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Just Backward Of SqUare

The List 18/01/2001

Lowgold - Just Backward of Square (Nude)


Don't be put off by the fact that the music press are already declaring Lowgold as this year's Coldplay/Travis etc, cos this debut album from the four scruffy English tykes shows subtlety well beyond the capabilities of either of those chart-straddling dullards. Just Backward of Square is a gorgeous, delicate work of impressive stature, at times claustrophobic and heartbreaking, at other times touchingly uplifting. Warmly fuzzy guitars and wonderfully understated vocals give the album the feel of early Teenage Fanclub, while a world-weary bittersweet attitude has much in common with the likes of American alternative gods Buffalo Tom and Husker Du. A great debut then, let's just hope they can build on it in the future.

Doug Johnston