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Anthony Callea Beats Guy Sebastian

Anthony Callea

by Paul Cashmere

29 December 2004

Australian Idol runner-up Anthony Callea has topped the first week sales record held by Guy Sebastian in 2003.

Callea's 'The Prayer' in it's first full week of sales sold over 147,000 units in addition to the 34,000 sold in the previous week after being on sale for just 3 days.

Sebastian's 'Angels Brought Me Here' sold 128,000+ when it debuted on the 2 December, 2003 chart.

The Callea sales have slaughtered the first week sales for 2004 Idol winner Casey Donovan, who had a luke-warm debut with less than 36,000 sales of her debut 'Listen With Your Heart'.

Although Casey was the Reality TV show winner, Callea has proven to be the one Australia has spoken for with their wallets.

The Casey Donovan album went into free-fall in just it's second week on the chart. 'For You' fell out of the Top 10 this week and is still yet to sell enough copies to justify platinum even though being certified double platinum.

Casey was also trumped by last year's Idol runner-up on the singles chart this week. Shannon Noll's cover of 'C'mon Aussie C'mon' was at No.2 this week with sales of around 18,000. Casey's 'Listen With Your Heart' fell to No. 4 with sales of around 16,700.

Joel Turner, who didn't even make the Idol cut in 2003, has been 2004 success story. His single 'These Kids' is still in the Top 5 after 13 weeks on the chart. It moved a further 15,700 units last week


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