches and what appears to be a plate mail outfit constructed from the shells of his gaming systems, I'm assuming he's not going to get around to it anytime soon.
So, I'm assuming that anyone who can actually navigate their way to this site has been told every thirty seconds that Bush is now officially re-elected for a second term. In all honesty, despite a not so great night's sleep last night, I'm not feeling all that bad about the next four years--presidentially speaking anyways. I'm sure there are many who disagree, but ultimately, 112 million people voted yesterday and split almost down the middle. Plus, I really think if we had a REAL leader running for president, then the things that divide people wouldn't seem so prevalent. So I'm taking a glass is half-full attitude.
I am actually far more put out by the fact that 10 states outlawed gay marriage, but again I don't think the left has lost as much as it seems. After all, no state allowed it as of the two days ago, so even though it's now, ummm, unlegalized(?) the basic need to convince the christian right that it's not a big deal remains unchanged, and probably not even all that set back.
Anyway, there's plenty more to say on the subject, but I'd like to hear all of your input, so consider the comments section your own personal thread o' political rantage.

Posted by Pat on 11.03.04 @ 02:02 PM PST
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Tuesday, November 2nd


remember to vote today! smile

Posted by Emmy on 11.02.04 @ 08:41 AM PST
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Monday, November 1st

Apologies to Brainfarts' devoted fans.

mood: relieved

Brainfarts experienced technical difficulties over the past several days. The Boss sincerely regrets this downtime in new entries, particularly at such a crucial time as this, when election discussion is crucial to our collegiate reading audiences. "I blame Shefik" will become the new call to arms for my re-election as Head Webmaster.

I'm Shawn Alpay, and I approved this message.

Posted by Shawn on 11.01.04 @ 10:37 PM PST
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Wednesday, October 27th

Excerpt from the day's log for Monday October 25, 2004

5:15:43 pm: Return home from work. Remember that GTA:San Andreas comes out tomorrow, and decide to find out if any shipments have arrived in Davis early.

5:17:06 pm: Say to Emmy, "Hey, let's see if they have GTA over at the Gamestop in the U-Mall. I'll buy you something from Starbucks if they do, and we have to go over there to get the game."

5:17:33 pm: Emmy replies, "Actually, I just got a drink from there. And the van is still there, because the battery died on me when I tried to start it up. My dad is going to come help me with it around 8:30 or so."

5:18:00 pm: Fuck that shit.

5:19:30 pm: Say to Emmy, "Let's just call them anyway; it's not too far to walk and I feel like getting outside a bit before it starts raining for the next few days anyway."

5:19:55 pm: Emmy picks up the phone to call. (It is a well known fact that the kind of sex starved video game nerd who works at such stores is FAR more likely to admit to a woman than to a man that there are extra copies of a new game available, and that you DON'T actually have to have promised them your soul before hand to get such games on launch day.)

5:21:09 pm: Emmy hangs up. "They say that if we come reserve it now, they will have copies around 7:00 or 7:30."

5:21:40 pm: Hmm.

5:22:00 pm: Say "Hey, I'm going to walk over there are reserve it, and we can just pick it up when we go to fix the van. By then all the smelly nerds who were waiting in line for the game to show up will have gotten their copies and gone home, and we'll be able to just walk in and pick it up."

5:22:37 pm: Emmy replies,"That sounds like a good plan. I'll even walk over there with you."

5:30:24 pm - 6:10:42 pm: Have a pleasant walk to the U-Mall and back with Emmy. It is a bit chilly, but not raining, so we are fine. Pay in full for the game at Gamestop, plus pick up copies of 28 Days Later and The Good Girl on the cheap. Life is good.

6:13:31 pm - 6:35:02 pm: Prepare and eat dinner.

6:40:00 pm - 8:33:56 pm: Have hot monkey sex with Emmy. (Editors note: The phrase "have hot monkey sex" may or may not actually mean "play Paper Mario" in this context.)

8:35:07 pm: Emmy's mom calls. We decide to just have her come give the van a jump, and fix it another day since Emmy's dad has been working all day.

8:48:30 pm: Arrive back at the U-Mall. Emmy and her mom go to jump the van while I go to pick up the game.

8:50:00 pm: Guy behind the counter says that their manager will be there with the games any minute, but for now everyone will have to wait outside because the store is about to close to normal business. Whatever, it still isn't raining, and the van is going to have to charge for a while anyway.

8:51:04 pm: I am now a smelly nerd waiting in line for the game.

9:02:44 pm: Emmy and her mom have gone into Starbucks to get some hot chocolate. Whatever, it still isn't raining.

9:10:30 pm: Emmy and her mom have gone to drop off the van at our apartment. Whatever, it is only slightly drizzling.

9:15:52 pm: Guy has just come out to say that they are still expecting their manager any minute now, but they have ordered a bunch of pizzas so to make up for the fact that we are now standing in a complete downpour. Whatever, I am near the front of the line and somewhat under cover.

9:16:22 pm: Emmy and her mom stop by to let me know that Emmy will be borrowing her mom's car, but must now drive across town to drop her off at home.

9:16:52 pm: Guy comes back out to say that that the games have just arrived at the airport, and must now be taken to a central location where they can be divvied up amongst the various store managers, after which his manager will have a 40 minute drive back to Davis. Consider thanking the employee for not telling me this 30 seconds earlier, for if he had I may have decided to stop standing in the rain and go home to have more hot monkey sex with Emmy. However, she will be gone for about half an hour. I am now at the point of no return. Either I walk home now, or I stubbornly wait however long it actually takes for the manager to show up.

9:17:02 pm: Whatever. It isn't raining THAT hard, and two of the people in front of me have left. Besides, I'm far more hardcore than any of these fuckers anyway, right? Right?

9:20:40 pm: Decide that it was a poor idea to wear socks and sandals, even if the socks were extra warm wool socks. After all, extra warm and woolen doesn't do much good when they are fucking soaked all the way through.

9:47:15 pm: Emmy returns, and rebuffs my attempt to send her home now and walk home in the rain by myself later. She does, however, require that I buy her coffee from Starbucks. She buys decaff, though, so at least she won't be up all night playing GTA without me.

10:03:00 pm: The pizza guy shows up and the rain starts to slow. There is much rejoicing.

10:05:00 pm: Emmy uses her position of the cuter of the two women among 40 or so smelly male nerds to acquire for herself the last piece of pizza (a second piece, when everyone else got just one). She shares half of the piece with me, turning my intense pride to ecstatic joy.

10:17:30 pm: The manager shows up. The crowd grows restless as three pudgy Gamestop employees attempt to be menacing while shuttling the boxes inside the store.

10:20:57 pm: In a feat of herculean proportions, one of the employees manages to coax the crowd back into a semblance of order, and feeds 10 nerds at a time into the store. Emmy and I are among the first group, and we quickly acquire our copy and flee the scene.

10:35:44 pm: We return home. I should have been in bed 30 minutes ago. However, it would simply be wrong not to play the game just a little bit.

11:43:12 pm: I reluctantly head to bed. I do not look forward to 6:45:00 am, when my fucking alarm will rouse me from my all to short period of rest.

Posted by Ethan on 10.27.04 @ 07:50 AM PST
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Tuesday, October 26th

You guys are voting right?

Watch Eminem's new video. Pretty interesting stuff.

Posted by Emmy on 10.26.04 @ 09:29 PM PST
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Colors AND Numbers??? I must be in heaven

mood: Political

Those of you feeling a little stressed about the outcome of the upcoming election can greatly increase that stress by checking out this awesome site I found. This guy literally takes DAILY polls, averages them, adjusts them, and then shows the current electoral outcome.
It's great because it's as simple or as complicated as you like. If you're really into it, this guy is like a statistics angel. He references all the polls, who did them, how they did them, what their error is, how they have typically done accuracy-wise on past elections, and what demographics each poll tends to miss.
For extra fun check out the animation of how the electoral college picture has changed since June 1--It's a real eye-opener as to how close this thing is going to be--and if you're a total nerd, combine this site with the Los Angeles Times' election graphic where you can mess around with the outcomes of each state to see how it affects the final picture.
And if THAT isn't enough to satisfy your pre-election urges...well I just don't know what to do for you.

Posted by Pat on 10.26.04 @ 09:17 PM PST
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Thursday, October 21st


I found a really cool car advertisement with hawt babes. Check it.

Posted by Emmy on 10.21.04 @ 09:51 PM PST
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A Joke

What is the difference between Vietnam and Iraq?

George W. Bush had a plan to get out of Vietnam.

(To give credit where credit is due, today's joke comes to you thanks to Emmy and Moby.)

Posted by Ethan on 10.21.04 @ 09:10 PM PST
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You have got to be kidding me?

Here's this week's reason to burn down society and just start over.

Posted by Pat on 10.21.04 @ 09:40 AM PST
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Wednesday, October 20th


This is my new baby Marduk big grin

Also, this is a lot like you're the man now dog. Please have the sound on.

Posted by Emmy on 10.20.04 @ 02:20 PM PST
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