The Difference Between Us Camille


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Warnings: Violence, Sexual Situations

Summary: Joyce dies when Buffy is seventeen leaving her destitute. She lives alone in a tiny apartment in Silverlake and though she is a strong slayer, she is worn down by her poverty and loss. Spike is a wealthy and powerful master vampire who arrives in LA to destroy the slayer. Once he meets her, however, he realizes that though she is physically a worthy opponent, she must be brought up to her full potential before they can battle to the death.


Spike was bored with Paris. He'd been there for fifty six years, fifty five and nine months of which he'd spent with his glorious dark princess. Now that she was gone he couldn't stand Paris anymore. He walked down the streets at night and stopped in front of restaurants where they had dined together--on those succulent patrons. Too many memories. The pain was just too much for him to take anymore and he needed something to take his mind off of his loneliness and misery. Perhaps he should leave and go somewhere they'd never visited together. Someplace that held no memories. That would be difficult because they'd been traveling together for one hundred years. The only place they'd never ventured was the States. Too conservative for their tastes. But at least for him it would be someplace new and he had heard there was a wicked powerful slayer in Los Angeles. It would be good for him to go after another slayer again. How many years had it been since he'd killed his last one? Twenty? Thirty?

For the moment that lovely young woman walking out of The Chanteuse Cafe would do to get his mind off things. She had dark hair like his precious Drucilla and a full, luscious body. She was walking past a row of apartments and then she turned to cross to the same side of the street as him. He waited for her in the shadows, slowly backing up until he could feel the cold bricks of the building against his back. She was walking towards him down the sidewalk. The closer she got the more pleased he was with his choice. She was rather pretty with large dark eyes. When she stepped on just the right crack in the sidewalk, Spike reached out with lightening speed and grabbed her around the waist. She had no time to scream. He drew her into his dark corner and sank his fangs into her lovely white neck. He then pulled up her skirt, ripped off her panties and swiftly slid himself into her hot core. Perfect, he purred contentedly as he felt the woman's blood pumping down his throat. He kept perfect time with her heartbeat as he thrust himself deep inside of her. He slid his hands up under her shirt and pushed up her bra. He began to softly squeeze and caress her breasts in a slow rhythm as he moved himself towards his climax.

'My god this feels good--but--I--need--to--run' the woman thought to herself as the streetlights dimmed in her vision. A car went by that she could barely hear. The red tail lights a strange blur. Everything was pleasantly muffled and slow. She'd never felt so much pleasure, it was overwhelming. Her orgasm was building quickly until finally it shot out like an electric current to every part of body. Her fingers and toes tingled as wave after wave of pure bliss ripped through her. She gripped the leather clad arm that held her tightly around the waist and screamed out, thrashing in his arms and throwing back her dark hair to howl in ecstasy. Then everything was enveloped in blackness.

Spike laid the lifeless form of the woman down on the cobblestones and stepped over her. He zipped up his pants, ran a pale hand through his hair to put any loose curls back into place, and then began walking back towards his home. It had been a good night. He had forgotten about Dru for a few minutes. That was the best he'd managed since she'd left him three months ago. Now he needed a nice long shower, a glass of wine and a good book.

Buffy was hiding behind a rack of sales dresses. She'd seen Cordelia and Harmony enter the shop and ducked out of sight in the nick of time. She had her face pressed up against a hideous peach number she'd been considering simply because it was her size and extremely cheap. For the moment she was safe from the two girls, who would never be caught dead in the bargain section of the shop. They busied themselves with pulling out the latest dresses and holding them up against themselves in the mirror. As Buffy peaked out at them she noted that the most expensive dresses were not necessarily the most attractive. Harmony's taste seemed especially bad. She was going crazy over an ugly blue dress covered in pink frills. Cordelia quickly ripped it out of the Blonde's hands and replaced it with another less revolting. Buffy laughed quietly to herself until she heard Cordelia say her name. She jumped, thinking they'd spotted her until she realized they were talking about her.

"Can you believe how funny it is that Angel asked Buffy to the Prom as a joke," Cordelia laughed while gathering up a pile of gowns to take into the dressing room.

"I was wondering what was going on. I mean, it was so weird. He could ask any girl in the school and he asked Buffy." Harmony gathered her dresses and headed towards the dressing rooms as well. She looked up to make sure Cordelia wasn't watching and then snatched the ugly blue dress back into her pile.

Buffy couldn't believe it. She was so shocked and filled with grief that she sank down onto the carpeting and put her face in her hands. How could this be true? Angel had asked her to the prom as a joke?

"Angel is actually going with that new girl Darla," Cordelia continued, coming out of the dressing room in a tight red dress. She ran her hands over her slim waist and admired herself in the mirror.

"So he's going to take both Buffy and Darla?" Harmony asked from her dressing room. She had on the blue dress with pink frills. She knew Cordelia didn't like it so she wasn't going to come out.

"No Harmony! Oh my god you're so dumb! He's just not going to pick Buffy up. She'll be left all dressed up with no where to go," Cordelia laughed. "Though there's a part of me that wishes Angel would bring her to the prom just so we could see her in all her hideous, cheap glory".

Buffy glanced up at the horrible peach dress she'd been looking at before they'd walked into the shop, then turned her head away.

"Harm, I found the best here. I'm going to put it on hold and then let's head over to that dress shop in the mall, okay?"

"Okay, I'll be out in just a minute." Harmony waited until Cordelia was up at the cash register and then came out of the dressing room. She stuffed the blue dress into her bag and then darted past Cordelia and out the front door.

Buffy watched her and if she hadn't been so devastated she would have laughed. As soon as she was sure they were both gone, she got up from the floor. She glanced around sadly at all of the beautiful dresses and made her way to the front of the store.

"Did you find anything dear?" The owner of the shop asked her kindly.

"No, I didn't actually. But you do have a lot of beautiful stuff here," Buffy replied, itching to leave.

"Yes I do, and that blonde who just left stole a dress I haven't been able get rid of for years. Not sure what it was doing off the sales racks. I thought about busting her but to tell you the truth, I'm just happy to see it gone."

Buffy smiled at the woman and then walked out the front door. As soon as she was outside she backed up until she felt the cool brick wall against her skin. She closed her eyes and let the tears slip down her cheeks. How could she have thought Angel really wanted to take her to the prom? How could she have been so stupid. Now she understood all of the snickering she heard behind her back as she passed through the halls at school. Now it all made sense. She'd been so blinded by her longtime crush on him. God! She felt her face heat up in shame as she went over things again and again in her mind. After several minutes she opened her eyes. It was getting dark. She needed to head to the bus stop.

Spike loved the house. It had ten huge bedrooms, a massive kitchen he would never use, and decks that looked out over a tropical landscape woven with waterfalls that spilled into a crystal clear swimming pool. The place had belonged to Catherine Deneuve until she'd decided she didn't need a permanent address in Los Angeles. "The Hunger" was one of his favorite films and he thought it must be fate for him to find this place. Los Angeles was proving to be a very comfortable town. It lacked the physical beauty of Paris, but it was warm, flashy and packed with people from nowhere on their way nowhere. Speaking of which, his evening snack awaited him in the master bedroom.

He moved slowly down the hallway, admiring the stained glass windows as he went. He pushed open the bedroom door and gazed at the gorgeous California blonde stretched out naked on the bed in front of him. He'd picked her up while doing a little shopping on Beverly earlier that day. LA women were proving to be the easiest prey, if he could even call them that. In this town he was more like the hunted. It had only been a week and already several beauties had come after him. He'd had to pick and choose--didn't want to get too bloated after all.

He slithered onto the bed and crawled up the woman's body, his tongue darting out to taste her golden skin. She arched her back in pleasure, pushing herself up against his hard chest. She moved her mouth up to kiss him but he rounded his back like a cat and lowered his lips so they hovered over her jugular. The pounding of her heart was the sweetest melody. He gently kissed the precious spot and then moved his lips down to her full breasts, licking around the pink tips until she was moaning in need. He latched onto one hard nipple while slowly caressing the other. She bucked under him, pushing her hips up to press against his hard shaft.

"Impatient aren't we?" Spike purred, trailing his tongue down from her breasts to rest in the dip of her belly button. He slid his hands up her slender waist and over her breasts that loomed soft and firm above him. He pulled at her nipples and she sighed and pushed up her chest seeking more attention. Spike's tongue then continued it's journey down her body until it licked down the opening of her dripping pussy lips. Then settling himself between her legs, he began kissing her right thigh and then her left, pushing her legs wide open as he kissed and licked his way back up to her entrance. Once he'd reached his goal, he gently spread her lips open to admire the wet glistening beauty that lay inside. His tongue darted out and he began to trace the wet, quivering contours. After several agonizing minutes of this, during which he skillfully avoided contact with her swollen center, he began teasing her angry clit with the tip of his tongue--just barely. The woman lifted her hips to press her aching clit into his wonderful mouth but Spike wrapped his strong arms around her thighs and held her down. He then continued to gently tease the pink gem with his tongue, while lightly circling her entrance with his fingers, never dipping them in too far. He listened contentedly to her groans and begging. He loved to make a beautiful woman beg. Not wanting to allow her release just yet, he slid his tongue back into his mouth, crawled his way back up her body and entered her slowly, pushing himself all the way in. The woman drew in a sharp breath and began moving her hips to the slow rhythm. Needing more, she moved to try and flip them over so she could be on top but quickly found herself pinned down by his strong arms.

"And just what do you think you're doing?" Spike smirked down at the woman, who began squirming under him. He continued at a leisurely pace, drawing his eleven inches almost all the way out, waiting a moment and then sinking himself slowly back in again. He was driving her insane with lust. She twisted and turned, tearing at his back, desperately trying to pull his strong body into her at a faster pace. Spike easily resisted her efforts to speed things up.

"Please," she begged, "I need more," she was panting.

Spike smiled down at her, drawing his beautiful shaft almost all the way out, the tip barely hovering at the woman's dripping entrance.

"You need more pet?" He asked in low rumbling voice, his hands buried in the soft waves of the woman's hair.

"Oh God yes please, you're killing me," she pleaded in a trembling voice. Her body quivering in agony at the feel of his shaft lightly teasing her entrance.

"Very well," Spike smirked down at her and then with the swiftness of a cobra he speared himself all the way back into her. The woman screamed in pleasure, throwing back her head and writhing in his arms. Spike took a moment to admire the expanse of her exposed neck before he buried his fangs into her jugular. He then began pounding into her like the undead animal that he was. Faster and faster he slammed himself between the woman's thighs as her blood poured down his throat. The woman thrashed beneath him screaming his name as she clawed at his back trying to pull him closer. Spike was so close to the edge he could barely control himself but he could feel that she was about to go over at any second. She was sobbing in ecstasy, tossing her head from side to side until her eyes and mouth opened wide and her body arched up off the bed in a final explosion of pure rapture and then tumbled back down again. Lifeless.

Spike kissed her gently on the spot where he'd drained her life, then slowly drew himself out of her and rose up off the bed. He poured himself a strong drink and walked out onto the balcony overlooking the lush grounds. He turned back to look at the ghostly form of the dead woman in his bed. Her golden skin was bathed in moonlight. Eyes still open.

He was alone.

He thought about Drucilla and how much he missed talking to her after they made love. She'd babble on about something completely insane--sometimes involving her 'Daddy' to Spike's chagrin--but all that had mattered was the feel of her in his arms. He'd never had sex with his victims until she'd left him. Spike needed sex as much as he needed blood. No, he needed more than sex but that wasn't an option anymore. He'd have to take what he could get. He finished his drink and set down the glass. It was time he found this slayer, he thought to himself. Needed a good fight to get his mind off things.

Buffy was doing her absolute best to look dead sexy in a brown polyester uniform with a chicken hat on top of her head. Fifteen minutes earlier, a gorgeous man in his late twenties had come in. He was the most beautiful man Buffy had ever seen, with large blue eyes and perfect bone structure. His lips were incredible--she'd stared at them the whole time he'd been ordering his coffee in a luscious British accent. He was wearing a very expensive long, black leather coat that fit him perfectly--almost like it had been made for him.

She watched him carry his coffee over to a far table and sit down. She couldn't understand why, but every time she looked over at this handsome creature he was checking her out. How could this be? Buffy did her best to push her small, pert breasts out as she stood behind the counter. 'This is ridiculous', she thought to herself slumping back to her normal posture 'there must be some other reason this guy is staring at me'. A moment later Buffy looked up to see Parker and his friends coming through the doorway.

"Buffy! Don't you look ravishing tonight. Love the hat. " Parker said loudly with an evil grin on his face. His friends were all laughing and making chicken sounds behind him.

"What'll you guys have", Buffy said dryly, wanting to get this over with.

"We'll, I've already had you, so I guess I'll just get the Double Meat special. I'm sure it'll be more satisfying," Parker said as he leaned into the counter. His friends burst into laughter as Buffy's face turned beet red.

"Sorry about Angel standing you up for the prom but we were hanging out the other day and I let it slip what a lousy lay you are," Parker leered as he and his friends grabbed their trays and headed over to a booth.

Buffy stood frozen, unable to make any sort of reply to Parker's verbal onslaught. She could tell from her peripheral vision that the gorgeous man she'd been trying to impress earlier had seen the entire exchange. She couldn't face him. She turned away from the counter and headed into the back to sit on one of the crates by the back door. She glanced at the clock. Thank God it was the end of her shift! She felt the need to go out and kill a truckload of vampires.


Spike watched the tiny blond girl turn away from the counter and head into the back. He'd seen the helpless devastation on her face as that stupid git had tormented her.

That demon he'd met at Willy's bar had to be wrong. This was some kind of joke. The slayer would never be named "Buffy" and she would never work in a burger joint with a stupid chicken hat on her head. And above all, she would never let a little piss ant like this Parker talk down to her. He'd find that demon and skin him alive. Make a nice decoration for his den.

Spike got up and stalked out of the restaurant. He started up the engine of his mint condition Desoto. Beautiful. Nothing like big, black, classic American cars he smiled to himself as he screeched out of his parking spot onto Silverlake Blvd. He didn't feel like going home. He was supposed to have a drink with a model he'd met at the downtown Standard a few nights ago but he wasn't hungry. He felt like killing things. Things that fought him back.

He roared down the street and then swung onto the drive of a large graveyard. He parked his car below a tree and got out. The place was desolate but he could hear something--distant fighting. He walked quickly toward the sounds and stopped when he reached a clearing. There in the moonlight, still dressed in her Doublemeat Palace uniform was the slayer. She was a five foot two ball of hell fury. Spike had never seen anything like her. She was taking on eleven vamps at once and all he could see was the pale flash of spikes as she filled the air with their dust. At one point she flipped twelve feet into the air landing behind a pack of vamps and then impaled them all before they had a chance to even turn around. She was magnificent. Spike had never seen anything so exciting. How could this be the same girl he saw earlier? After all of the vamps had been dusted he stepped out from the shadows clapping his hands, staring at her in awe.

"Very impressive Slayer, I must say it's been a long time since I've had such a good show," he said walking towards the stunned girl.

Buffy couldn't believe her eyes. It was that gorgeous man who'd been checking her out at work. 'Of course! That's why he'd been staring at her. He was a vamp. He'd come looking for the slayer', she thought with disappointment. Why else would he pay attention to her.

Spike noticed how the Slayer's face went from confusion to sadness in a matter of seconds. He could guess why. He'd seen her pushing her cute little tits out at him before the git and his friends had shown up. He'd taken the time to appreciate them too.

Buffy stepped forward. "Who are you", she asked confidently crossing her arms across her chest. The guy was here for business and so was she.

"The name is Spike or William the Bloody as I used to be called, though I do prefer that my friends call me Spike," he said taking a step closer to her. He could feel the electricity between them. He couldn't wait to get his hands on her.

Buffy felt the blood drain out of her face. This was a master vampire. She'd never seen one before because most preferred to stay in Europe. But this wasn't just any master vampire, this was one famous for killing slayers. She'd read about him in some of the books Giles left behind when he went back to England. Buffy tried to hide the fact that she was trembling. He must not see that she was afraid.

"What do you want," she asked nonchalantly.

"To fight and kill you," Spike replied with a wicked grin on his face.

"Okay William, Bring it on," Buffy said grimly, dropping into a fighting stance.

Spike was in heaven, or as close as he would ever get. He was having the fight of his life with this tiny slayer. She was just as fast and strong as he was. He'd just thrown her twenty feet to crash into the wall of a crypt and she'd leapt back to her feet in a split second, her huge green eyes flashing with anger. She was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen as she lunged at him and then launched herself into the air to give him a powerful kick in the head that sent him flying into a tombstone. Before he could get up, he felt her foot impact his chest. He grabbed her around the ankle and yanked her off her feet. She landed on her hands and whipped both her legs around his neck and flipped herself over, slamming him into another tombstone several feet away. He got up quickly, still reeling from the feel of her strong thighs clamped around his neck. His cock was rock hard.

"Slayer, we were made to dance together," Spike rumbled in a low, sexy voice as he lunged at her, knocking her to the ground. They tumbled across the grass until they finally came to rest with Spike on top of her.

"Yeah, well I think the song is just about over," Buffy ground out as she readied herself to kick him off of her. She gripped a stake in her left hand that she planned on spearing him with in mid air. He'd hit the ground in a plume of dust and she could go home and shower the burger grease and Spike right off of her.

Then something happened to ruin her plan. The moment before her foot made contact with his stomach, he leaned down and hissed, "I wouldn't mind taking you for a spin Slayer, but I heard earlier that you're not much of a ride." He glared at her lasciviously and ran his tongue over his top teeth, waiting to feel her kick but it never came.

Buffy froze, her eyes wide in confusion and shame. She just lay there and stared up at him unable to move. Before he could even register what was going on, Spike had both her arms pinned down and his fangs pressed against her throat. Buffy closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable throat rippage but after a full minute ticked away in her head she never even felt his fangs break her skin. Instead, she felt him remove his mouth from her neck and lift himself off of her. She slowly opened her eyes to see him looming over her with a dark look on his face. The joyful gleam that had danced in his blue eyes just a moment before was replaced with anger.

"Just what the bloody hell was that?" Spike yelled as he began pacing back and forth in front of her like a caged animal.

"What do you mean?" Buffy replied, confused by the situation. 'I should be dead,' she thought to herself as she involuntarily reached up to feel her throat.

"One minute you're fighting me like a goddess of destruction and the next you're just giving in! Lying there like a frightened little girl! What kind of an ending to a fight is that?" Spike fumed.

"Well I'm sorry my death struggle wasn't up to your standards!" Buffy yelled, getting up from the ground and dusting herself off.

"Damn right it wasn't," Spike said waving his arms in the air in exasperation. "Everything was going fine until..." he stopped mid sentence, lowering his arms down slowly and then narrowing his eyes at her.

"I need to get home", Buffy said quickly spinning on her heel. She'd read his mind and decided she wanted to put some distance between them so she wouldn't have to hear him finish his sentence.

"What'll you do when word gets around in the vamp community that the slayer's no good in the ol' sack? Turn your back on them and slink away with your tail between your legs?"

Buffy stopped mid stride and looked at the ground. 'He would do that,' she thought to herself. 'That's what men always do, spread the word around.' She turned to face him. Spike stood there with a cocky look on his handsome face.

"You can take the punches no problem, Slayer, but fighting is about a lot more than that," Spike said taking a step towards her.

"You're probably right, Spike, so why don't you just put me out of my misery. I'm no good in bed. I spend my evenings flipping burgers so I can make rent for an apartment the size of shoe box and at school I'm considered an all around loser. So let's just end this right here!" Buffy yelled striding up to him until she was just inches away from his chest. She looked up at him defiantly, her eyes full of fire, expecting him to attack at any moment. Instead he slowly leaned down and took her face in his hands.

"You're not ready, pet. When I finally kill you I want you to go down not because I've gotten under your thin skin, but because I've crushed every bone in your beautiful little body and you just can't get up on your feet anymore. I want a good fight, Buffy, and I'll do whatever it takes to get one out of you." Spike pulled his hands away from her soft cheeks and took a step back. Buffy was rooted to the spot, the feel of his cool hands still on her blushing face.

"It's late. Let me take you home," he gestured towards his car.

Trying to digest his brutal words and recover from the loving feel of his hands, Buffy walked along next to him until she reached his car. He opened the door for her and she got inside. She watched him as he slipped into the drivers seat and started up the engine. This had to be one of the strangest nights of her life.

In the past two months Buffy's life had taken a complete turn and she knew she owed it all to Spike. Just a few days after that crazy night when they first met, she'd gotten a call from an agent who'd asked her to come to a meeting. Buffy tried to explain to the woman that she must have made some kind of mistake because Buffy had no experience, but the agent had insisted, so she'd gone to her offices after school. One week later she'd gotten the role as one of the main models in a national commercial for Alamay cosmetics. They'd given her a complete makeover, a check for twenty five thousand dollars and was told this was only the beginning.

For a while at school she was known as "that incredibly hot new girl" until people realized that it was her. Angel apologized, giving her his best lost puppy look as he tried asking her out again. She'd had the pleasure of just laughing in his face and turning her back on him. Parker and his friends just gawked at her and didn't say anything as she walked by.

Life was good.

So now she stood on Spike's doorstep. His house was huge! She'd finally gotten her agent to spill that Spike had set up their initial meeting--though she insisted that Buffy's own beauty and talents had done the rest. Buffy had also managed to pry his address out of her and she'd driven over to his house in her new hot pink VW bug. She rang the doorbell and waited nervously. She checked her watch, it was seven pm when vampires usually just wake up so she thought there was a good chance he would be home. She heard footsteps coming to the door and then a pause. 'He must be looking at me through the peephole,' she thought wishing she could check her hair once more.

Spike stared through the peephole at the Slayer standing on his doorstep. She looked beautiful. Her hair was a lighter shade of blond and cut so that it fell in soft waves around her face. She was wearing a stylish blue dress that showed off her tiny waist and rounded curves. He felt his cock harden as she bent over to smooth a crease in her skirt and he got nice view of her beautiful little tits. She'd done well. He'd known that she would. He'd eaten enough models to know what it takes to make it in the world of beauty and fashion. Though too tiny for the runway, she was perfect on film. Her agent had sent him some of the test photos to show him how well his protege was doing. He kept them in a drawer by his bed and pulled them out every now and then--when he was thinking about their upcoming fight of course.

Spike opened the door and Buffy gazed up at him. He looked breathtaking standing there in black pants and no shirt. His arms and chest were beautifully muscled beneath smooth alabaster skin. His feet were bare and she took a moment to appreciate that even his feet were gorgeous.

"Would you like to come in Slayer or do you just want to stand out there and ogle me?" Spike smirked down at her.

Buffy blushed, realizing that she'd been standing there for nearly a full minute just taking in every detail of his fabulous, half-naked body. She stepped into the entrance and looked around.

"This place is amazing," she said staring at the massive persian rugs sprawled across the floor and the stained glass windows across the front depicting egyptian scenes of a moon goddess.

"What brings you here Slayer," Spike asked, guiding her towards the living room.

Buffy sank back into a silken couch and took the glass of wine that he offered her. Spike sat down across from her and began sipping his drink.

"So are you ready to fight? Is that why you're here?" Spike said, leaning forward with a twinkle in his eyes.

A look of disappointment crossed Buffy's face and then quickly disappeared behind a soft smile.

"I just came by to thank you for all you've done for me," she said quietly.

"No need to thank me, from what your agent tells me you've done it all yourself."

"But I never would have even gotten the chance if it hadn't been for you," she said leaning forward, a look of pure adoration in her eyes.

Spike felt uncomfortable with the Slayer looking at him like that.

"So when can we fight?" he asked in a flat voice, not looking at her.

Buffy hesitated before answering. She could no longer hide her disappointment. She thought perhaps he'd helped her because he cared for her. She could still feel his soft hands on her cheeks the night they fought. And though at the time he'd been explaining how he was going to break every bone in her body, she'd felt so much love in that touch. Perhaps she'd imagined it.

"That's all that this is about, isn't it?" Buffy said sadly, looking down at the lush carpet below her feet.

"Of course. My intentions in helping you have been purely selfish. I told you that from the beginning. Now, are you ready to fight?" He repeated again in a louder voice.

"How should I know if I'm ready?" Buffy replied in a weary voice. She felt so hurt. She wished she hadn't come.

"Well, pet, you certainly look like you are, and you seem pretty confident. But the big question is how are things going in the Slayer's bedroom?" Spike arched an eyebrow at her and then got up to refill his glass. Though he knew this was her achilles heel, he wasn't sure he wanted to hear. At what point had he become the Slayer's damn counselor?

"What do you mean?" Buffy replied, shifting in her seat uncomfortably.

"I mean have you been going on dates and gettin shagged luv?" Spike asked in an annoyed voice.

Buffy blushed and hesitated before she replied, "I've been asked out a lot, but I haven't gone on any."

Spike was relieved and peeved at the same time. As he sat and studied her squirming in her seat, he realized that despite the fact that the slayer now had money and a makeover, it might be months or years before she trusted anyone enough to let them get close enough to screw her again. It'd take forever to get her through this damn insecurity and he didn't have that kind of patience. It had already been two months and he was at the end of his rope. He got up from his chair and began pacing.

"What's wrong?" Buffy said, eyeing him warily.

"Was Parker your first?" He asked turning towards her.

"And last," she snorted, trying to lighten the heavy mood that has suddenly descended on the blond vampire.

"I'll help you," he said stopping in front of her and looking down into her shocked face.

"With what?" Buffy asked innocently though she knew exactly what he was talking about. Her heart raced.

"Sex," he said matter of factly, though he was nervously awaiting her response.

"I know you're all eager for your fantasy fight with the 'slayer of no weakness' and in return for the help you've given me, I'm going to do my best to give you that fight. But I don't need your charity Spike." Buffy said angrily getting up from the couch. She stalked towards the door only to be stopped by a strong arm that slammed her up against the wall.

"It wouldn't be charity," he said, crushing his mouth down on hers in a passionate kiss.


'This is purely to aid the Slayer--boost her confidence,' Spike thought to himself as he took Buffy by the hand and led her towards his bedroom. She followed him quietly, putting up no resistance. He sat her at the end of his bed and picked up a remote. He pressed a button and the wood panelled wall slid to the side reveal a camera above a large flat screen tv.

Buffy looked at the display with a startled expression on her face. "Oh god, you're one of those pervy guys who makes his own porn," she said leaping up off the bed.

Spike gently grabbed Buffy by the shoulders and guided her back down. "Vampire here, luv, I can't exactly have mirrors on my walls and I do like to watch. What else would you expect me to do?" He said getting up to walk over to the camera. "Besides it's empty," he said opening the flap where the digital tape would go. "You have nothing to worry about, Buffy, I just want to be able to see everything as we do this," he said pointing the camera right at her.

Buffy thought for a moment. What he said did make sense but the camera still made her nervous. He wasn't taping anything, though, so she should just go with it.

"Okay," she said quietly, looking down at her feet.

"Good girl," Spike smiled, unbuttoning his pants and sliding them off onto the floor. He wasn't wearing any underwear and Buffy's eyes were as big as saucers and she stared at his massive cock.

"Like what you see luv," Spike asked, tilting his head as he grinned at her.

This seemed to snap Buffy out of her revery and she blushed when she realized where she'd been staring. Spike leaned down and unbuttoned her dress, pulling it down her legs and then tossing it over a chair. Buffy now sat in just her matching red panties and bra. She looked adorable, Spike thought to himself as he gazed at her.

"Should I take off the rest of my clothes?" Buffy asked innocently as Spike slid behind her onto the bed so she was sitting between his legs with her back against his chest.

"No, not yet," he said burying his face in her hair. She smelled wonderful.

Buffy sat stiffly, wondering what she should do. She glanced up at the giant screen a few times but then quickly looked away. It was weird seeing her and Spike sitting up there in full color.

"I want you to keep your eyes fixed on the screen Buffy," Spike said moving his hands around her waist.

Buffy watched the screen wide eyed as Spike moved his mouth up to her neck and began kissing and sucking a spot right below her ear. Buffy tensed up at seeing his mouth on her neck.

"Not going to hurt you luv," he rumbled while tracing the shell of her ear with his tongue.

Buffy felt shivers run down her spine as she watched him slowly peel down her red bra to reveal her small, perky breasts. She watched as her face turned bright red on the screen and she crossed her arms over chest and looked away.

"Don't cover yourself Slayer," Spike whispered in her ear as he drew her arms aside to reveal her breasts once again.

"They just...look so small up there," Buffy blushed, glancing up at herself again. "Maybe I should get a boob job," she giggled.

"Don't you dare, they're perfect," he said as he slid his hands up to cup them.

Buffy leaned back gasping as she watched him kiss her neck and fondle her tits, running his thumbs over her pink hardened nipples.

"So beautiful," he murmured looking at her over her shoulder. "Here," he said raising her hands to cover her own breasts. "Feel how soft they are. How good they feel in your hands."

Buffy reached up and awkwardly began touching her breasts. Watching herself do this was making her self conscious. Spike ran his hands down her stomach and grabbed her panties, pulling them down her legs and onto the floor. She was now completely naked. He then began caressing her soft thighs as he tried gently prying them apart, but Buffy resisted, doing her best to keep her legs closed.

"Just relax, sweetheart. You need to trust me," he said softy. She let out a breath and relaxed, allowing him to draw her legs open.

"Buffy, look at how hot you are baby. Lean back against me a little more. That's right, just look at that beautiful, wet little cunny. So pretty," he whispered as he tilted her back so they had a good view of Buffy's pussy. He then reached up and grabbed her hands and placed them between her legs.

"I want to watch you pleasure yourself Buffy. Will you do that for me?" Spike asked sweetly. Once again, Buffy could see herself blushing on the screen above.

"Okay," she said shyly. "But why?"

"Because it will be the most beautiful, sexy thing I've ever seen," he said truthfully.

Spike watched the screen mesmerized as Buffy arched her back, pushing out her cute little tits and laying her beautiful head back onto his shoulder. He moaned aloud as he watched her spread her shapely legs even wider and then fully separate her pussy lips so he could see how wet and pink she was. He ran his hands up her stomach onto her heaving chest, where he proceeded to squeeze her breasts and tease her hard nipples as she trembled in his arms, one finger dancing on her erect clit while the others dipped into her drenched channel. She began rocking her hips as she got closer to her release, moving herself in rhythm against his hard chest.

"Come for me Buffy, spread yourself open even more, sweetheart, so I can watch your beautiful pussy quiver as you scream your pleasure," he hissed into her ear. Spike's dirty talk was pushing her over the edge when she felt him lower her back onto the bed and lift her dripping fingers out of her quim and put them in his mouth.

"Oh Spike no! I need---" before she could finish her sentence she felt two fingers slide up her slick channel and his tongue around her clit. Spike had tried to behave and just watch the Slayer on the screen as she got herself off but it soon proved too much for him. He had to taste her. Feeling her writhing in his arms and watching her tease her dripping cunny with her pretty little fingers was driving him insane.

"SPIKE YES! OH GOD MORE!" Buffy screamed as she thrashed under his merciless tongue. She came again and again as Spike held her hips down and devoured her like a madman as she bucked beneath him. When she finally came down her body continued to spasm and twitch beneath his touch. Before she had time to fully recover, Spike had flipped her over so that her ass was in the air. He reached into a drawer beside the bed and quickly pulled out two scarves and proceeded to tie the slayer's wrists to the headboard.

"Spike, what are you doing," Buffy asked, still breathless from her onslaught of orgasms.

"I've seen you do just about enough with those hands for one night. Now it's my turn." Spike flashed her a wicked grin and slipped off the bed to stand behind her.

"You have a beautiful ass Slayer," he said, getting on his knees behind her and burying the fingers of his right hand in her dripping pussy while he caressed her hips and bottom with the other.

"OH GOD!" Buffy moaned as he began teasing her aching clit with his index finger as he slid the others inside her passage. He gripped her waist tightly with his other strong arm, then reached up to fondle her tits. He continued teasing her body until he could feel her about to come and then he would withdraw his hands and watch as she begged and groaned, pulling at the scarves that bound her wrists and throwing back her head like a wild animal. As soon as she settled down he'd continue his torturous ministrations.

"Please fuck me Spike, I'm begging you PLEASE!" Buffy cried. She'd never felt so much lust. In fact, she'd never imagined this much lust was possible. And as much as Spike loved watching the beautiful Slayer tremble in helpless need before him, he knew he wasn't going to last much longer. He took his rock hard cock and placed it at her sopping entrance, then pushed all eleven inches of himself inside in one smooth stroke.

"Shit Slayer!!" Spike rasped as he sucked in an unneeded breath. "NO! DONT MOVE!" he yelled as Buffy began to wiggle her ass. After a full minute of complete stillness, during which Buffy was whimpering, Spike began slowly moving inside of her. Buffy gripped him with her muscles and started squeezing his dick in desperation.

"DON'T DO THAT!!" He yelled, stopping again.

"Am I doing something wrong?" Buffy asked in a frightened voice. Oh god! Everything had been going so well that she'd forgotten about what Parker'd said after they'd slept together.

Spike could feel the Slayer's body tense up. "Buffy, you feel so amazing I'm afraid I'm going to shoot my load like a bloody sixteen year old boy here!!!" Spike gasped, laying his hands on her back as he tried to steady himself.

Buffy's face turned up in an evil smile and she began flexing her muscles around his cock, milking him for all he was worth.

"Oh, Buffy, no please baby have mercy on me. BUFFY I'M SERIOUS AAHHHHHHH!!" Spike started yelling at the top of his lungs as he was launched into the most powerful, mind blowing orgasm of his entire existence. Buffy, sensing how close he was, threw back her head and came right along with him. After several minutes of screaming and pounding into her in a crazed frenzy, Spike pulled himself out of and collapsed onto the bed.

"Buffy, baby, I'm so sorry. That's never happened to me before," he said with his hands over his face.

"What are you talking about?" Buffy asked smiling as she drew her arms out of the scarves that now hung in shreds. She curled up against him like a little kitten.

"I was terrible. I couldn't control myself and..." He heard Buffy giggling beside him.

"Whot? Are you laughing at me Slayer?" Spike asked wide eyed.

"No, of course not. I thought you were incredible! But I must admit I was sort of messing with you."

"Christ woman! You have muscles that just can't be possible!!" He said looking at her in wonder.

"Must have something to do with the whole Slayer thing," Buffy replied in a casual tone. Then she started giggling again.

"So was I any good?" she asked, laying her head down on his chest.

"I've never felt anything even remotely as good as you, luv. You are by far the best I've ever had," he said, as he pulled her up so she was draped across his chest. "But now that I know what I'm dealing with, next time I'm going to make you pay," he said with an evil grin.

"Are you saying we'll do this again?" Buffy asked quietly. She could feel her stomach jump in excitement.

"Yes, In fact I think I'm ready for another round right now," he said as he rolled her over and pressed his mouth against hers in a searing kiss.

When Buffy wasn't in school or at a photo shoot, she was in Spike's bed enjoying the pleasures of his gorgeous body. Both were in heaven. Spike felt a passion for the Slayer that went far beyond what he ever felt for Drucilla. The sex they had together was unlike anything he'd ever experienced. He couldn't get enough of her, counting down the hours to when she'd be in his arms again.

He went downstairs to his cellar to pick out a good wine. Buffy would be there in a matter of minutes and he wanted everything to be ready.

Buffy knocked on the door but no one answered. Perhaps he'd gone out for a few minutes. She pushed on it and to her surprise it swung open. She stood in the entrance for a moment, not sure what to do.

"Spike? Are you home?" she yelled out but got no answer. She decided to wait for him in his bedroom. She'd surprise him alright. She went down the hall into the back bedroom and stripped down to her sexy underwear, then she laid back on the bed and struck a pose that would make him drool. Several minutes went by and she found her eyes drawn to a closet towards the back she'd never seen him open. 'That must be where he keeps all of his DVDs' she thought to herself. Curious about what kinds of movies Spike had, she slid off the bed and made her way towards the closet. What if he had movies like "My Best Friends Wedding" or "A Walk to Remember," she giggled to herself. That would be just too funny. She opened the door and peeked inside. Instead of DVDs she saw shelf after shelf of digital tapes, each box was labeled with a name. A woman's name.

"Oh god," Buffy said backing up in horror. "Oh god oh god oh god."

"Buffy," Spike spoke from the doorway where he stood with a bottle of wine and two glasses. Buffy jumped at the sound of his voice and looked at him with fear.
Spike saw the terror in her eyes and in that instant his heart broke. He'd forgotten about the tapes. Why hadn't he gotten rid of them? He knew what she was thinking and there was very little he could say to defend himself. He sank down into a nearby chair, dropping the glasses to the floor.

"So let me guess. Each one of these tapes shows you fucking and killing some woman," she said quietly, her voice cracking with emotion.

"There are a few men in there too, actually," Spike sneered at her. It was too late to try and explain. 'All was lost' he thought to himself angrily as he looked at the Slayer before him dressed in her pretty underwear. He'd never get to kiss that beautiful mouth ever again.

"You're disgusting. I can't believe I ever touched you," Buffy yelled, grabbing her clothes and putting them back on. He was gazing at her body with longing and she felt a wave of self loathing wash over her.

"You've always known exactly what I am Slayer. I've never tried to pretend I'm any kind of saint! I stopped making those tapes the day I first made love to you," Spike yelled getting to his feet. He had to at least try. He loved her so much he couldn't bare to watch as she coved her beautiful little body back up with clothes. He needed her. Didn't she understand that? How much he needed her.

"But you continued to kill, didn't you?" Buffy screamed. How could she have been so foolish to get involved with such a monster. What was she thinking?

"Yes, but I stopped having sex with them. There was only you." He sank back into the chair and looked at her with so much love that Buffy felt herself softening for a moment until she glanced back to the closet and saw the rows of tapes and her anger flared once again. So much death. He had to be stopped. She turned back to face him. Her voice was cold.

"You'll get that fight to the death now Spike. Tomorrow night in the graveyard where we first met," she said, her voice cracking as she thought about that night and how it had changed the course of her entire life.

"I don't want to kill you anymore Buffy. I'm in love with you," Spike pleaded. He had tears in his eyes. Buffy couldn't look at him.

"Fine, then I'll kill you." She grabbed her bag and stalked towards the bedroom door.

"But I can turn you," he said so softly she almost didn't hear him.

"What did you say?" She whipped around to face him.

"The only way I can kill you, Buffy, is if I turn you. I've never turned anyone before, but I...I want you with me," He move towards her, reaching out a pale, trembling hand. He needed to touch her. Why had he let himself fall so hard?

"Don't come any closer," she threatened, stepping back. "You'll never get the chance to turn me Spike," she hissed over her shoulder.

"I guess you're finally ready." He looked at her with a sad smile.

"What?" Buffy asked confused.

"You're finally ready. I can see it in your eyes. You're so strong Slayer. Not the broken little girl I came across three months ago. It will be a good fight," he said quietly, turning away from her so he didn't have to watch her leave.

"It better be good Spike, because it'll be your last." She walked down the hall and out of his house. Everything felt surreal, like she was in a dream. 'This can't be happening,' she thought to herself as she opened the door to her car and collapsed into the drivers seat.

As soon as she closed the door of her apartment, Buffy sank to the floor sobbing. She cried her heart out, knowing she had to get through this incredible pain if she was going to be able to kill him. But how? How was she going to do this when she loved him? How could she love such a vicious animal? She pictured the hundreds of tapes in his closet. That was only the tip of the iceberg.

He was right, she was incredibly strong now. But only because of him.

Buffy went out to the grocery store to pick up several bottles of wine for the rough evening. Hanging out with Spike had turned her into a big wine drinker, and as she looked over the store shelves she realized that nothing on that shelf would be as good as the stuff he pulled out of his cellar. Nothing. So she settled for a couple of medium priced bottles with pretty labels. When she got home there was a black plastic bag in front of her apartment door. She opened the bag and pulled out a stack of dvds. On the top was a note: 'Thought you might enjoy watching some of my favorites--Spike.' As she looked through the dvds she noticed that each was labeled with a woman's name like the tapes she'd found in his closet. 'Oh God, why would he do this?' she asked herself dropping the dvds back into the bag.

Spike regretted dropping off the dvds the moment he got back into his car. He'd driven to her apartment full of rage but now he just sat in his car feeling utterly alone. He contemplated going back up to her door to get them, but then he saw Buffy's VW turn into the parking garage. It was too late. 'Just let it go. She thinks you're a monster now, so might as well show her just what kind of monster you are.' All he'd been looking for was a good fight to get his mind off of Drucilla, he'd never expected to find true fulfillment and the love he'd been craving his whole existence. He'd rewatched several of the tapes as he burned them onto dvds for Buffy. How could he go back to such a life of emptiness? He couldn't. He'd die first and since his Slayer wasn't keen on being turned, he'd just have to let her put him out of his misery.

He pulled his black DeSoto into the street and headed home. He'd finish off that special bottle of wine he'd gotten out for their evening together. If only he'd been there when she'd arrived, and not fucking around down in the cellar, none of this would be happened. They'd be in bed together right now watching some dumb movie after shagging each other senseless for the tenth time.

Buffy plopped onto the couch and took a big drink from her wine glass. She stared at the stack of dvds. 'Should I watch them? They'll just make me hate him more,' she thought, grabbing the one off the top and running her finger over the label. 'The more I hate him the easier it will be to kill him,' and with that thought she popped the dvd labeled 'Joan' into the player and laid back on the couch.

Joan was a beautiful dark haired woman. 'Much more beautiful than me,' Buffy thought as she took another swig of wine. Spike was currently eating Joan out as she writhed on his bed. After she came several times he crawled up her body and entered her with a snarl. At one point Joan arched her neck to kiss him but he turned his head away. Buffy stopped the dvd, not ready to watch Joan's death, and popped in another labeled 'Trisha'. This one featured a beautiful blond woman that looked something like Buffy. She watched Spike pounding into Trisha like a machine and felt herself heating up just watching him. Once again he refused to kiss her when she sought out his lips.

Buffy stopped the dvd and popped it out. 'He's like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman--only kisses when it's true love,' she snickered to herself and then was overcome with sadness when she recalled the intensity of his open-mouthed kisses. The way his tongue invaded her mouth and demanded her immediate surrender. She loved it. She loved him...'No loving of evil vampires! Back to the dvds Buffy!' she reprimanded herself, putting the dvd of Joan back into the tray. 'Time to watch Joan's death, that will straighten me out.' She skipped through the sex to the part where Spike was readying for the kill. Poor Joan was basking in the afterglow when Spike changed to game face and struck with a terrifying quickness, burying his fangs into Joan's neck. Her eyes opened slowly and then her mouth gaped wide. Buffy watched fascinated. At first she thought Joan was about to scream in terror but then she realized Joan was having a mega orgasm.

Buffy felt herself getting wet watching Spike drain this woman's life away as waves of pleasure racked her dying body. 'What the hell is wrong with me!' Buffy thought as her hand moved down between her legs and under her skirt. 'No, I will not masturbate to murder.' She sat up quickly and stopped the dvd. She got up off the couch and walked around the room in an agitated manner. She was completely turned on. How could she be turned on by watching something so horrific?? 'Oh God! I'm as disgusting as he is,' she thought sitting back down on the couch. She wanted to watch more. She needed to get herself off and though she knew what she was doing was sick, twisted and completely wrong, she had to do it anyway. She looked through the dvds until she found one that caught her interest at the very bottom--David.

David was almost as gorgeous as Spike. He had short brown hair that was wavy and soft and large brown eyes. His body was smooth and well sculpted. 'Spike has good taste in men,' Buffy smiled to herself as she drank down more wine and watched as David pulled Spike's black pants down his slender hips. Spike's big beautiful dick popped out and David immediately took it into his mouth, smoothing his right hand down to play with Spike's balls. 'My god he can take a lot in!' Buffy marveled as she watch David swallow almost every inch of Spike's cock down his throat. She felt envious that her tiny mouth and jaw had never allowed her to take that much of him in. Her envy grew as she watched Spike throw back his head in ecstasy as David sucked him off, moving his mouth up and down Spike's rock hard shaft. Spike groaned and began moving his hips in rhythm as David slid his hands around Spike's hips, pulling him farther down his throat. This drove Spike wild, and began pumping in and out of David's mouth, finally arching his back as he unloaded down the other man's throat. David swallowed down every drop and then moved up onto the bed, bringing Spike with him.

Spike wrapped his hand around David's fully engorged cock as he licked his way up his body, then he grabbed David around the waist and flipped him over roughly. Buffy could see a flash of disappointment on David's face as he was turned over, he wanted Spike to kiss him. Buffy was a bit bummed out herself, imagining how hot it would be to watch the two gorgeous men kiss. Spike then reached into a drawer by the side of the bed and pulled out some lube. He pulled on a condom and spread the lube over his dick, then spread some over his fingers, pushing two of his digits into David's ass. He groaned as Spike worked the lube into his opening, Spike used his other lube-covered hand to slowly pump David's cock which looked painfully thick and hard.

By this time Buffy was lying back on the couch with her legs spread open, massaging her wet clit in slow circles with her thumb as she dipped her other fingers leisurely into her opening. She was panting, unable to take her eyes off the screen even for a moment as Spike slowly sank himself in until he was buried up to the hilt. Both men gasped in pleasure as Spike began thrusting slowly in and out of David's ass, quickening the pace a little each time until Spike was slamming into him at a brutal pace. At one point Spike pulled David up so that his hands were against the wall and Buffy had a better view as he furiously pumped his cock as he slammed into his backside. The two men groaned louder and louder as they neared completion and Buffy began furiously teasing her clit and pumping her fingers into herself. All three came together at the same time, Buffy arching up off of the couch as she watched Spike's beautiful mouth open in rapture as he pounded into the man in front of him, unloading every last drop of his seed as he wrapped David in his strong arms and impaled his fangs into the man's waiting throat. David threw back his head and came with the force of a freight train, coating the headboard with stream after stream of his spunk as Spike sucked the life out of him. Buffy screamed as she came, throwing back her head and working her clit as her orgasm shot through her body. When it was finally over she lay trembling and sweaty in the aftermath of her powerful orgasm. She looked up to see the dvd had gone blank so she stopped it, laying back down again to catch her breath.

Watching Spike kill at the height of orgasm turned her on like nothing she'd ever seen before, and she hated herself for it. She was no better than he was--not much difference between killing and watching the killing. Mere inches really. She got up from the couch, she was so wet that it was now dripping down her legs. She felt so ashamed of herself as she walked down to the bathroom to clean herself up. 'I'm a creature of darkness just like him,' she thought to herself as she stared at her reflection in the mirror.

Buffy sat alone in the graveyard waiting for Spike to arrive. She'd dusted a few vamps earlier, and been grateful for the distraction, but that was over an hour ago and there'd been nothing since. Now all she could do was think about him. His hands, his lips, his eyes, his voice--there was no way she could kill him tonight. He may be evil, but just the thought of him as a pile of dust made her panic.

"Pleasant thoughts love?" He emerged from behind a mausoleum and stood beneath a street lamp. As she gazed at him in the soft glow she thought about the first time she ever saw him when she was working at the Double Meat Palace. He'd walked in and the wind had been knocked out of her--he was so beautiful. She felt the same lack of air as she looked on him now.

"They'll be even more pleasant when this is over," she dropped into a fighting stance and waited for him to approach. It was time for her to put on a good show. He moved towards her slowly, like a panther, circling around before coming to a stop directly in front her.

"You look beautiful tonight sweetheart. I've never seen you look so lovely," he simmered, his gaze full of lust as he lunged forward and kicked her in the stomach, sending her flying twenty feet to land on a patch of grass. Buffy rolled and then leapt back up before Spike could get to her for another kick.

"Not looking bad yourself, Spike," she responded as she whip kicked him in the head and sent him sprawling to the ground. Spike rolled as she lunged at him and got back to his feet.

"Where are your stakes Slayer? Don't see one in your pretty little hands," he smirked as he spun around with vampire speed and kicked her in the back, sending her face first into a crypt wall. "What are you going to do, pummel me to death with your little fists?," he ground out as he followed up with a swift kick that sent her flying away from the crypt and back onto the lawn. Buffy tumbled back up onto her feet, slightly dizzy after smashing her head. She could see Spike stalking towards her with a menacing look on his face. She waited until he got close and then kicked his legs out from under him. She cart wheeled over him, kicking him in the neck following up with a punch in his nose.

"Ow! Bloody Hell Slayer, you can dust me but don't hit the nose!" Spike leapt back to his feet holding a hand over his face as a trickle of blood made it's way down his chin. He shifted into game face and seemed to disappear right before Buffy's eyes, then she felt his hot breath on the back of her neck.

"You're playing dirty tonight Slayer, so I think I'll take things up a notch," he hissed in her ear as he grabbed the back of her shirt and ripped it clean off of her. Buffy spun around and he was gone along with her shirt. She stood there in her lacy bra trying see which shadow he might have slipped into. 'Damn that vampire night vision,' she smiled as she walked further into the graveyard, trying to gage which direction he might have gone.

"That was a very expensive shirt you just ruined Spike," she called out in a playful voice. She'd been expecting just a regular fight, but if he wanted games she'd go along. Besides, the feel of his cold hand ripping off her shirt had completely turned her on.

"You look much better without it, pet." His voice came from her right. She moved in that direction but her courage wavered--she was moving into the darker section of the graveyard. 'I should have brought a flashlight,' she thought to herself.

"What's the matter little Slayer, afraid of the dark?" She saw a white flash of hair over to her left and she turned towards it, expecting to see him at any moment. She continued walking and found herself in a grove of trees. Then she felt something barely brush her skin and heard a loud rip. She spun on her left heel in a round house kick but felt the rush of nothing but cool air on her thighs? The infuriating vampire had ripped her skirt off of her. She now stood in nothing but her bra, thong and boots.

"Now that's more like it," she heard him chuckle from somewhere off to her right.

"This isn't fair Spike, you know I can't see as well as you in the dark," she complained. She was trying to keep her voice calm, but this entire situation was making her nervous and thrilled at the same time. What was he up to?

Spike watched her fumble along in the darkness in her pretty lacy under ware and boots. She was gorgeous..and cold. Her nipples were hard. His cock strained against the confines of his leather pants. This wasn't over yet, he smiled as he watched her stumble over a rock and nearly fall, muttering curses at him as she regained her balance.

"Why don't you just come out and fight, like a normal vampire, and stop all this stealthy...clothes snatching."

"This is much more fun, don't ya think Slayer? Besides, I love how your cute little behind looks in that thong under ware you have on."

Buffy whipped around and looked behind her but she couldn't see anything. 'Why couldn't there be just a sliver of moonlight tonight?' she thought as she continued walking cautiously into the dark grove of trees. She couldn't hear a sound, and felt like she was moving in the wrong direction when she felt a cold hand on her back for moment and then he was gone.

"Damnit Spike! Why are you doing this! You talked about how much you wanted a good fight and now you're just sneaking around in the darkness! Come out and fight me!" Buffy yelled out in frustration. It was then she reached up and realized her bra was gone. She was cupping her bare breasts.

"We'll get to that fight in good time, but for now slayer, give those beautiful little tits a squeeze for me," he hissed from the shadows. Buffy spun around trying to gage where his voice was coming from but she couldn't tell. She needed to get back to the lit section of the graveyard. Why had she let him lure her out here. She couldn't fight what she couldn't see. She tried to backtrack her steps, but soon realized she was just moving into more dark areas of trees. 'I don't remember this graveyard being so big. I must be going in circles as I'm slowly being undressed by the Blair Witch,' she giggled to herself.

"Think this is funny Slayer?" His voice came from up ahead, to the left. Buffy moved slowly in that direction. "The fact that you're going to be found dead out here in nothing but your thong." Buffy felt a rush of air behind her. Her fist shot out into the darkness and connected with the tail end of his leather duster. Then she was alone again. "Wait! Scratch the thong. Make that a pair of black boots. I think the boots should stay though. Very sexy," she heard him growl from somewhere off to her right.

Buffy reached down and ran her hands over her hips. Sure enough, everything was gone. So now the question was, when was he going to leap out and make wild vampire love to her?

"Oh I like that, keep doing that. I love watching you get yourself off. Bloody fantastic show that is!" Spike said in a low lust filled voice from not far ahead.

Buffy walked very slowly now. She felt vulnerable without any clothes on, and it was so dark now she was nearly blind. The only light she could see was produced by the glow of the city lights in the distance. He could attack her at any moment and she would never see him coming. On top of that, she was completely lost. She'd never been so turned on in her life.

"Spike, can we just get this on? Getting a bit cold here." She tried to sound confident and cocky, but a thin reed of fear made its way into her voice.

Spike watched her from behind a tree. He'd smelled her fear long before but only now was it finally showing. Tough girl. He looked at her lovely pale body with longing. Her round breasts bounced slightly as she took tentative steps along the trail. They were high up, perky little treats that he wanted to spend days devouring. His eyes roved over her slender waist and the shifting curve of her hips as she slowly moved her long, shapely legs. She was so beautiful. He darted behind another tree and continued to watch her cautious progress, waiting for the right moment to make his final move.

"You look so lovely Slayer, I'm hard as steel from watching you. I wish I could taste you one last time," Spike hissed from somewhere up ahead.

Buffy drew in a sharp breath. She felt so cold but his words heated up her tired body with desire.

"About the dvds I left on your doorstep..." Spike was surprised when the mention of the tapes suddenly filled the air with the scent of the Slayer's arousal. "Oh, so you watched them, and liked them? You're always full of surprises." Buffy swore she could almost see his face smirking at her in the darkness.

"They were disgusting Spike," Buffy sighed, no longer even trying to move towards his voice. She could feel that he was close but every time she thought she knew where he was his voice popped up in a different spot.

"If they were so disgusting, then why did you get all wet the moment I mentioned them? Hmmm? There's a dark side to my little Slayer. Very dark." Buffy didn't answer. She felt the self loathing of the night before wash over her.

"I was going to say, last night I had great time watching the one I made of you that very first night we got together." Buffy stopped in her tracks completely shocked.

"There was no tape in the machine. You showed me!" she yelled out into the darkness.

"The hand is quicker than the eye," Spike chuckled, looking at her surprised face. "You were so wet and lovely, your sweet little hand desperately dancing on that lickable little clit of yours. Your eyes closed and your mouth open in pleasure. That tiny tongue of yours darting out every now and then to lick your luscious lips. That's definitely going onto my favorites shelf."

Buffy sank to her knees on a patch of grass and peered at the blackness all around her. He'd lied to her. How could he lie about something like this?

"Is that what I am then? Another tape on your shelf?" she asked, her voice trembling. 'I thought you loved me,' she thought to herself, jolting in surprise when he answered her.

"You thought wrong, pet. This has all just been part of the dance. And after all I've done for you--new hair new clothes--you're still so bloody weak. I knew it wouldn't work, but I must say, it's all been a bit of fun. Definitely worth the move from Paris, though I think I'll be heading back once I'm through with you."

As she kneeled on the cold ground, naked in the darkness, Buffy felt an emptiness begin to consume her at the implications of his words.

"Come out Spike, I can't see and I'm tired of this. I thought we were playing a game!" Buffy said loudly, holding back the tears that had welled up in her eyes.

"This is no game luv" Spike said as he stepped out in front of her so she was kneeling in front of him. He ran his eyes over her naked body that was now shivering in the damp air. She looked up at him and he could see the despair swimming in her green eyes. She tried to stop the tears but found she was helpless against the torrent of anguish that washed over her.

"I thought you..." Buffy lowered her head, unable to even finish her sentence. How could this be happening. She never wanted to kill him. She loved him. She'd thought this was just his crazy idea of foreplay, instead he'd lured her into the darkness to strip her naked and kill her?

"Beg me to kill you Slayer," he said in an icy voice. "Beg me and it will all be over."

"Please tell me the truth, Spike," she sobbed.'Oh God, how could this be happening. I felt so much when I was with him.' She thought to herself as she felt his arms snake around her waist and hold her in place. She could feel his hard chest against her back and it sent chills through her as she thought back to all their long days of making love. Or was it just meaningless fucking...

"Why should I when you won't be honest with yourself, pet." He gripped her tightly, it felt good to hold her in his arms like this. She would never get away from him again.

"I don't understand--," Buffy said softly, turning her head to the side. She still couldn't see him and it bothered her. She wanted to see his face. Look into his eyes to see if he was still toying with her.

"You liked watching those people die slayer. It turned you on didn't it? From the moment I first fought you I knew you were different from the other Slayers. I felt a connection to you that I've never felt to anyone before. There's a darkness in your soul, Buffy, that will never allow you to be happy out there with them," he pointed at the city lights off in the distance. "You have money now, you're beautiful but that will never be enough to bring you true contentment. You belong in the shadows with me Slayer. There's no difference between us," he hissed in her hear.

Buffy dropped her head in shame. From the moment she first met him, she'd felt a glimmer of what she truly was and it thrilled and terrified her. And now here she was in total darkness with his cold arms banded around her, naked, on her knees. Never had she felt so stripped down and vulnerable. Spike felt her tiny body shake with sobs as he held her tightly.

"But I would become a killer. How could I do that? I'm supposed to--" she couldn't finish her sentence as a wave of sobs hit her. Spike loosened his grip and allowed her to turn around in his arms. He took her face between his hands and looked her in the eyes.

"Supposed to what? Be a hero? It's not in you. I want you as my mate, Buffy. I want you to be mine forever. I can't do that unless you give yourself to me completely. Let me kill you. Tell me you want to die. I can't go through with this unless you tell me." Buffy inhaled sharply as she looked into his eyes. There was so much love and passion stirring inside of him she nearly drowned just looking at him. How could she ever have doubted he loved her.

"And if I don't?" She asked softly. His face tensed in fear. The muscles of his jaw tightened and he paused, looking down.

"Then I was going to just kill you. But I can't. I've tried to convince myself that I have to but it's no use," Spike said sadly.

Buffy leaned against him and he wrapped her in his duster and held her tightly against his body.

"You've never turned anyone before?" she asked quietly.

"Never wanted to. You would be my first and only childe. I would care for you and love you Buffy--never leave you." Spike pulled Buffy closer as if at any moment she might disappear. "I was going to take you by force, but now that I'm here with you, touching you, I just can't do it. It's up to you sweetheart. I'll do whatever you want."

They crouched together in the dark for several minutes as Spike caressed Buffy's naked body beneath his coat. He knew that if she refused he was going to ask her to stake him. He couldn't go on without her.

Buffy smiled against Spike's chest. He made her feel safe. She was so confused but the one thing she knew was that she belonged with him.

"Why did you lure me out here, strip me naked and break my heart?" She asked quietly, keeping her eyes closed as he gently stroked her hair. Spike sighed, realizing that as usual, he'd done everything all wrong. His plans never played out as he wanted them to. Never.

"I needed to break you down. Take everything away from you so that you'd be forced to truly feel what you are. I wanted to envelope you in blackness so you'd face the fact that you not only loved a monster, but..." he voice trailed of nervously as Buffy shifted her body against him so she could look up at his face.

"I'm not a monster Spike...," she said firmly, 'or am I?' She finished the sentence in her head, but she knew Spike had heard her. He could hear her spoken thoughts as easily as her unspoken ones. Looking off into the dark trees, they huddled in silence together for several minutes as she stared out into the blackness. Her eyes widened as thoughts she'd never allowed to surface bubbled up from deep within. Her hunger for violence and her appetite for pain--how could she deny that she thrived on these vices? She just never let anyone know. She hid everything away so all they could see was a good girl out trying to save the world.

"I am like you Spike," she whispered, finally breaking the spell of silence. Spike laid his cheek on the top of her head. "I'm not going to lie to you, I'm disappointed in myself in so many ways I can't even begin," she said darkly. "But I don't want to be away from you ever...Turn me," she whispered lifting her head to look intently into his eyes.

Spike felt a warmth spread through his dead cold body at her words. She had no idea how deeply those last two words effected him. He pulled her into a deep kiss and then pulled off his duster and wrapped it around her naked body. Then he lifted her with his strong arms and carried her back to is car.


"Quiet Sweetheart," Spike pressed a finger to finger to Buffy's lips to stop her questions. She was nervous and as a result she was babbling and wringing her hands. He lead her down the main hallway of his house and into the bathroom. She loved the master bathroom and had many fond memories of time spent sprawled in the massive jacuzzi tub drinking champagne. Spike sat Buffy down in a soft chair and took off her shoes. Then he began to slowly and carefully undress her like a fragile doll. He smiled as he slipped her shirt off her slim shoulders and ran a gentle hand over her soft skin. He felt aroused by his actions but for the first time he also felt an overwhelming sense of love and affection that kept his lust in check. He was undressing his childe to be. She would belong to him and no one else. The thought sent a jolt of excitement through his system. This is what he'd always wanted. The security of truly belonging to someone and knowing they belong only to you. He'd yearned for this with his sire Drucilla but no matter how hard he worked to please her, his efforts were futile. How many nights had he come home from hunting to hear cries of pleasure coming from her room. At times he swore she screamed louder with her other lovers just to drive him mad with jealousy.

No more.

He would be a true sire to Buffy. There would only be her. She would be everything to him and hopefully...He paused for a moment and Buffy looked up at him with questioning eyes.

"Here pet, let me help you into the tub," he said with a gentle smile.

"I've spent a lot of time naked in the past twelve hours," Buffy laughed, stepping into the warm water of the tub. She lowered her self in, guided by Spike's hand and sank down into the warm depths with a sigh of contentment. She gazed at him through lazy lids as he busied himself with getting out her bathrobe and a giant towel. Only an hour before he'd said things that completely devastated her and now here he was fussing over her every need.

"Spike I still feel so hurt by what you know...about how our time together was just all 'part of the dance.' You sounded so cruel and it was like you were telling the truth." Buffy looked up at him with tears in her eyes and Spike rushed to her side peppering her face with reassuring kisses.

"I'm so sorry, kitten. I was trying to convince myself that it meant nothing. That you were human and it wasn't worth losing my heart to someone who would only be around for so short a time. That I could just finish you off and move on. I never thought there was a chance you would come to me until I realized you...enjoyed the tapes." He winced, realizing this was a touchy subject. Buffy looked down in shame but Spike lifted her chin so he could look into her eyes.

"I want you forever Buffy. That's what this is about. Forever," he said gently as he caressed her cheek.

Spike helped Buffy out of the tub and bundled her in the soft robe. He then carried her into his bedroom and laid her down on his huge bed. He saw her glance at the closet out of the corner of her eye and her face became sad for a moment.

"Are you still sure you want to do this Kitten?" he asked sitting down next to her on the bed. 'Please don't let her say no' he thought searching her face for any sign that she'd changed her mind.

"Yes, this is what I want," she gently smiled at him. "But Spike, there will only be me right? No more of those," she said gesturing to the closet of tapes.

"There will only be you. As long as you will have me," he said raising her hand to his lips.

"Why did you tape your conquests anyway?" she asked giving him a very serious look.

"I'm a big perv. When cameras first came out Dru and I got a hold of one while we were in Germany back in the twenties and started filming ourselves having sex. It's a weakness of mine," he smiled, hoping Buffy wouldn't be freaked out by his admission.

"Okay, more information than I needed," she said with a frown, turning away from him. "What about the tape you made of me..." she whispered, her back to him.

"I never made a tape of you." Spike looked down in shame. "I lied. After you left that night, and I thought we were over for good, I wished desperately that I had made a tape. So I guess that's where the lie came from--regret that I had no evidence of our lovemaking that I could watch over and over again as I rotted away for the next two hundred years."

Buffy sat up and stared at him for a moment and then launched herself into his arms.

"You don't know how happy that makes me," she said holding on to him desperately. "And don't ever do anything like that to me again!" She said giving him a playful whack on his chest. "Just talk to me next time. You know, even before the fight ever started I had no intention of killing you."

"Really?" Spike was completely taken aback.

"No, and then you had to go all psycho killer on me," she said pouting at him.

"I just assumed you wanted to dust me. That's why I played my little game. To see if I could get you to come to me," he said amazed. "From now on we'll have a good chat before we try to destroy each other."

Buffy laid back onto the bed bringing him with her. "So what do I do now?" she asked nipping at his bottom lip. Spike sat back up and looked at her with a very serious expression on his handsome face.

"This is not a casual thing Buffy. Turning you is the most serious, important thing I'll ever do in my long existence. There is a precise ritual to be followed," he said with a stern face. "And I've never done it before so I want to be sure I do it correctly. Especially since it involves you." He took both her hands in his own and brought them both to his lips. "I don't want anything to go wrong. I couldn't bare it if I hurt you in any way."

"I...I know. I'm just nervous." Part of her brain was demanding she run from the room immediately and never look back.

Spike lovingly unwrapped her from the robe and laid her naked in the center of his bed. She looked as stiff as a board lying there, so Spike leaned down and started kissing her plump little mouth. At first her lips were unyielding--she really was nervous--but slowly she parted her lips to his probing tongue and began to relax. His body felt good against hers and his hands felt delicious as they ran slowly over her curves. Then he reached into the drawers beside the bed and pulled out a large scarf, turned her over onto her stomach and tied her wrists tightly behind her back. He hadn't tired her up since their first night together and she immediately felt a flood of juice between her legs at the vulnerable position she was in without the use of her hands.

"I love you Buffy, you must believe me when I tell you that. I love you more than anything," he chanted as he slid his hands beneath her and arched her back up so he could attack her beautiful breasts with his hungry mouth. Buffy fell back limp in his arms, exposing her white throat to him. She raised her head and gasped at the sight of him nipping and sucking her hard nipples, and then drew in a sharp breath as she felt his fingers slide down her stomach between her legs. He slipped his fingers inside of her wet pussy and began teasing her clit. She struggled in his arms a little at his overwhelming touch but he held her firmly in place.

"Yes, luv. Fight against me, I like the feel of your writhing in my arms," he said in a low rumbling voice. He sounded menacing and it made her pussy cream even more as it was helplessly tormented by his fingers.

Spike stared at her beautiful round breasts thrust up into the air, heaving with her passion. He rose up to his knees, grabbed her around her tiny waist and lifted her dripping pussy to his mouth.

"So lovely," he whispered in between circling her entrance with his tongue and blowing gently on her swollen clit.

"Oh...Spike..oh my god..." Buffy panted. The more she struggled in his strong arms the tighter he clamped her upside down body against him. She could feel his massive hard cock pressed against her bound arms as she pushed her body off of him like a tight bow about to snap at any moment from too much pleasure.

Spike was in heaven. He teased her swollen clit with his tongue and ran his hands up and down her arching body playing it like a fine instrument. When she came she would writhe against him and he would wrap his strong arms around her waist and hold her tightly until she came down. He brought her to climax over and over again, his face buried between her beautiful thighs, glistening with her juices.

"Buffy, I need to be inside of you," he said lowering her down onto her back.

"I want to feel you inside of me," she said wishing she could wrap her arms around him.

"Pet, I need to confess, I want to make love to you, but I don't think I can turn you. I just don't think I can do it. You're so sweet and lovely..." he said looking down at her sadly and stroking her hair with a gentle hand. Buffy paused and closed her eyes for a moment, a brief wave of relief washed through her only to be replaced by disappointment. She felt his fingers run softly along her cheek. She had to go through with it. In order for them to truly be together he must turn her! Her eyes popped open and she noticed that he'd been staring at her with tears welling up in his eyes. Her mind was made up.

"Oh really," Buffy smiled wickedly and bucked her hips, twisting her body away from him. She saw a look of shock on his handsome face that was quickly replaced by determination as he was on her again in a second, pinning her down and trying to press his lips to hers.

"Buffy, sweetheart. What are you doing?" He'd almost reached her when she kicked him in the chest and he went flying against a wall. Buffy ripped her hands free of the scarf and did a back flip off of the bed, kicking him in the side of the head on her way down. Spike growled and lunged at her in full game face, tackling her onto the persian rug at the foot of the bed and knocking over an end table sending a wine bottle smashing into the wall. They thrashed around on the carpet together for several minutes until Buffy managed to grab Spike under the shoulders and send him flying head first through the bedroom window. Glass shattered everywhere as Spike rolled across the manicured lawn finally landing flat on his back. He looked up in time to see Buffy leaping through the shattered window to come after him. She looked like a fierce, naked warrior in the midst of battle and he'd never seen anything so beautiful.

"I thought you said from now on we'd have a good chat before we tried to destroy each other?" Spike huffed.

"Sorry, but I'm not much for small talk," Buffy quipped, standing with her hands on her hips, wondering if he was too injured to continue the fight.

Spike shot up to his feet and roared towards her, blood streaming down his face. When he was within four feet of her he dropped to the ground in a slide and knocked her over. Before she could get up again he was on top of her with his loose belt in his hand tying her arms above her head as she struggled against him.

"You son of a bitch no fair!" Buffy screamed as she bucked beneath him. She could feel that he was hard as rock against her thigh.

"I think we've seen enough action for one night princess," he hissed as he flipped her roughly onto her stomach and then pulled her to standing position by her bound arms. Buffy kicked back with her right leg trying to nail spike in the balls but he managed to avoid her attempts. He dragged her back through the broken window and tossed her face down onto the bed. When she clumsily tried to get to her feet again he locked his arms around her from behind and thrust his aching cock all the way inside of her in one swift stroke. She thrashed in his arms howling like a wild animal as he began to pound into her. He'd never been so turned on. He ran his hands up her taut stomach and squeezed her firm breasts as he pumped into her faster and faster. Buffy threw her head back and screamed, still struggling to get free. She was so wet she could feel it covering her thighs and dripping onto the bed. His cock was ramming her into at a frenzied pace and just as she was about to have the orgasm of her life she felt it--what she'd feared and longed for at the same time--Spike's fangs in her jugular. He clenched her neck in his jaws like a wildcat as her blood pumped into his throat. And what sweet blood it was--never had he tasted anything so delicious. Buffy continued to thrash wildly in his arms as her climax crashed into her and she lost all control.

"HARDER, SPIKE...MORE!" She cried as her life poured out of her and into him. Then she let out a piercing scream and collapsed in his arms.

Loraine. She was beautiful with long dark hair and luscious lips. Full breasts, a tiny waist and round hips that she swung enticingly as she walked down the hall towards Spike's bedroom. When she arrived at the door she pushed it open gently and gazed at the beautiful blond stretched out on top of it wearing nothing but a black teddy. She was lovely with her golden hair spilling down her shoulders. Her small round breasts pressed against the silken bed sheets. Loraine raised her eyebrows in appreciation. This was going to be fun.

Spike moved across the room to mix Loraine a drink while the two women gazed at each other. He could already feel his cock hardening in his pants in anticipation. Buffy crooked a finger at Loraine and the woman approached the bed, sitting down next to the tiny blond. Spike brought them both a drink and then sank down into a chair sipping his glass of wine. He watched mesmerized as Buffy began to slowly undress Loraine until she was wearing nothing but her bra and thong. Then Buffy got up on her knees and took Loraine's lovely face between her hands, bringing their lips together in a passionate kiss. The two women moaned in pleasure as their tongues explored each other's mouths, then Buffy broke away leaving Loraine panting as she reached under the bed pillow, pulling out two scarves and a black blindfold. Loraine smiled wickedly as Buffy tied her arms behind her back and placed the blindfold over her eyes.

Once secured, Buffy slipped behind the beautiful brunette and turned her on the bed so she was facing Spike. Buffy smiled at Spike as she slowly lowered the straps of Loraine's red bra, stopping just before revealing her hard pink nipples to Spike's lustful gaze. Buffy reached up and cupped the woman's large round breasts, then delicately began caressing the tops until she reached the line where the lace still covered the achingly hard nipples. Loraine gasped in pleasure as Buffy finally lowered the lace and took both her nipples between her fingers and began to tease them mercilessly. Spike sat groaning as he watched Buffy's tiny hands fondle Loraine's beautiful breasts. When Buffy gave him a nod of permission, he leaned forward onto the bed and took one of the hard nipples into his mouth. He massaged the other with his hand as Loraine arched her back in ecstasy at having Spikes wet mouth on her chest and the feel of four hands caressing her. As Spike lavished attention on Loraine's breasts, Buffy moved her hands down between the bound woman's legs, signaling for Spike to remove her thong. Spike grabbed either side of the thong, while continuing to lick and suck her breasts, and lowered the soaking wet scrap of lace down the woman's long shapely legs. As soon as he tossed the garment aside, Buffy signaled for Spike to sit back down and Spike did so with a pained expression on his face.

Buffy smiled wickedly as she spread Loraine's legs wide open revealing her lovely dripping pussy to the horny vampire.

"Isn't it lovely Spike. Just look at how wet and ready she is," Buffy said as she spread Loraine's lips apart revealing the pink sweetness within.

"Look at how hard and pink her little clit is, just begging to be licked and sucked on," Buffy continued to hold Loraine open so Spike could see every glistening detail.

"Buffy please, may I taste?" Spike begged. He was on his knees as close to them as he could get without touching.

"Not yet my love. I'll let you know when we're ready," Buffy said sweetly as she looked down at him over Loraine's shoulder. "She is beautiful though isn't she. And so wet. It's just pouring out of her," Buffy whispered seductively as she reached a finger in and began to gently trace circles around Loraine's opening that quivered under her touch.

"Oh please, Buffy, that feels so good. Please let him taste me," Loraine rasped as she rocked her blindfolded head back and forth on Buffy's shoulder.

"Shhhhhhhhh. All in good time my beauty," Buffy said softly in Loraine's ear as she continued to trace soft circles around her opening, adding another tiny finger to tease her clit while continuing to hold her wide open to Spike's heated gaze.

"Buffy you're driving me crazy, luv," Spike said never taking his eyes off of the erotic scene in front of him.

"Stroke yourself as you watch, but don't you dare come," Buffy smiled at him, reaching her wet fingers up to play with Loraine's beautiful nipples. She whimpered at the loss of Buffy's fingers on her clit and began wiggling her hips in protest. Spike groaned as he watched.

"I'll return in a minute my beauty, I just felt you getting too close to your release, and I can't let that happen quite yet," she said as she fondled the woman's breasts for several minutes until sliding her hands down her taught stomach between her legs once again. Spike unzipped his pants and pulled out his massive, hard cock. It felt amazing to finally free it from the confines of his pants.

"Take some of Loraine's juices to lubricate yourself before you start stroking," Buffy ordered as she spread Loraine's nether lips wide open once again. Spike took two fingers and sank them slowly into Loraine's drenched opening. The woman groaned and bucked in Buffy's arms at the feel of Spike's exploring fingers. He pumped them in and out a few times, letting his pinky tease her clit for just a moment until Buffy noticed what he was doing.

"That's enough Spike, you can take your fingers out now," Buffy said arching a disapproving eyebrow at him. Spike reluctantly with drew his fingers from the woman's hot core and spread her warm juices onto his cock. He groaned as he began running his hand up and down his length.

"Sit back in the chair so I can watch you," Buffy said as she watched him throw back his head and close his eyes in pleasure. Spike moved back up into the chair and gazed at the two women through hooded eyes as he stoked his hand up his eleven inch cock and then back down again, thrusting his hips up into his hand to gain more friction.

"Not too fast, Spike, I don't want you to come yet either," Buffy said as she began to tease Loraine's clit once again so the woman thrashed and groaned in her arms. Spike watched Buffy's digits pleasure the beautiful woman and he began to pump his cock faster and faster. Buffy noticed and a wicked frown spread across her features.

"Take your hands off that lovely cock of yours Spike," Buffy ordered. Spike groaned in frustration but did as he was told.

"Now come over here, get on you knees, and taste sweet Loraine," she said as she stopped her teasing and pulled the lips wide so Spike's tongue would have full access to every crevice. Loraine gasped at Buffy's words, juices spilling from her trembling quim in anticipation of Spike's tongue.

"OOhhhhhhhh G-God!" Loraine cried as she felt Spike's tongue slip into her opening and then trace it's way around her clit.

"Use your fingers too, Spike, I want you to make Loraine come in your mouth again and again" Buffy whispered as she watched spike eat the trembling woman in her arms.

"OH FUCK, OH FUCK!" Loraine screamed as she came the first time. Spike latched onto her clit, sucking it as he pumped three fingers inside of her. Loraine twisted her sexy body in an agony of pleasure as she came again, her juices flowing into Spike's waiting mouth. He continued on until the woman came four more times.

"Please, I need to rest Buffy," the bound woman begged out of breath. Spike looked up at Buffy and Loraine took the opportunity to draw her legs together.

"We're not done yet my sweet," Buffy said with an evil grin as she wound her own strong legs around Loraine's and then spread them, drawing the exhausted woman's legs open once again and pinning them in place.

"Would you like to fuck her now Spike?" Buffy asked sweetly. Spike groaned and nodded his head in desperation, gazing at Loraine's dripping pussy with longing.

"Do you want Spike to fuck you sweetheart?" Buffy whispered in her ear.

"Oh God yes!" Loraine hissed as Buffy gently caressed her hips and thighs.

Spike kicked off his pants and pulled Loraine's hips to the edge of the bed, sinking his cock into her in one swift stroke that made them both gasp. He then pulled out until his tip teased her entrance, and then sank back in again, groaning at the feel of her.

"Faster," Buffy ordered as she began to nuzzle Loraine's neck. "Fuck her faster Spike."

Spike started pumping into Loraine like a machine as she squirmed and groaned in ecstasy. Buffy reached down and started to tease her clit.

"Come for us Loraine, my beautiful girl. I can feel that you're on the edge. So close. Spike's cock feels soooo good in you sweetheart, pounding into your beautiful pussy," she whispered in the woman's ear until she felt her body clench and twist as she reached her climax.

In that instant, Buffy sank her fangs into the unsuspecting woman's neck. Spike, continuing to pound into her, latched onto the other side of her throat. Both drank their feast as Loraine screamed out her orgasm until she slumped, completely spent, into their waiting arms.

"You didn't come did you Spike? You'll be in big trouble if you did," Buffy teased.

"Of course not my love," he rumbled as he pushed the drained corpse onto the floor and climbed on top of Buffy, ripping her teddy aside and thrusting himself into her drenched opening.

"Buffy--Buffy--my love--forever," he yelled as he pounded into the tiny vampiress thrashing beneath him.

"Harder Spike, Fuck me harder!" she screamed until she finally came and Spike emptied himself into her with a roar as wave after wave of pleasure smashed into them. When it was finally over they collapsed together onto the bed smiling at the nights festivities.

"You never cease to amaze me Buffy," Spike smiled at her as he caressed her cheek.

"Did you enjoy it?" Buffy asked kissing the tip of his nose.

"Yes, but I sort of felt like I was cheating on you. I didn't like that part of it," he said looking away ashamed. "Why did you want to do it Pet?"

"Just a fantasy of mine from watching all those tapes of you with other women," Buffy said with sly grin.

"They weren't all women on the tapes you know," Spike said as he narrowed his eyes at her.

"I know, we'll do that next time. You hold the man while I--"

"NO BLOODY WAY!" Spike yelled, grabbing her and rolling her over onto her back. "No man gets to touch you but me," he said frowning down at her.

"You just fucked another woman," Buffy said pouting.

"That's different.

"How is it different?"

"I don't know it just is."

"Okay," Buffy finally relented, watching the smile return to his eyes.

"Now lets get some sleep princess," Spike said curling up behind her. "I'm yours forever Buffy, as you are mine," he said gently stroking her hair.

"Just as it should be", she turned, smiling at him with her demon face. Spike instantly slipped into game face and they kissed passionately, entwined in each others arms.