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Gay directors bring home the bacon - the Buzz - Brief Article
Advocate, The,  May 13, 2003  
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WITH THE continuing success of Bringing Down the House, out director Adam Shankman joins six other openly gay directors on the list of the 250 all-time top-grossing films in the United States. (Joel Schumacher actually has three films on the list.) Sorry, closeted gay directors not included.

Of course, none of these movies is about gay subject matter, but it's always good to have something to strive for in the future.

Adam Shankman
Bringing Down the House #206
$112,107,194 *

Randal Kleiser

Dean DeBlois ([dagger])
Lilo & Stitch

Joel Schumacher
Batman Forever

Gus Van Sant
Good Will Hunting

Rob Marshall
$152,739,000 *

Colin Higgins
9 to 5

* Still in release; ranking and grosses as of press time

([dagger]) Codirector, with Chris Sanders

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