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Just Backward Of Square

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Just Backward Of Square

Heat 07/02/2001

Good as Gold
Lowgold - Just Backward of Square


In a nutshell: The race is on to find "this year's Coldplay" (who were, after all 'last year's Travis'). Alongside Chester's hotly tipped Starsailor, Lowgold are strong favourites to follow Chris Martin & Co to the top of the charts.

What's it like? With their strong emphasis on melancholic ballads, Lowgold occupy very similar territory to Travis and Coldplay, albeit with a rockier edge. Thankfully they have also arrived clutching an album loaded with understated but hugely melodic songs. And if it all sounds a bit samey at first - only the refreshingly upbeat Counterfeit lifts the tempo at all - stick with it because singer Darren Ford's songs son reveal their subtle charms.

How many good tracks? A very impressive nine out of eleven. Best track: Less I Offer is the pick of the many ballads. Worst track: Never Alone sounds a bit too much like all those floppy haired shoe-gazing bands from a couple of years back. Verdict: On this evidence the hype surrounding Lowgold is fully justified. Just Backward of Square is a fine record.

Dominic Smith.