Voice work in Heathcliff

Character Actor Episode
Barbie Winslow Russi Taylor
Billy Winslow Russi Taylor
Bush Danny Wells
Clem Henry Corden
Cleo Donna Christie
Contestant 10 June Foray Pumping Irony
Crazy Shirley June Foray
Digby Henry Corden
Dingbat Frank Welker
Dogsnatcher Henry Corden
Dottie Winslow Russi Taylor
Fish Market Owner Danny Mann
Grandma June Foray
Grandma Ted Ziegler
Grandpa Ted Ziegler
Heathcliff Mel Blanc
Hector Danny Mann
Iggy Mel Blanc
Iggy Donna Christie
Jodie June Foray Pumping Irony
Knuckles Derek McGrath
Leroy, the junkyard dog Ted Ziegler
Marcy June Foray
Marmaduke Paul Winchell
Milkman Mel Blanc
Milkman Stan Jones
Misc Pat Fraley
Misc. William Hubbard
Missy Russi Taylor
Mr. Post Don Messick
Mr. Schultz Mel Blanc
Mr. Snyder Don Messick
Muggsy Mel Blanc
Muggsy Derek McGrath
Mugsy Derek McGrath
Mungo Ted Ziegler
News Woman June Foray The Watch Cat
Nobody, the pumpkin Don Messick
Phil Winslow Paul Winchell
Princess June Foray Nutty Knights
Raul Danny Wells
Riff Raff Stan Jones
Sonja June Foray
Sonja Marilyn Lightstone
Sparerib, the skeleton Don Messick
Spike Mel Blanc
Spike Derek McGrath
Wordsworth Kyle Jenson (1983-1987)
Wordsworth Stan Jones
Wordsy Kyle Jenson

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