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More Than Candy



Chapter 1:  The Dress



            Buffy wanted to be beautiful.  She was tired of always being the slayer.  For one night, she just wanted to be a girl.  She wanted to see Angel’s eyes glaze over with passion when he saw her.  She wanted to make him lose control.  That was the thing about Angel, he was always in control.  Just once, Buffy wanted him to go over the edge, and she wanted to be the one to cause it.

            She’d poured over the book she’d ‘borrowed’ from Giles.  She wanted to look like the women in that book; utterly feminine.  Now, she and Willow were heading to Ethan’s, a new costume shop, in order to fully embrace the spirit of the holiday.  Okay, so some of it was just to get Snyder off their backs.

            They walked into the store and were immediately struck with how much nicer it was than the party store they usually went to.  Buffy looked around for just the right thing.  Nothing was really catching her eye.  She, however, was certainly catching the eye of someone.

            Ethan saw the girl and knew immediately who she was.  He had the perfect thing, something that would render her helpless in tonight’s festivities.  He walked over and offered his assistance.  He kept the charm flowing as he talked the silly slayer into taking the dress.  It was embarrassingly easy.  Honestly, didn’t the Council teach these girls anything anymore?

            Buffy said her goodbyes to Willow and made her way back to Revello Drive.  She was relieved to find that her mother hadn’t come home yet.  For some reason, she wanted some time alone, just her and the dress.  She placed it on the hanger on the back of her door and took the plastic off.  She ran her hand down the rich fabric.  It was so beautiful, so elegant, so… perfect.  It was exactly what she needed to drive Angel wild.

            She took her time getting ready.  She soaked in vanilla scented bathwater, adding a hint of cinnamon to spice things up.  After toweling herself off she rubbed lotion all over skin, making it silky soft.  She carefully pinned her hair up and applied her makeup.  She walked out of the bathroom and into her bedroom.  Time for lingerie.

            She had her hand on a sexy black lace bra and panty set, but suddenly decided to go with white.  She pulled the silk and lace white Brazilian cut briefs on first and then added the matching garter belt.  Slipping on the silk white stockings was a sensual experience; it made her feel tingly in all the right places.  She looked at herself in the mirror and nearly blushed at what she saw.  She looked… wanton.  She added the bra and then carefully stepped into the dress.  Just as she was about to despair of lacing it up herself, she heard the front door open and close.

            “Mom!” Buffy yelled through her open door.

            “Buffy,” her mom yelled back.  “Don’t yell!”  Joyce walked up the stairs and her breath caught in her throat.  Her little girl looked so beautiful.  So grown up.  She felt tears come to her eyes.

            “I need help doing this up,” Buffy explained.  She turned around to give her mother access, completely unaware of the emotion on her mother’s face.

            Joyce did up the ties with shaky fingers.  For some reason this felt momentous.  “Buffy honey, did you know that this was a wedding dress?” Joyce finished the last of the workings and turned her daughter around so she could look at her.

            “It’s a what?” Buffy asked in confusion. 

            “A wedding dress,” Joyce said softly.  Her little girl was a vision.

            “But it’s not white!”  Buffy exclaimed as she walked into her room to get a look at herself.

            Joyce followed with a laugh.  “Wedding dresses weren’t traditionally white, and this, my dear, is a wedding dress.  Trust your mother.  I have a degree in art history.”

            Buffy stared at herself in awe.  She looked… wait!  She turned and grabbed the wig she’d laid carefully on her bed.  She placed it firmly on top of her pinned up locks.  She smiled gratefully at her mother as she grabbed bobby pins off the dresser and pinned the wig in place.  Now she was ready.  She faced the mirror again.  She looked like a woman, a beautiful woman, and nothing like her usual modern slayer self.  This was perfect.  She couldn’t wait for him to see it.



Chapter 2:  The Suit



            “Bloody hell, Dru!”  Spike said in exasperation as he walked out of the dressing room.  “You’re really going to make me wear this crap?”

            Dru gave him a secretive smile and just nodded her head.  She watched in glee as her boy walked back into the dressing room to retrieve his clothes.  “We’ll take it,” she said to the naughty shopkeeper.  Dru gave him a sly look. This man thought he was in control.  Silly man.  Dru knew the truth of it.  Ethan was nothing but a puppet.  It was time for her Spike to become William again.  It was time to meet up with the destiny that he had been created for.  It was also time for Dru to get back to her daddy where she belonged.

            Spike stomped out of the dressing room with his arms full of clothes.  He shoved them into Ethan’s chest.  “Bag ‘em.”

            “Of course.”  Ethan turned away and put Spike’s duster and clothing into a shopping bag.  He knew these two were vampires.  He also knew that the male was wearing the groom’s suit that matched the wedding dress he’d given the slayer.  This was proving to be better than he’d ever imagined.

            Spike grabbed his bag and took Dru’s offered arm as they left the store.  He’d wanted to eat the shopkeeper,r but Dru had given him a little shake of her head, letting him know that the ponce was off limits.  He was desperately trying to humor her; he loved her and she was so frail, so sick, but he was irritable as hell over having to wear this prissy little outfit.  It reminded him far too much of who he had once been.  It reminded him of William.

            They got into the Desoto and headed back to the factory.  Spike couldn’t understand why Dru hadn’t picked anything out for herself.  She seldom missed the opportunity for a fancy dress party.  He wondered vaguely if she had something cooked up back at the factory.  Some elaborate confection with lots of ruffles and lace, be almost like the good ol’ days.  The thought should have warmed him, but it felt oddly misplaced, like something just wasn’t right about that.  He shook the strange feeling off as they arrived back home.

            Spike got out of the car and went around to Dru’s side.  She always waited for him to open the door for her.  She was still a lady, through and through.  His lady.  The odd feeling came back again.  What was wrong with him tonight?

            Dru could sense things slipping into place.  Her sweet boy was going to go home tonight.  She knew it wouldn’t be easy.  He was so stubborn at times.  He insisted on thinking that his place was by her side.  She’d always been honest with him though, from the very beginning she’d made it clear that she belonged to her daddy.  Spike thought that since Angelus had left them, it changed things.  It didn’t.

            “So, princess, what are you wearing tonight?”  Spike asked her as they walked into the factory and back towards their room.

            “Why, nothing of course,” Dru said coquettishly.

            Spike felt a stirring in his loins.  Please, oh please, let that mean she was getting strong enough for sex again!  “Not sure I like the idea of all the other blokes seeing my girl starkers, maybe we ought to stay in tonight, luv.  It ain’t exactly a night for the likes of us, anyway.”  He bent in to give her neck a suggestive nuzzle.

           Dru gave a low sexy laugh.  “As much as that would please me, my Spike, it’s not what the night has in store for you.  I will remain here.  You will go out.  Don’t question me on this.  It’s just the way it’s supposed to be.”  She walked into their room and set about making tea for her dolls.

            Spike watched her slip into that imaginary world that he wasn’t privy to.  He gave a great sigh.  Fuck it.  Maybe he should go out.  Anything was better than sitting around looking at her and those stupid sodding dolls!  He’d change clothes, but he knew better.  She’d sense it and straighten him out right quick.  For a nutter she was as sharp as they came.  Resigned, he turned on his heel and headed out into the night.



Chapter 3:  The Spell



            Buffy was leading her young entourage down the street when suddenly she felt a change in the air.  She looked around, as if she could see it somehow.  Whatever was there, it was starting to seep into her like an invisible fog.  It was filling her brain, making everything unclear.  For one moment she was completely unaware of anything but being, and then suddenly she felt as if she’d fallen back into herself.  She looked around. 

            “Where am I?  Where’s my husband?”  All around her were creatures.  Terrible, awful creatures of the night.  She shouldn’t be here.  She started to run in a blind panic and that’s when she hit a chest.  It was the chest of a man with a musket.

            Spike was walking down the street, disgusted with the plastic costumes and the grinning faces.  It was sick is what it was.  No one showed any respect for his kind anymore.  At one time All Hallows Eve was a sacred event.  Okay, not in his time so much, but he’d heard tell from other demons that it was a time where people showed proper fear.  Now it was a bleedin’ holiday.  Disgusting.

            In the midst of a good mental rant, he suddenly felt a little off.  More off than he’d felt earlier when he’d put the costume on.  He shook his head, but it just got worse.  It was like something was starting to enter him.  He took a step back as if that would help, and that’s when he ceased to be and became, all at once.  His first coherent thought was for his bride.  He had to find her.  He felt panic beat against his chest as he looked at the chaos all around him.  It was as if the pits of hell had opened and spewed forth its’ spawn.  He started to run.

            Elizabeth stared at the people in front of her.  They’d taken her to a strange house.  It had pictures in it of a girl who looked remarkably like her.  She was beginning to wonder if these people were witches.  They were completely indecent and not a one of them could tell her where her husband was.  The big one scared her.  He kept staring and acted strangely when she asked after her beloved.

            “Why does she think she’s married?” Angel asked ghost Willow in a whisper.

            “It must be a wedding dress of some sort.  She hasn’t said anyone’s name so I’m assuming she doesn’t have any exact memories, just sort of general background information, like she’s playing a part or something.”  Willow was trying to be comforting.  Angel seemed really upset by Buffy’s clothes and her behavior.

            “I’ll go check with Giles.  You just stay here and watch them.”  Willow turned away and walked through the wall.  After she left, Xander took Cordelia and left Angel to look after Buffy.  

            Elizabeth wasn’t pleased.  She wanted to stay with the man with the musket.  This man was all broody and didn’t seem to like her very much.  She wished her husband was here.  If she could just get to him, she knew she’d be safe.  He’d protect her with his last breath, just as she would do for him.

            Angel was checking the back door when suddenly Buffy was attacked from behind.  Angel turned and tackled the vampire who’d nearly made the witless Buffy his snack.  He yelled for her to get him a stake, and when she didn’t immediately comply, he vamped in irritation.  He turned back around to make his point and watched as Buffy looked at his face and screamed, running out the door.  Shit.

            William was in complete despair.  He’d walked the streets like a madman, his panic fueling his strength as he brushed demons aside in his attempt to find his wife.  He had made his way into town with nary a sight of her.  Then, as he was walking by an alley, he heard a scream.  He knew that scream.  He rushed into the alley in a blind rage.

            Elizabeth had been running from the horrible vampire and hadn’t paid any attention to where she was going.  Before she knew it, she was in a filthy alley being molested by a pirate.  She screamed, and then just as the wicked pirate lowered his mouth toward her, he was tackled from the side.  It was her William!  He was here.  He’d come for her.  She watched as he wrestled with the vile creature.  She saw the pirate get in a solid hit on her sweet man, and she reached for the nearest weapon.  Her fingers found a glass bottle, and lifting it high over her head she brought it down soundly on the pirate’s skull.

            William felt the stinking man sag, and he pushed him off in order to get to his Elizabeth.  His heart was hammering wildly, her scream still echoing in his head.  He stood up and opened his arms to her.

            Elizabeth ran into William’s open arms with a sob.  “I couldn’t find you.  I was so scared.  These strange people tried to hold me hostage.  One of them was a vampire.  I think the others were witches.  Oh William, I’m so afraid.  What we’ll we do?”

            As worried about their situation as he was, he felt a calmness settle over him.  As long as they were together, they would be okay.  “Shh, Elizabeth.  It’s okay my love.  I’ve got you.  Your William’s got you.  We’ll seek shelter in one of the houses until morning.  Then we can head out and find a church of some kind.  We’ll be fine.  Nothing can hurt us if we’re together.”

            She nodded into his chest.  She knew he was right.  Her William could do anything.  “I’m better now.  I know you’ll take care of me.  I don’t mean to be such a cry baby, but this isn’t exactly what I expected our wedding night to be like.”  She gave him a watery smile.

            William gasped for air as he stared at her lovely face.  “Surroundings matter nothing, my dear.  I promise you our wedding night will be everything you dreamed of.  I am humbled by your effulgent beauty.  It is such a privilege to call you my wife.”  He scooped her up in his arms.

            “William, put me down!  You can’t possibly carry me all the way to shelter!”  Elizabeth was protesting but secretly overjoyed to be so safely ensconced.

            “The hell I can’t!”  He said saucily as he continued to carry her.

            “William!  You swore,” Elizabeth said with a giggle.  He could be such a beast at times.

            “I did, didn’t I?”  William found that Elizabeth brought out the primitive in him.  He didn’t let her out of his arms until he’d found a house for them to wait the day in.  He carried her over the threshold and then sat her down on the hardwood floor.

            Elizabeth was terribly impressed with the man she had married.  He had let nothing stop him in his journey to bring her to safety.  He’d pushed past demons with authority, and he’d managed to open the locked front door of this house with just one hand, almost as if he’d done such a thing a million times before.  She took her champion’s hand and batted her eyelashes at him, “I believe you and I have a wedding night to attend to.”

            William thought his knees might buckle as the lust coursed through his body.  “You completely overcome me, Elizabeth.  I have no reason or control where you are concerned.  It’s as if I’m on the edge of something and I don’t just fall off, I jump.  I am your willing slave.”



Chapter 4:  The Consummation


            Elizabeth wandered up the stairs with William following.  It was funny how he had taken charge outside and now it was her turn.  She walked to the first door in the upper hall and looked in.  It had a faintly musty smell that indicated a lack of recent occupancy.  It would be perfect. 

            William walked into the room behind Elizabeth.  He was terrified.  He’d never done this before, hadn’t wanted to.  He was a born believer in true love and destiny.  And here it was standing before him.  He closed the door and engaged the lock.  He walked towards her on shaky legs.

            She turned and gave him her back.  “Undress me, my love.”

            His hands were trembling and it took him longer than either one of them would have liked to undo the ties.  He had a sudden intake of breath as her bare shoulders appeared above the loosening gown.  They were milky rounds that just begged for his attention.  He leaned in, letting instinct guide him, and gently sucked on the offered flesh.

            Elizabeth felt his warm mouth against her skin and let out a low moan.  She felt a pressure begin to build up deep in her belly.  There was something… something she wanted.  She removed the rest of her gown and stepped out of it, as it pooled on the floor.

            William heard the soft rustle of material, but he was lost in his own world.  A world which held nothing but this firm expanse of tender, white shoulder.  His attention was grabbed, however, as said flesh was taken away from him.  He looked up in confusion and would have fallen to his knees if Elizabeth hadn’t reached out to steady him.  She was a vision.  She was innocence and femininity combined with an innate seductiveness.  He swallowed hard.

            Elizabeth knew that if she wanted things to proceed, she was going to have to take them into her own hands; literally.  She reached out and began to undress her husband.  She removed layer after layer of clothing until he stood before her in nothing but the skin he was born in.  She’d never seen a naked man before in her life.  He was magnificent.  His skin was the color of alabaster, much paler than her own.  He had muscles, such muscles, all over.  She unconsciously licked her lips.

            William saw Elizabeth’s little pink tongue dart out and it spurred him to action.  He leaned down and captured it with his lips.  He sucked on it gently, drawing it out of her mouth and into his own. 

            It was Elizabeth’s turn to have her knees grow weak.  She gripped onto William as she succumbed to the sweet suction of his mouth.  They’d never kissed like this before, she was sure of it.  She felt as his tongue made its way into her mouth, gliding over her own in undulating pulses.  That feeling in her belly was turning into a heat; she feared it would consume her.

            William let his hands wander mindlessly over her body.  He was almost unaware as they unclasped the garment that bound her breasts, and traveled lower to remove the wicked things that held her stockings up.  Soon, she was as naked as he.  He felt his cock twitch against her mound and he gave a growl.  He picked her up and laid her down upon the bed.  He gave her one last hungry glance, basking in her naked glory, before he fell upon her.

            Elizabeth didn’t know what she wanted.  There was this feeling building up inside of her, this pressure.  It was driving her insane.  She knew the basics of what was to come.  She knew there would be pain.  She’d been told it was something a woman learned to endure.  She wondered if it was this awful pressure.

            William hated to cause his love pain; he stilled on the outside of her opening.  He entered her as slowly as possible, just pushing the tip in.  The feeling of her hot walls sucking at his cock nearly did him in, and he laid his head upon her breast to regain his composure.  He opened one eye and saw the pink rosebud of a nipple nestled next to his nose.  He rubbed it gently and watched in fascination as it changed shaped.  He tilted his head slightly, so that he could run his tongue along the hardened nub.

            Elizabeth arched against William when she felt his hot tongue caress her sensitive nipple.  He did it again and she wrapped her legs around him in desperation.  Didn’t he understand that she couldn’t take it?  That she felt like she might die if she didn’t…?  She used her legs to pull him tightly against her, and couldn’t help the gasp of pain that escaped her lips as he became fully sheathed within her.

            William hadn’t meant to do that.  He’d meant to take it slowly, but at the movement of her legs, he lost control.  It took everything he had to not move now that he was fully sheathed.  He wanted desperately to allow her to adjust to the size of him.

            After the pain subsided, Elizabeth was overcome with the pressure again.  If anything, it was even worse.  She began to writhe against him, trying to give herself some ease.

           William felt her move and started to move with her, guiding her into a gentle rhythm.  Soon, they were moving as one.  He looked into her eyes.  “Elizabeth, my wife, my hope, my future, how I love you.”

            Elizabeth had tears running down her face.  This was her William.  Her everything.  She reached up with her hands and ran them down his back.  “I love you too, my sweet,” she whispered to him.  She was trying very hard not to leave claw marks on his beautiful skin.  “Will, I need…  I don’t know,” she sobbed.

            “Shh, my darling girl.  I know what you need.”  He bent his head down and captured one of her nipples in his mouth.  He began licking and sucking on it as he moved inside of her.  He wanted so badly to give her the release she sought, to make this as amazing for her as it was for him.

            “Oh, like that, Will.  Just like that,” Elizabeth crooned.  “I’m close.  I’m so close.”  She pushed herself against his pelvis, grinding on him as they came together.  “Will…  Oh, Will, I’m going to… I’m…  Ahhh!”  She screamed, as something exploded inside of her.  She felt herself convulsing against him, completely out of control.

            William felt her walls flutter around him and then felt as his balls clenched and his seed poured into her.  Never before, never with his own hand, had he experienced anything like this.  He could feel himself filling her, merging their essences.  When they had both quieted, he rolled onto his back and pulled her to lie against him.  His now flaccid shaft nestled inside of her dark curls.  He never wanted to part form her.

            Elizabeth looked up at her husband, staring deeply into his eyes.  “I love you, William.  I love with you with my heart.  I love with my soul.  All that I am, is yours, forever.”  Her eyes were bright with unshed tears.

            William felt his own eyes fill at her declaration.  He knew without a doubt, that this was the happiest he had ever been.  Here inside this tiny girl, he was complete.  Elizabeth, you are my life.  I will always love you; beyond death I will love you.  I am yours forever without end.”

            They leaned in and sealed their union with a soulful kiss.  Each worshipping the other with their mouths.  They felt a strange jolting sensation; like they had been dreaming they were falling and were suddenly jolted awake.


Chapter 5:  The Realization


            Buffy sobbed, a terrible heart wrenching sound that echoed in Spike’s ears.  He wished he could do the same.  This was a nightmare.  To be given everything, and then to have it torn away.  He was sure he’d just fallen from heaven.  He moved a bit and realized they were still intimately joined.  Her tiny nails were digging into his skin.  He waited, he didn’t want to be the first to part them.

            Buffy realized that she had attached herself to Spike.  She let go quickly and jerked away, another sob tearing from her throat as she felt him slip out of her.  It was a loss that struck her soul.  She curled into a small ball.  She just wanted it all to go away.  She wanted the memory wiped from her mind, because she knew, without a doubt, that she would never experience happiness like that again.

            Spike gathered his emotions close to him.  He couldn’t bear for her to see him bleed, and he was bleeding, he could feel it; his heart was torn in shreds.  Love’s bitch.  This is where that got him.  He was eternally damned to succumb to love.  Fuck.  He got up and began to get dressed.  When he was finished he turned and looked at the woman who just moments before, had been his whole world.  She still lay curled in a ball.  Spike wasn’t sure if it was from sorrow or disgust.  He thought it was probably a little of both.

            He reached down and gathered her undergarments.  He took a pillow case off of the bed and stuffed it with her things.  Then he picked up the dress and brought it over to her.  He laid a hand at her shoulder and felt her still completely.

            Buffy hadn’t been aware of Spike as he moved around the room.  She’d been too lost in grief.  When she felt the cool hand at her shoulde,r she froze.  Would he try and kill her?  He was a demon and he must be reeling with disgust at the tenderness they had just shared.  She thought about fighting, knew she should, but realized that she simply didn’t have it in her.  The fight was gone, along with her dreams.

            “I just want to hand you your dress, Slayer,” Spike said softly as he pushed the fabric under her face so she could see it.

            Buffy took the dress from him and moved herself into a sitting position.  She wasn’t embarrassed at her nakedness in front of her mortal enemy, or at the blood and combined juices running down her legs.  No, she was far too gone for such a piddling emotion as embarrassment.  On autopilot, she slipped herself into the dress and without asking stood and offered Spike her back.

            Spike wanted to do so many things as he watched her dress.  He wanted to hold her.  He wanted to wash her gently with a warm rag.  He wanted to bite her and claim her as his own.  He wanted to grab her and run off into the night, leave Sunnydale, and never look back.  In the end, he simply did up her dress and watched as she slipped her shoes on.  Then he watched as she alked away from him.  That’s when he sank down and cried.  He, William the Bloody, was crying over the Slayer.

            Once his tears were spent, he moved to get up from the bed.  The pillow case that held her undergarments lying on the floor caught his eye.  He picked it up and inhaled.  It smelled just like her, just like his Elizabeth that never was and never would be.  He reached down and stripped the bed, placing the coverlet with their combined scents into the pillow case.  This was all he would ever have of his love.  He looked around the room, wondering whose house they were in, thinking it bloody ironic that William had known instinctively to search out a deserted house.



Chapter 6:  The Explanation


            Buffy walked through her front door and was horrified to see it filled with everyone but her mother.  Truly the only person she wanted in the world at this moment, since she couldn’t have William, was her mommy. 

            “Buffy!” Willow exclaimed.  “We were so worried about you.”  She got up and gave her friend a hug.

            Buffy flinched as Willow’s arms wrapped around her.  They were the wrong arms.  Everything was wrong!  She wanted to scream and she wanted to cry.

            Angel walked over and stood behind Willow, silently intimidating the girl into backing away.  He had smelled four things when Buffy walked in the door; sex, blood, Spike, and some human male.  By the look of devastation on her face, he knew that whatever had happened, was still traumatizing her.  He didn’t touch her, he just leaned down and said low enough that only she could hear, “You want me to get everyone out of here?”

            Buffy bit her lower lip to keep from crying and just nodded her head.  Angel turned to look at the room.  “She’s fine now, but she needs rest.  Could you all leave please?”

            Xander started to protest but was silenced as Giles grabbed his arm in warning.  Xander looked at the watcher and saw the older man give a negative shake of his head.  Huh?  There was something he was missing here.  He shrugged his shoulders and walked, with Willow right behind him, to the front door.  They both gave Buffy an encouraging little smile as they filed past.

            Giles came up to his slayer cautiously.  “Buffy, if you need me, call.  I contacted your mother and she’s fine.  She and the employees of the art gallery decided to stay there until morning, since there seemed to be rioting in the streets.”

            “Thank you,” Buffy said softly.  She really did appreciate that he’d thought of her mother.

            “You’re welcome, my dear girl.”   Giles reached for the door and let himself out.

            Buffy and Angel just stood there for a moment, neither one wanting to be the first to speak.  After a moment, Angel felt he had to break the silence, if only to see to her needs.  “Whatever happened, you can tell me.  All I want to do is take care of you.”

            Buffy gave a bitter laugh.  No one but William could truly take care of her.  But that’s right, he didn’t exist.  It looked like she was well and truly screwed.  She put her face into her hands.  “This is a wedding dress.  There was a man with a matching suit.  He found me, ‘took care of me’, made love to me.  I thought he was my husband.  We got back to normal when the spell was broken, and then I had to face Spike.  It’s been a hell of a night.  I just want to sleep.”

            Angel was sickened by the fact that she’d slept with someone else, his demon screaming to find the man responsible.  But, the souled part of him understood the circumstances, and recognized that she was without fault. Grudgingly, he also realized that she had, in essence, been raped, as had the man she’d been with.  Then, to have to fight Spike on top of it all, well, it was more than a young girl should have to deal with.  He decided to not be a part of the problem.  “Let me go run you a bath.”

            Buffy wanted to tell him no.  She wanted to scream at him to leave her alone, but he was being so damn understanding, and she knew that this wasn’t easy for him either.  So, she nodded her head and went up to her room to take off her dress.  She didn’t really want a bath right now.  She wanted to be able to still have something of William left, even if it was just his seed drying on her thighs. 

            She started to remove the dress and realized that she would have to have Angel help her.  That was it; the last straw.  She collapsed on the floor of her room, weeping.  Angel heard the sounds coming from Buffy’s room as he left the bathroom.  He saw her on the floor and reached down to scoop her up in his arms.

            Buffy felt him touch her and she went wild.  She flailed her arms at him, giving him blow after to blow, in order to ward him off.  “Stop it!  Stop it!  Don’t touch me!”

            Angel forcibly held her down until she calmed.  Finally, she lay there comatose.  She was in shock.  Angel turned her over and undid her dress.  He slipped it from her body trying very hard not to be overwhelmed by the smell of sex and of another man.  He concentrated instead on the smell of Spike.  Spike, he could hurt.  The man had been a victim, just like Buffy.

            Angel picked her up and carried her into the tub.  He washed her gently, removing all traces of what had happened.  He opened the drain, and picked her up out of the tub.  He gently dried her off and carried her to her room.  He got her pajamas out of her drawer and dressed her.  Once she was tucked under the covers he leaned down to kiss the top of her head.  “Sleep, sweetheart.  I’ve got to go.”  He walked over to her window and slipped into the night.

            Buffy grabbed her spare pillow to her tightly and cried for all she was worth.  She’d been aware of what Angel was doing, and she was shocked at the sheer hatred she felt towards him.  She hated that he could touch her and William could not, she hated that anyone but her husband was seeing her naked, and she hated him most of all for washing away all that she’d had of her love.  Now it was gone.  Nothing but the memory would remain.  For the first time ever, Buffy Summers just wanted to die.



Chapter 7:  The Living; Buffy



            The next day found everyone sitting around the table at the library.  Buffy was as silent as a ghost.  Angel had dropped by Giles’ apartment the night before and let him know that something difficult had happened to her, but that it would be unwise to try and draw her out into discussing it.  Giles had some idea of what Angel was referring to.  He’d seen a lot of different trauma in his day, and it was clear that the young slayer was suffering.  He’d warned the gang to treat her as normal, if not more gently, and to let her approach them if she wished to talk about what had happened to her, instead of approaching her themselves.  They reluctantly agreed.

            Buffy was sitting at the table thinking about what it had been like to open her eyes this morning.  For one moment, she’d looked around franticly wondering where William was, and then reality came crashing down.  William wasn’t.  He didn’t exist.  Instead there was a soulless killer walking around with his face.  Only last night, he hadn’t shown himself as vicious.  He’d been almost kind in helping her to dress.  He’d made no move to kill her, despite how vulnerable she’d been.  She wished she could see him.  Bad Buffy.  Wanting to be comforted by your immortal enemy is not of the good.

            She shook her head to clear it, and tried to concentrate on what Giles was saying.  Apparently there was some new bad coming into town.  This news actually perked her up a bit.  She could really go for something to kill about now. 

            “Buffy, of course if you don’t feel up to it, I can accompany Angel to dispatch this creature.”  Giles assured he,r as he placed the closed book he had been reading from down on the table.

            “What?  No!  Why would you do that?”  Buffy looked down at the book and read the title:  Morecroft Demon’s and the Third Navel.  What the huh?  Maybe she should have been paying attention.

            Giles was pleased to see that she was taking some interest in things.  He believed that keeping busy was the best way to prevent the mind from dwelling on unpleasantness.  “The book you are staring at, the one from which I just read, aloud I might add, contains information on how to kill the being entering the hellmouth tonight.”

            “It has three navels?” Buffy asked.  Who’d want three navels?

            “No, that does not refer to their navels, which you would know if you’d been listening,” Giles pointed out.

            “Whose navels?  Who has three navels?”  Buffy really wanted to know.  The one time she didn’t listen and they talked about something interesting.

            “It hardly matters as it doesn’t have anything to do with dispatching these creatures.”  Giles gave her a level look.  “Now, if you don’t mind, the way to kill a Morecroft Demon is to sever its spine.  Thankfully, it is located in the usual place.  It requires a heavy hand, however, so you might want to take the broad sword…”  Giles trailed off as he watched his slayer jump up and go to the weapons cabinet.

            “I love the broad sword,” she sighed.  She bet Spike would like this.  He liked weapons, and this was particularly nice one.  It had terrific balance.  If they had two of them they could spar.  Stop it Buffy.  Stop it.  Mustn’t think of the gorgeous blonde.  He wasn’t William.  He didn’t love her.  She had to stop this.

            Xander watched as his friend left the room.  “Hey, Buff!”

            Buffy turned and looked at him, as if noticing him for the first time.  “What?”

            “Are you really going after this thing alone?” Xander asked her as he flipped his soda can in a rolling motion up in the air and caught it.

            “You can come,” Buffy said absently, as she turned back around.

            “Alright!”  Xander yelled and got up to follow the girl of his dreams handing Willow his soda can.

            Willow watched them leave with a tiny frown.  How come no one asked her if she wanted to come?  She could do stuff.  She was particularly good at screaming.  Okay, not as good as Xander, but she had range.  She looked at Giles busily filing away his books, and she got up to join him.  Shelving it is.

            Xander and Buffy were waiting in an alley.  They were hiding behind a dumpster.  Giles’ informant had said that the new big bad would be coming through a portal right here at midnight.  It was nearly time. 

            Xader was really worried about Buffy.  She’d been so quiet today.  She hadn’t even laughed at any of his jokes as they were walking.  He looked at her sad face sitting beside him in this alley and reached out in arm, just to comfort her, and was shocked to find himself shoved hard against the side of the dumpster.

            “I do not belong to you!” Buffy hissed.

            Xander held up his hands in supplication.  “Okay, never said you did.  Jeez, Buff you might think about some anger management classes.”

            Buffy didn’t know what got into her.  She just couldn’t bear the thought of anyone touching her but him.  She closed her eyes and leaned against the brick wall.  She was in so much trouble.  “I’m sorry, Xander.  I’m just a little tense.”

            “Sure, I understand.  Giles said we were supposed to give you space, wait for you to talk about it and all…”  He stopped talking because he found himself alone.  He looked down at the mouth of the alley and saw Buffy beating the crap out of the newly arrived Morecroft demon.

            This is exactly… hit… what… kick… she needed.  Buffy had the broad sword, but wasn’t planning on using it anytime soon.  She was getting it as good as she was giving it, but she didn’t care.  Anything was better than the emotional pain she’d been in.

            “Silly little girl, I am the new Master of this town.  I will rule here and all pure demons will be at my side.  We will eradicate the vampire parasites and enslave the humans, we’ll…”

            Buffy watched as his head rolled away ,mouth still open.  That should sever the spinal cord.  She’d wanted to beat him up a bit more, maybe get him to tell about that third navel thing, but talk of eradicating her vampire pissed her off.  There she went again.  Thinking of Spike as her vampire. 

            She really needed to talk with her mom.  Maybe all women thought this way about the first man they made love to?  Maybe that’s all this was.  Only how was she supposed to bring up the subject without her mom freaking out.  No matter how she glossed over the whole spell and vampire part, her mom would be freaked at her having sex at all.  Even if it was mystical sex, and totally not her fault.  She gave a deep sigh as she walked back into the alley to retrieve Xander from his hiding spot.  No, this was something she was going to have to go through alone.



Chapter 8:  The Living; Spike



            She knew.  Dru bloody well knew what would happen, and she let him put that suit on anyway.  How could she do this to him?  Didn’t she love him?  The moment he’d walked in last night, shaken over what had happened, and terrified that she would fly into a rage at the way he smelled, she’d been smiling.  Smiling!  Her and those stupid dolls.  They probably told her to do it, thought it would be a lark.

            He hadn’t been able to sleep at all.  He was sick with worry over the Slayer.  Had she gotten home okay?  Did she need him?  These were not thoughts he was supposed to be having over the soddin’ Slayer!  This was fucked.  He was surging with anger and grief, each emotion fueling the other.  He really needed to kill something.  A human wouldn’t do.  No, he needed something big.  Big, ugly, and tough as nails.

            He paced around the factory like a madman waiting for the sun to set.  Dru had given him a sly, knowing smile when he’d opened the trunk at the foot of their bed and pulled out a railroad spike.  He only used the tool that was his namesake for special occasions.  She was pleased to have given him this need.  He was magnificent in his rage.  It wouldn’t be long now before she was being taken care of by her daddy.  Miss Edith had told her to be patient.  To sit, watch, and wait.  Dru did as she was told.  She was a very good girl.

            Spike had thought that he would feel guilt when he saw Dru.  Guilt that he’d slept with another woman.  Guilt that he wanted desperately to do it again.  Guilt that he had loved another, even if falsely.  He hadn’t just loved another, he’d loved another in a way he had never loved Dru - completely.  But looking into her knowing eyes, he felt no guilt whatsoever.  His dark princess was playing him.  He wasn’t a fool.  The only thing that she would ever put before him was her precious Angelus.  Spike almost felt sorry for her, if she honestly thought that someone plucking the Slayer’s cherry was going to make the soulful version of her sire leave his true love, she was nuttier than he thought.  Only a fool would ever leave Buffy Summers.

            The sun finally went down and Spike sped out of the factory.  He walked the edges of the cemeteries and other demon hot spots as if a man possessed.  He needed something to kill.  He was about to give up, and simply head off to Willy’s to get royally pissed when he heard a group of demons talking about doing in the Slayer. 

            Spike jumped into their midst with a wicked grin.  “The only one dying here will be you gents.” 

            The three big grey demons rushed him all at once.  “Thanks ever so,” Spike said cheerfully as he bashed in the skull of the one to reach him first.  “I was in need of a good brawl.”  He kidney punched the one to his right.  At least he thought he did.  If the thing even had kidneys.  It must have had something because it fell hard, screaming in agony.  The third demon had managed to circle around Spike and lift him up by the neck.

            Spike wondered if the grey dummy was trying to choke him.  He’d tell him about the whole vampire not needing to breathe thing, but it was kind of funny.  Spike let himself go limp.  He tried not to laugh as the demon dropped him to the ground and turned to help its fallen comrade; the one still alive.  Spike hopped up off the ground and came at them with his fists flying, railroad spike held firmly in his left hand.

            Soon, all that was left was some lumps of grey flesh.  Kill the Slayer!  Not on his watch.  Spike groaned.  That’s right, now he was looking out for her.  He was so screwed.  He wished he had someone to talk to about all of this.  There was no one.  No, this was something he was going to have to go through alone, as usual.



Chapter 9:  The Stick



            The thought had been with her from the beginning, those few weeks ago.  He’d been human after all.  Anything was possible.  It happened to girls on their first time on a regular basis.  So, why not her?  It was a secret hope.  A hidden desire.  A constant obsession.    Yes, she knew she was completely insane, but she couldn’t help it.  Her period was exactly one day over due.  She knew it was probably too soon.  She’d never been a 28 day cycle kind of a girl, but still...  Today was day 29. 

            She walked into the pharmacy and felt like everyone eye in the place was trained on her.  She wished she could fill a basket full of stuff to act as a distraction, but unfortunately all she had was a ten dollar bill.  She walked to the aisle charmingly named Feminine Needs and started scouring the shelves.  She thought derisively that if they didn’t have a cellophane wrapped William, they couldn’t possibly meet her needs.

            She stared at the myriad of boxes.  Which one should she get?  There was one for $5.99 and one for $21.99.  What was the difference?  She decided to take one marked for $8.99.  She hoped it would be okay.  It wasn’t like she could take the time to read the back of every box.  She really did not want to be seen doing this.

            She carried the box up to the register and tried to act as nonchalantly as possible.  Her hands were trembling ever so slightly so she put them in her pockets.  She was terrified.  She was terrified that it would be negative.  She wanted so badly for it to be positive.  She needed something to hold on to.  Something that was real.  That told her it wasn’t all a dream.  That for one moment, she had been loved completely.

            She paid the lady and watched as she leaned under the counter to get a little brown bag.  Buffy gave her a smile of appreciation as she realized that the woman had gone out of her way not to put her pregnancy test into one of the sheer drugstore bags.  Kindness could be found in the strangest of places.  Buffy took her little brown bag and started walking home.

            She knew what everyone would say.  How horrified they would be that she would keep it.  They would tell her that she was only sixteen, and that she had her slaying.  Well, they could talk, talk, talk all they wanted.  She wouldn’t listen.  If she was so blessed as to carry this life, she would cherish it with joy.  She walked into the house and looked at the clock.  Her mom wouldn’t be home for another hour.

            She went into the bathroom and shut the door.  She opened the box and took out a thick white pamphlet.  It had direction in English and Spanish, along with lots of diagrams.  She read everything carefully.  Okay, basically you pee on the stick and then wait.  What was all the print for?  She pulled down her jeans and underwear and sat on the toilet.  She unwrapped the stick and bent over.  Where exactly did the urine come out of?  It’s not like she’d ever looked before.  Man, boys had it easy.

            She relaxed and let herself pee.  The stick, of course, was no where near the urine stream and she had to quickly move it into position.  She counted to ten, even though she’d only managed to pee for eight seconds.  Stupid instructions.  She put the cap back on the stick, and set it on the counter top.  Was this level?  Had they checked when they moved in to see if the counter tops were level?  Did they do that?  If it wasn’t level, what happened?

            She forced herself to stop obsessing and turn away from the stick.  She righted her clothes and flushed the toilet.  She didn’t ever remember being so nervous before, she was wigging big time.  This was the only chance.  The only chance she and William would ever have to conceive a child.  Her mind recognized that William didn’t exist.  It had come to accept that it was all just a spell, but her heart and her body refused to listen.  They remembered.  They remembered and they called out during the quiet times for their mate.  She felt like she was walking around with a gaping wound that would never heal.  This baby, if there was a baby, was the only possible thing that could close the wound.

            She wondered if Spike ever thought about her as Elizabeth.  If he awoke from a deep sleep and reached out for someone who wasn’t there?  Of course someone was there; Dru.  How she hated that thought.  It actually made her physically ill.  She’d gently probed Angel about his childe.  She didn’t like what she heard.  Beautiful, dark, crazy, and vicious.  All things Spike the vampire would adore.

            Buffy looked at her watch and realized it had been five minutes.  It was time.  She picked up the stick and brought it into her line of vision.  Two lines.  There were two blue lines.  She was pregnant!  She was going to have a baby!  Her first thought was that she had to tell Spike, and then she remembered that he was evil.  No, telling Spike was out of the question.  But she was bursting!  She had to tell someone.

            She also had to think about what she was going to do.  She couldn’t possibly patrol anymore.  Angel would have to take over her slayer duties for her until the baby was born.  She wouldn’t risk this small life for anything in the world.  A feeling of love and peace washed over her as she placed her hands on her stomach.  She felt the tears building.  She slid to the floor and let them come.  She was overwhelmed with happiness, with fear, with sorrow, and with hope.



Chapter 10:  The Telling



            Buffy made her way over to Angel’s apartment with the little brown bag clutched firmly in her hands.  She didn’t know why she felt the need to bring it, whether it was to use it as evidence or just because she was excited and wanted to show someone.  She hesitantly knocked on his door.

          Spike had caught up with the Slayer as she was about to enter the pouf’s place.  Why the hell was she going in there?  He’d been watching her every night for the last few weeks and had been pleased to notice how distant she was toward Angel.  Which was good.  Spike had come to the realization that he was a demon, and as such it was perfectly natural to want to lay rights to the girl who had given him her virginity.  He’d shed her blood and now she was his.  So he watched her night after night.  And now he watched as she disappeared into Angel’s apartment.  He growled low in his throat and waited.

            As Buffy took a seat in Angel’s home, she felt distinctly out of place.  She didn’t belong here.  She shook the feeling off and took the glass of water that Angel was trying to offer her.  “Thanks,” she said.

            “So, what brings you by?”  It wasn’t that Angel wasn’t pleased to see her, but she’d made it very clear by her body language over the last few weeks that she was no longer interested in him romantically.  It saddened him, but he respected her needs and kept his distance.

            “I need to ask you to do something for me.”  Buffy held out the little brown bag to him.

            Angel took the bag from her.  He’d noticed it right away.  It smelled like urine, hers if he wasn’t mistaken.  He opened the bag and looked inside.  He reached in and pulled out a white stick.  He examined it carefully, turning it over in his hands.  Finally, he just looked at her in confusion.

            “It’s a pregnancy test.  It’s positive.”  Buffy took the stick back from him and put it in the bag.  She held it to her chest protectively.

            Angel was shell shocked.  He hadn’t even though about the possibility of pregnancy or of venereal disease affecting her.  “What do you need me to do?”

            “I need you to patrol for me over the next nine months,” she informed him.

            “You’re keeping it?”  Angel was stunned.  Slayers weren’t supposed to have children.  It was all about the mission for them.  They didn’t have time for things like bottles and little league.  What was she thinking?

            “Of course I’m keeping him!”  Buffy was outraged.  She knew the others would act like this, but she’d expected a little more understanding from Angel.  “He’s a miracle.”

            “What about your duties?”  Angel took a seat on the bed.  He just couldn’t wrap his mind around this.

            “My child comes first.  I’ll still act as the Slayer, but I won’t do anything that will put him in danger.”  Buffy was convinced the baby was a boy.  He was going to have blonde hair and blue eyes and she was going to name him William.  That was all there was to it.

            “Buffy, you have to see that he will always be in danger.  You can’t keep him safe.  Every demon in this dimension and the next will come after the child of a slayer.”  Angel explained gently.

            Buffy just shook her head.  “I’ve thought about that, Angel, I really have.  Children die every day from disease, accidents, even sudden infant death syndrome.  I’m taking this chance.  I know it’s selfish, but I can’t help it.  I love this baby and every fiber of my being screams for me to protect it.”

            Angel looked into her fierce green eyes and felt resignation fall over him.  “Okay, I’ll do it.  I’ll help any way I can, and I’ll stand by your side to protect him for the rest of his life.”

            Buffy flew into Angel’s arms for a hug.  Angel pulled her close.  It was the first time since Halloween that she’d willingly let him touch her.  He’d take what he could get.

            Buffy pulled away and wiped at the tears running down her face.  “We need to tell the others.  They aren’t going to like it.  Will you help me explain?”

            “Of course.  When do you want to tell them?”  Angel got up and grabbed his coat.  He knew her answer before she’d uttered it.  She was still a teenage girl after all, and either she wanted to put things off indefinitely or she wanted to do them right now.  She had a tough road ahead of her.  He hoped she was strong enough for it.

            They walked out of Angel’s apartment and headed off toward the library.  Spike watched diligently.  He was pleased that they hadn’t been in there long and he could smell from here that they hadn’t had sex, but he was disturbed by the happy light in Buffy’s eyes.  He didn’t like the thought that Angel had put it there.  He followed them to the school campus and then turned away.  He knew from past nights that they could stay in there for hours and he’d promised Dru he’d bring her home a drunk.  She felt like getting tipsy tonight.  She said she was celebrating.  What, he had no clue.

            Buffy and Angel walked into the library and found Xander and Willow flicking a little paper football back and forth over the table.  Buffy smiled at their actions.  She looked around for Giles and saw the top of his head in one of the stacks. He must be standing on the library stool.  She closed her eyes for a moment to prepare herself.  Okay, here it goes.

            “Guys?” She said loudly, garnering everyone’s attention.  She waited while Giles made his way out of the stacks and then she waved a hand at the table, indicating that he should take a seat with Willow and Xander.

            “I have something to tell you.  It’s not up for debate.  Nothing could possibly be more personal and I don’t want your opinions.  I mean it.  This is strictly an announcement only.”  She gave each of them a hard look.  She started to put the brown bag on the table but Angel held her arm back.  He shook his head and made a talking motion with his hand.

            Buffy rolled her eyes.  Did no one have a flair for the dramatic but her?  She looked at her friends.  “I’m going to have a baby.”

            “I thought vamps shot blanks,” Xander put in his two cents.       Angel gave him a cold look but didn’t say anything, it was true.

           “It’s not Angel’s?”  Willow said in a voice which indicated she’d just lost her innocence in regard to the ways of love.  She looked up at Buffy horrified.  “You cheated on Angel?”

            Giles spoke up before Angel or Buffy could.  “It was the night of the spell wasn’t it?”

            “Yes, there was a groom’s suit that went with the wedding dress I was wearing,” Buffy explained, encouraged by the fact that nobody had raised their voice yet.  She could see the look of concern in her Watcher’s eyes, and his resigned acceptance.

            “Wedding dress?  That thing wasn’t white,” Xander told them helpfully.

            “Not all wedding dresses are white Xander, in fact traditionally…”  Giles began but stopped as he saw them all looking at him with annoyance.

            “So, anyway, Angel has agreed to patrol for me over the next nine months.  I haven’t told my mother yet, but I’m sure she’ll do her best to be supportive.”  Buffy said with an uncertainty that belied her words.

            “Yes, well, it is your decision, Buffy.  We will honor and respect it, even if we don’t agree with it.  Whatever you need, please ask.  I feel like a great deal of this is my fault.  If it were not for me, perhaps Ethan would never have come to Sunnydale at all.”  Giles had been wracked with guilt over this since Halloween as he was forced to watch his slayer’s sorrow.

            “Giles, you can stop with the guilt.  I’m a happy Buffy.  I want this baby.  It isn’t a burden, it’s a joy.  I know things won’t be easy, but I’m going to do my best,” Buffy explained.  “Now, I have to go tell my mom.  Wish me luck.”

            “Good luck with that, Buffster, and the whole bun in the oven thing too.”  Xander quipped.

            “Thanks, Xander.”

            “Yeah, Buffy, good luck.  This will be kind of fun when you think about it.  I can plan the baby shower, and help you decorate the nursery.  Oh, and I can baby-sit when you go out to kill things.”  Willow added helpfully.

            “Thanks, Wills, you’re a true friend.”  Buffy felt herself choking up and knew it was time to leave.  The whole thing had felt surreal, walking in, telling her friends she was pregnant, then walking back out, but Buffy knew just how real it was.  She turned around with Angel at her side and walked back through the library doors.



Chapter 11:  The Attack



            Angel and Buffy were headed back to her house.  They were having an argument over what to tell her mother.  Angel was pushing for the truth, Buffy was holding out for a version that did not include telling her mom she was the Slayer.

            “Who are you going to tell her is the father, then?” Angel asked in frustration.

            “I’m not,” Buffy said icily.

            “She’s going to think it’s me, and that would be fine except I don’t want her thinking I had sex with her sixteen year old daughter!  She’ll probably get a restraining order against me or sue me for child support.”  Angel wished she’d just think for one moment about how this affected things.

            “Look…” Buffy whirled around to tell Angel to back off, and that’s when she realized there were about a dozen vamps behind them.  In the heat of their argument, neither had even noticed.  “We’ve got company.”  Buffy moved into a fighting stance as she pulled a stake out of her pocket.

            Angel flipped himself around in time for five burly vamps to tackle him to the ground.  The rest took the opportunity to move in on the slayer.  Buffy started coming at them fighting but found herself at a distinct disadvantage because instead of her usual offensive style she was forced to fight defensively in order to protect her child.  Within minutes they had her on the ground.  She curled into a protective ball with her back facing the night sky.

            The vamps were having a great time wailing on the huddled girl.  When they were done having their fun, they planned on taking her to Master Spike.  He’d ordered them to keep in ear out for any information on the slayer.  He didn’t care what it was, if they heard anyone so much as mention her name they were to report back to him.  How much better to bring her beaten body to him themselves?  When they’d come upon the worthless vampire and the killer of their kind so distracted, they leapt at the chance to take the little legend down.

            Spike had served Dru her dinner and was now headed back to stake out the library.  He heard a tussle coming from one of the cemeteries and headed over to get a look see in case it was Buffy.  He loved to see his girl in action.  The sight he was greeted with shocked him to his core.  Angel was fighting like a mad man, ripping vamps apart with his bare hands, but Buffy was curled into a tight ball, doing nothing more than absorbing blow after blow.  Spike vamped and charged in.  He scattered vamps left and right as he reached for her body.  He then he picked her up and pulled her into his chest.  He wrapped his duster partially around her, and turned to see the lovely sight of Angel being restrained by several vamps.  He sighed in irritation, knowing that he would have to let the great poofter go.

            Spike gave Angel his most cocky look as he slowly swaggered over to him.  He delivered a vicious kick to Angel’s left knee.  “That’s a thank you by the by, for delivering to me the tenderest meet that I’ll probably ever get to taste.”  He turned around with Buffy still held securely to him.  Her little hands had found their way under his t-shirt and were gripping him tightly while she sobbed in hysteria.

            “Let him go in five,” Spike hissed to a minion as he walked away.

            He headed straight for Buffy’s place, figuring it was the last place anyone would look for either of them at the moment.  He’d detailed her mother’s schedule weeks ago.  Joyce shouldn’t be home for another couple of hours at least.  He reached the front porch and opened the door.  He was about to ask Buffy to invite him in when his foot pushed past the threshold.

            Buffy’s sobs had been reduced to hiccups, but Spike still had to concentrate to understand her as she muttered, “I called out for you sometimes.”

            Shit.  Why hadn’t he followed his instincts and followed her home that night?  Here his girl had been calling out to him, and he’d been stalking her from afar like some twisted freak, like Angelus. 

            He carried her up the stairs and allowed her scent to guide him to her room.  He went to lay her down on the bed but found her arms deadlocked around his waist.  “Need to set you down, luv.  I’m not going anywhere.”

            Reluctantly, Buffy let go of him and allowed him to set her down.  He shed his jacket and boots, and took Buffy’s shoes off as well.  Then he reached down to take the crushed brown bag she was holding onto, but she gripped it with white knuckles.  “Okay, pet, you can keep your bag.”  He lay down next to her and she immediately curled into him.

            “Care to tell me why you weren’t fighting back there?”  He asked, as he stroked her golden locks.

            “I didn’t want him to get hurt,” she said softly as a fresh bout of tears poured down her cheeks.

            Spike stiffened.  “You were doing a piss poor job then.  Loverboy was getting’ the shit beat out of him while you were playin’ hedge hog!”  Spike’s voice held the brittle edge of disappointment.  It was always about soddin’ Angelus.

            “Not him, you bleached moron!” Buffy hissed.  Honestly, how inept did he think she was?  Like that’s how she protected people!

            “If not Angel, then who?”  Spike practically screamed.

            “Your son!”  She jerked away from him and returned to her ball position.

            Spike looked at her as if she was totally bonkers.  “Don’t have a son, Slayer.  Vampire here.”  Maybe she had a head injury?

            Buffy pulled the brown bag out from under her and threw it as his head.  Then she curled back into a ball.  Idiot.

            Spike opened the smelly bag.  What was with teenage girls today?  Some magazine tell them to carry a urine sample around for the pheromones or something?  He reached his hand in and pulled out a small white stick.  He examined it carefully.  It had two blue lines.  He knew this.  He’d seen it on a commercial for one of his soaps.  This was a pregnancy test.  A positive pregnancy test!

            He’d been human when he was William.  He was going to be a father.  He felt his chest constrict and then he heard a strange almost choking sound.  It took him a second to realize it was coming from him.

            Buffy had uncurled to glance at Spike.  She melted at the sight before her.  This was her William.  He was staring at the stick with tears running fast down his face, and he was making this strange sound between a cry and a gasp.  She tentatively reached her hand out to him, “Spike?”

            Spike looked down at her deceptively small hand and placed it inside of his own.  “Oh, Buffy, we’re gonna have a baby.”  He was in awe.

            She gave him a big watery smile and scooted closer to him.  Suddenly, he dropped the stick and started stripping off her clothes.  It was a completely unsexual act.  He turned her from side to side, gently exploring her body.  He was checking for bruises and letting out his senses to pick up on any internal bleeding.  He hadn’t bothered as he carried her home because he was sure her slayer strength had protected her.  It was her mental strength he’d been concerned with.  Now that he knew she was pregnant he was panicked over the attack.  He checked her thoroughly.  She was okay.  The baby was okay.  He lay back down next to her and pulled her into his shaking arms.  “If anything had happened to you or the baby, I would never have forgiven myself.”

            “You’re happy then?  You don’t hate me?” She asked with the fear of rejection still in her voice. 

            Spike looked at her slack jawed, then words poured out of his mouth that he never thought he’d every say.  “Hate you?  You silly bint, I love you!”

            “You do?  But I thought it was just the spell.  That you’d feel disgusted for making love to me.”  She said shakily.

            “No, no, kitten.  Doesn’t work like that, does it?”  He looked at her knowingly.  “Spell just made me a groom and you a bride.  Didn’t make us love one another.  I’d bet money the original wearers of those outfits didn’t give a fig about each other.  Marriages were usually arranged by the parents back then.  Love had nothin’ to do with it.”  He leaned down to kiss her swollen lips.  “We did the love part all on our own, baby.”

            Buffy returned his kiss tenderly.  When she pulled away she looked at him, “How could we love like that without even knowing one another?”

            “Did it feel like you didn’t know me?”  Spike looked deeply into her beautiful green eyes.  They reminded him of peeled grapes and summer grasses.

            “No, it was weird.  It was like I knew nothing and everything about you all at once.  You know?  It felt like you were a part of me and that I was a part of you.  Does that sound right?”

            “Exactly.  I know I don’t have a soul, though I think I still feel it sometimes, but I believe…”  Spike trailed off and looked away in embarrassment.

            “You believe what, Spike?  Tell me.”  Buffy tried encouraging him by laying her head on his shoulder.

            “Don’t want you to laugh at me.  I kinda have a history of that with women.”  There was a touch of defense in his voice laced in with a world of hurt.

            “I’m not laughing here.  I’m a slayer hopelessly in love with a vampire.  I don’t have a lot of room to laugh.”  Buffy said seriously as she ran a hand down his arm and slipped it into his fingers.  She gave them a gentle squeeze and then said, “Tell me, please.”

            Spike had heard her declaration of love quite clearly. “I believe we’re soul mates,” he said.  Spike waited for the scorn to come.

            “Does that mean you’ll never let me go?”  Buffy wanted to know.  She could care less what anyone called it.  What exactly was a soul anyway?  So long as she was his, she was happy.  They’d need to have a talk about the whole killing though.

            Spike moved to look at her, his eyes flashing yellow.  “Never!  I’ll never let you go.”

            Buffy shivered in delight, this was the demon, not the man, and he was telling her that she belonged to him.  Buffy gave him a wanton smile.  “That works for me.”

            “Do you know what you’re saying?”  Spike asked as his face shifted and his teeth turned jagged.

            Buffy deliberately angled her head to offer him her neck.  “Yes, I want you to claim me.”

            “You’ll be mine forever.  No other man will touch you.”  He leaned in to suck at the supple flesh, careful not to nick her.

            Buffy put one hand against his chest to stop him.  “That works both ways, buster!”

            Spike gave a low laugh at the possessive tone in her voice.  “Not a problem, luv.”

            “That means no more sex with Drusilla.  I realize you still need to care for her, but absolutely no sex with anyone but me.”  Buffy warned.  She wanted to make this crystal clear.

            “Still not a problem.  Now let me in, baby.”  He pulled on her skin with his lips.

            “First take off your clothes.  I’m feeling a little underdressed here.”  Buffy looked down at her naked self.  “Or I could just put on a robe and some fuzzy slippers.  You know, whatever works best.”  She watched in amusement as Spike’s clothes flew off in a blur of movement.  Soon he was completely naked and back at her neck.  His erection was pushing between her thighs while his lips worried at her jugular.   He was seeking entrance to both places at once.

            “Can I come in now, baby?”  He purred against her skin.

            “Come on in, lover.”  Buffy purred back.

            Spike sank both his teeth and his cock into hot silky slayer.  He took only a small swallow of her blood, not wanting to hurt the baby.  His movements inside of her reflected his concern, as they were slow and careful.  He moved with the utmost gentleness as he whispered, “You’re mine now, luv.”

            “Always,” Buffy sighed.  For the first time since Halloween she felt at home in the world.  This is what her heart and body had been crying out for.  This man.  Her vampire.  Her mate.

            Spike brought them both to orgasm with the kind of skill that came from a century of experience.  He placed them both under the covers and just lay there holding his mate, basking in their newly sanctified love.  He rubbed lazy little circles around her flat tummy.

            “We’re gonna have a little moppet.  A tiny, green-eyed replica of her mother.”

            “Nuh-uh, it’s a little blue eyed boy and we’re naming him William.”  Buffy informed him with confidence.

            Spike lifted up and looked at her.  “Did that stuffed pig that smells so much like you tell you this or anything?”

            “Nope.  It’s pure women’s intuition,” said Buffy firmly.

            Spike sighed in relief and lay back down.  “Good.  Didn’t really fancy having another nutter on my hands.”  He teased.

            Buffy lightly tapped him on the chest with her fist.  “Seriously Spike, what are we going to do about all of this?”

            He kissed the top of her head and gave her a gentle squeeze.  “I don’t know, luv.  I’m thinking.”  He tilted her head up and leaned in so that they were nose to nose.  “Not letting you go, that much I do know.  It’s everything else that’s got me all flummoxed.  Dru’s easy.  Now that I know where Peaches is, Angel for those who don’t know any better, I’m handin’ her over.  ‘Cause rightfully she’s his, and that’s sure as hell what she wants.  He made her and she never did let me claim her, so…”

            “She never what?  In over a hundred years she never asked to be yours?  Is she crazy?” Buffy exclaimed.

            “Well, yeah,” Spike said matter-of-factly.

            “Sorry, guess I knew that.  Well that takes care of Dru, but how do we convince my mother, my watcher, Angel, and my friends that you aren’t going to eat me?  Course I still have to tell my mom that there are creatures out there who eat humans.”  Buffy said absently.

            “What?”  Now it was Spike’s turn to be shocked.  “How the hell can she not know that about vampires?”

            “She’s never met one.  Well, except you that time she hit you over the head with an axe.”  Buffy explained to him.

            Spike winced and rubbed at the back of his head.  “So, what exactly does she think you do night after night?”

            Buffy shrugged.  “Delinquent teenage things like burning down gyms?”

            “Bit daft, innit she?”  Spike asked.  Buffy wished she could disagree, but really, he had a point.

            “I’ll figure it all out, luv.  Don’t you worry.  First thing is getting you out of this Chosen One crap.”  Spike had that much straightened out in his head.

            “I can’t do that Spike.  I am the Chosen One.  There is no way to escape destiny.”  She thought about her death at the hand of the Master.  “Well, okay, there is such a thing as twisting destiny.”

            Spike looked at her.  “All I know, is that if I have to give up snackin’ on the innocent, you have to give up slayin’.  Fair is fair, woman.”

            Buffy’s eyes welled up with tears.  “You’re going to stop killing for us?”

            Spike laid his hands on her stomach.  “Said innocents, luv.  That still leaves a lot of killin’ to be done.”

            Strangely, Buffy was okay with this.  She understood that she could only ask Spike to betray his nature so far.  “Okay, but I can kill things too then sometimes, like during apocalypses and stuff.”

            “Deal.”  Spike leaned in and sealed it with a kiss.



Chapter 12:  The Explanation, Again



            Angel and Giles were staring glassy eyed at the bottle of liquor in front of them.  With the help of Willow and Xander they’d scoured the town looking for signs of Spike or Buffy until just before dawn.  Angel had even ventured into the factory, but all he he’d gained was a blank stare form Dru along with the words ‘It isn’t time yet’.  Hours later, Willow and Xander had returned to their prospective homes.  Everyone was heavy hearted.  Everyone assumed the slayer was either dead or turned.

            “There was nothing you could have done,” Giles said for what must have been the thousandth time.  “You were simply over powered.”

            “You should have seen her.  She didn’t even try to fight back.  She just curled into a ball trying to protect that baby.  Slayers weren’t meant to be mothers.  It’s just wrong.”  Angel took a drink of his whiskey.

            “It has happened here and there, but it always ends up in tragedy.”  Giles supplied, filling up Angel’s glass.  “Either the child is killed or orphaned.  It’s inevitable.  Perhaps this was for the best.”

            “How can you say that?”  Angel was stunned.

            Giles turned on him harshly.  “She’s died once already, Angel!  You’ve seen how fragile she’s been since the Master killed her!  Whatever happened during Halloween seemed to be the last straw.  She walked around like a zombie for weeks.  This pregnancy was the first sign of her returning to her old self.  Do you think she would have survived, mentally speaking, if something had ever happened to that baby?”

            “What happens if she’s been turned?”  Angel’s voice rang with defeat.  Giles was right and he knew it.  Buffy simply wasn’t holding up to being the Slayer.

            “We’ll do what we have to.  It will be up to you and me.  I don’t want Willow or Xander to have to face that again, not after Jesse.”  Giles drained his glass and leaned back in his chair.  He was exhausted, and completely sick at heart.

            Angel was about to respond to Giles when his head turned sharply to the door.  He sniffed the air and stood.  Giles watched his bewildering actions as the large vampire stalked purposefully toward the front door.  A visitor perhaps?  Giles thought surely both Willow and Xander would be sleeping until one or two in the afternoon.  They’d all had a rough night.  Before Giles could ponder the identity of his coming guest further, Angel threw open the door.

            As he looked at the young woman before him, Angel stood to the side making sure to avoid the sunlight.  “Buffy!  You’re alive.”

            Buffy breezed in the door right past him.  “Yep, I’m still with the heart beat.”  She looked at the two empty bottles of liquor on the table and the two shot glasses.  “You guys having a party or a wake?”

            Angel shut the door and went back to his seat.  “A wake.  For you.  Where were you?”

            “At home.  My bad.  I shoulda called.”  Buffy sank onto the couch and put her feet up on the table.

            “Your bad?” Giles uttered in exasperation.  “Have you no idea of what we’ve been through?  We searched for you until dawn.  Willow and Xander, not to mention Angel and myself, were put in many dangerous situations trying to rescue you.  How could you be so irresponsible!”

            Buffy’s good mood immediately evaporated and her eyes filled with tears.  “I’m so sorry.  I’m a terrible person.  I was just so scared that the baby was hurt, and then I was all tired.  I fell asleep.  I should have called.  I’m so sorry.”

            Angel had never seen her act so emotional before.  It was weird and a little scary.  He was about to walk over and comfort her, even though he was still really angry, when suddenly her side started ringing.  He looked down as she pulled a phone from her belt.

            “Yes?” Buffy said between cries.  “No, I’m okay.  Except that I’m a terrible person.  A bad friend.  I left them thinking I was dead.  They were looking for me all night.  I feel so awful.”  There was a pause as she listened to whoever was on the phone.  “Okay.  I know you’re right; it’s not good for the baby.  Okay, I promise.  I’ll calm down.  I’ll be fine.  Okay.  I love you too.”  Buffy turned off the phone and dried her tears on her shirt sleeve.  “So sorry.”

            “That’s okay, Buffy.”  Giles assured her.  “We understand.  Things are different for you right now.  There are pregnancy hormones,” he gave a knowing glance towards Angel, “exhaustion, and worries.  We should have checked your house.  It’s rather negligent of me not to have thought of it actually.”

            Angel really wanted to know who was on that phone, and since when did she even have a phone?  He also wanted to know how she’d gotten away from Spike last night.  And why the heck was she wearing so much perfume?  She stunk.  It was blowing his senses.  He decided to sit as far away from her as possible.

            “Can you tell us exactly, how it is you managed to free yourself from Spike?”  Giles asked her.

            Buffy didn’t think the truth would go over so well.  Besides, Spike didn’t want her telling anyone just yet.  He said it might take awhile for him to get everything in place that he needed in order to take care of her, and he didn’t want them filling her head with a bunch of ‘he’s soulless’ nonsense.  So now here she was preparing to lie.  “He was carrying me away last night when I threw up on him.  Some of it got on his leather jacket and he dropped me like a hot potato.  Yep, that’s what he did.  Decided he needed to get the puke off right away and just left me on the ground.  I got up and walked home, took a bath, and went to bed.  That was my night in a nut shell.”

            Angel was the first to speak.  “Figures, he can be such a priss sometimes.  And he likes to say that I spend too much time on my hair.  Look at his!  Dru can’t be trusted with a pair of scissors, if you think for one minute he doesn’t see the inside of a beauty parlor on a regular basis, think again.”  Angel crossed his arms and leaned back against the chair.

            Giles and Buffy just looked at him.  Neither had ever seen this strange vain side of Angel before.  It was a little creepy.  Giles stood up and walked to the phone.  “Well, I  should perhaps call Willow and Xander and let them know that Buffy is still among the living.”

            Buffy got up.  “You do that.  I have to jam.  I’m headed to the mall to do some window shopping.  The Baby Gap is on my radar!”  She walked to the door giving them both a bright smile, the waterworks of earlier clearly forgotten. 

            After the door closed behind her Giles turned to Angel and said, “It’s going to be a long nine months.”  Then he proceeded to dial Willow’s phone number.

            Spike didn’t have to worry about explaining himself.  He didn’t bother to shower or use cologne after his time with Buffy.  He’d figured out that Dru not only knew what was happening, but that she knew before it happened.  No, HE wasn’t going to explain anything.  He was going to listen while his dark princess did the explaining.

            Dru had been waiting for Spike.  She could sense that he was angry at her for keeping secrets, but she knew she had one last secret that would solve all of his problems.  She watched as he stalked purposefully into their room and threw his coat on a chair.  She wasn’t particularly pleased by the Slayer’s scent covering him, but she knew that it was a means to an end.

            Spike unlaced his boots slowly, trying to think how best to get the information he wanted from Dru.  There was the good ol’ tie up and torture method, but he doubted it would be a good idea with as weak as she was.  There was the present method, almost as good as the tie up and torture method, but he hadn’t thought to go out and steal her anything.  He was going to actually have to try and reason with her, not the best method when you were dealing with an insane woman.

            “Dru, I need you to tell me some things.  I know you know what’s going on here.  Bet you orchestrated half of it, didn’t you, my smart girl?”  Flattery never hurt.

           Dru gave him a wicked grin.  “I did, my Spike.  All the settings were placed, but no one was sitting down at the table.  All I did was ring the dinner bell.”

            “And a mighty fine ring it was, poodle.”  Spike smiled at her encouragingly.  “Care to tell me why?  I’m devilishly curious.”

            “Well,” Dru paused, “curiosity killed the cat, but you’re already dead, so I guess it will be okay.”  She looked towards Miss Edith and then back at Spike.  “Alright, I’ll tell.  You’re supposed to be with the sunshine.  Always were.  She’s that bright and shining thing you were looking for.  She’s effulgent.  I had to take you into the dark so that you could find her.  I did my part.  I’ve been a good little girl, doing what the pixies want, now it’s time for my treat.”  She had an expectant look to her and a light in her eyes that Spike hadn’t seen in years.

            “Angel.  That your reward then?”  Spike couldn’t help the irritation he felt, even though he no longer wanted her.  Still, after a century of devotion it was hard to except that the woman you’d been devoted to thought of you as nothing but second best.

            “Yes, Spike.  You must return me to my daddy.  Miss Edith says it is so.”  Dru go up to tend to the doll.

            “How exactly am I supposed to keep her, Dru?  I’m a vampire and she’s a slayer.  Did that da… darling doll tell you any of that?”  Spike had almost said damn.  That would have caused an uproar and a broken tea set for sure.

            “She did.”  Dru set about pouring tea for Miss Edith.  “You are to go for an airplane ride and bring back the Slayer.  The true slayer.  The one you’ve got has been playing someone else’s turn, and that’s wrong.  She should be punished, but Miss Edith disagrees.  It makes me mad.”  She turned the tea cup over in front of the doll so that it was upside down on its saucer.  “No tea for her.”

            “What do you mean, Drusilla?  Buffy’s not really the Slayer?”  Spike wanted to shake sense into her.

            “Isn’t that what I just said?  Great-great-grandsire snuffed the sun out, just like blowing out a candle.”  She made a blowing motion with her lips.  “But the stupid boy lit it right back up again.  Can I punish him then, my Spike?  The gangly dark one who follows after the sun?  Can I?”  Dru asked hopefully.

            “No, princess, it would make daddy cross with you and you wouldn’t want that.”  Spike reluctantly warned her, he wouldn’t mind if the whelp bought it one bit, but he didn’t want Buffy upset.  It wasn’t good for the baby.

            “Do you happen to know how I can find this other slayer, pet?”  Spike asked thinking it would be too good to be true.

            Dru whirled around and ran to her dresser.  She pulled several pieces of paper out of the top drawer and handed them to Spike. 

            Spike looked down at the paper in his hands.  Airline tickets?  She’d bought airline tickets?  “When did you do this, Dru?”

            “I sent one of the minions of course, the smart one with the glasses.  Dolltown, I think.”  Dru was quite proud of herself.  “You leave tomorrow night.  You don’t even have to go out of the airport.  I had the minions spread the news all over, that William the Bloody was headed to Jamaica.  Miss Edith says that the real Slayer will be at the airport, ready to stake you.  I bought a ticket for her too.”

            “Thanks, I think.”  Spike was pleased in a way, and really freaked out in another.  He couldn’t ever remember Dru being so organized or coherent before.  Apparently she wanted her daddy really, really badly.  He looked down at the tickets.  Well, she could have him.  He was getting Buffy and a baby.



Chapter 13:  The Wait



            Buffy hated waiting.  The money Spike had given her to spend on the baby was helping some but not enough.  She wanted it all done.  She wanted Spike and she wanted everyone to know and accept it.  He’d told her on the phone that he had it all worked out, and that he would be back soon.  She’d cried of course.  She seemed to be doing a lot of that lately.

            Willow and Xander were scouring the mall looking for Buffy.  They’d only had a few hours sleep, but after Giles’ call they decided they should try and spend some time with their friend.  This pregnancy thing was really freaking her out, and they figured she could probably use some company.  Willow was the first to spot her coming out of a small boutique with a couple of bags in her arms and a big pink pig.  She grabbed Xander’s arm and pulled him over to her.

            “Hey, Buffy.  What you got there?” Willow asked in her most peppy ‘everything’s just fine’ voice.

            Buffy looked up, pleased to see her friends.  “It’s a pig.  A pig for the baby.”

            “Don’t you think it’s a little early to be buying stuff?”  Xander asked as he eyed the bags in her hands.

            “Nope.  I can buy stuff if I want.  It relaxes me, and if it relaxes me, it’s good for the baby, and if it’s good for the baby, I get to do it.  The only rule is no blue.  I have to stick to neutrals.  Which is so unfair, ‘cause I know it’s a boy.”  Buffy said as she started walking in the direction of the food court.

            “Rules?” Willow questioned.  “There are rules?”

            “Apparently,” Buffy said absently as she spotted her target.  “Let’s get milkshakes!  My treat.”

            “Those are some of my favorite words!” Xander exclaimed.  He and Buffy went to the ice-cream counter with enthusiasm, leaving Willow to tarry after them.  She was still worried about the rules.  Did Buffy have a handbook or something?

            Buffy ordered them each a different flavored milkshake.  They sat down at a nearby table to enjoy their icy treat.  Willow eyed her friend suspiciously.  Buffy was acting weird.  She was way too cheery.  And the spendy thing?  Willow couldn’t picture Joyce not wanting to come with Buffy if she was shopping for the baby for the first time.  And since when had she even told her mom?  And why had she really not called them last night?  And why was she wearing a scarf around her neck?        

            “So, you told your mom about being pregnant?”  Willow spoke hesitantly.  Giles had warned them that Buffy’s hormones were fluctuating, add that to her usual Buffiness, and you kind of needed to watch out.

            Buffy stilled.  “No, I’m waiting for something.”

            “What would that be exactly?” Xander asked suspiciously.  Willow wasn’t the only one who noticed their friend was acting odd.

            Buffy shrugged.  “Just something.  When it’s all figured out, I’ll let you guys know.  I don’t want to tell my mom everything right now, and have her worry about me all of the time.”

            “So, what did you say to get her to give you the spendy goodness?”  Willow inquired as she slipped her straw out of her milkshake to give it a lick.  Xander watched the action in fascination.  Wow, Willow could be sexy kind of.

           Buffy noticed Xander watching Willow and couldn’t help a little smile.  She would love to see those two get together.  “Daddy gave me the money,” Buffy said truthfully.  They didn’t need to know it wasn’t her daddy.

            Willow sagged in relief.  Okay, that made since.  “Bet he has no idea what you’re spending it on,” she teased Buffy.

            Buffy eyed the pink pig and smiled, “Nope.”

            Back at the factory Spike was going stir crazy.  He’d felt a bit worked up since Buffy’s little crying spell earlier.  Now that he’d claimed her, he could feel any strong emotions she had.  He’d given her his cell phone so that he could keep in touch with her, and apparently it had been a good thing.  Honestly, couldn’t two grown men figure out how to calm an emotional female?  Didn’t they realize that she was pregnant and she needed a bit of coddling?  Spike was thinking of Giles and Angel getting Buffy all worked up this morning.

            Spike hoped she was having fun buying stuff for the little nipper.  He’d bet anything they’d have to take everything back because she’d buy it all in blue.  He’d told her not to, but didn’t really expect her to have that kind of self control.  She was an impetuous little thing.  Just one more thing to love about her.  He’d tried to explain to her that with his track record, the baby would undoubtedly be a girl.  She’d listened patiently and then leaned in and whispered ‘it’s a boy’ into his ear.  Silly chit.  Damn, he loved her.

            He was getting happy vibes from her at the moment and figured she must be enjoying her little shopping spree.  He turned around and watched as Drusilla swayed from side to side to music that only she could hear.  She was packing up her things to take to Angel’s.  She was in a good mood too.  It was only Spike, stuck inside, waiting for sunset to head off to the airport, who was cranky.  Maybe he should go stake a minion or two?  Just for sport.



Chapter 14:  The Slayer



            Spike got off the plane and put on his best big bad swagger.  He wanted to draw this slayer’s attention fast.  He had a woman to get home to.  He walked off the ramp, and into the airport, and saw a gorgeous warrior-woman, complete in fighting stance.  In one glance, he could tell this one was a completely different breed from his slayer.  This one was all business.  Well, that was good, ‘cause he had a lot of business for her to take care of.

            Spike walked right up to her and handed her the other ticket.  He watched in amusement as she struggled to decide whether to take the offered paper, or just fight him.  Surely, she’d take the paper.  Did she really want to cause that kind of scene in a public place like this?  How would she explain his dusty disappearance to the authorities?

            Kendra took the paper.  It was a ticket.  Why was this vampire giving her a ticket?  Maybe her watcher had it wrong.  Maybe he was the crazy one and not his lover.

            “Need you to come back to the Hellmouth with me,” Spike told her.

            “Ritual?  Spill me blood and open it up?  I think not.” She hissed, her accent thick.

            “While that’s a right good idea, I had a little something else in mind.”  Spike gave her his most charming smile.  “Thought perhaps you could do your duty.  You are the Chosen One, after all.  The one girl in all the world to fight the vampires.  It’s your duty to protect the Hellmouth.  You should already be there.  It’s just wide open, ready for any ol’ demon to come by with a key, and let the spawn of hell just walk on out.”

            “Why would you care?”  Kendra didn’t trust killers.

            “A lot of reasons actually, but the main one is that the other slayer needs to retire.  It’s only fair, really.  She died, did her duty.  Duty belongs to you now.  So hop on the plane with me and get to work.”

            Kendra was torn.  To be honest, she was planning on slipping into the cargo hold of one of the planes in a while anyway.  Maybe she could stake this vampire, take the ticket, and go protect the Hellmouth?

            Spike saw her brain working.  It was sweet that she thought she could take him.  It was like thinking about a kitten attacking a pit bull.  “Look, you can’t take me.  Not yet.  You’re too inexperienced.  There is no better place on this earth then the Hellmouth to get serious ass kicking skills.” 

            “Okay.  I’ll go.”  He was right.  She couldn’t take him, and she really wanted to go.  “First I want to know some things.  One, why you are doing dis.  Two, I need to know dat you won’t kill me.”

            Spike shrugged.  “Fair enough.  I’m doing this because the other slayer, the one that died, is my mate.  I don’t want her fighting anymore, and she can’t stop until someone comes to replace her.  That would be you.” Spike pointed at her chest.  “That’s also the reason I won’t kill you.”  There, that ought to cover it.

            “You are lying.  A slayer would never mate with a vampire.”  Kendra took up her fighting stance again.

            Spike decided a bit of exaggeration might be called for.  “There was a wizard, who put a spell on us.  Made us fall in love.  I claimed the chit.  Now I’m stuck with her and her do-good feelings for all eternity.  Happy?”

            “Yes.  Dat I believe.  Okay, vampire, I will go with you.  It is de best way to keep an eye on you until I can kill you.”  Kendra warned him.

            Spike gave her a bright smile; there she goes again being all cute and feisty.  He felt like giving her a squeeze, but instead he just gave her a nod and walked away to board the next flight.  He hoped the return flight would go more quickly with someone to talk to.  This being away from Buffy was making him nervous.


Chapter 15:  The Hospital



           Buffy had been a very good girl.  She’d pampered herself, bought clothes for the baby, and hung out with her friends.  She’d done everything Spike had told her to do.  Even now, she was curled up on the couch having a late night movie marathon with her mother.  Spike said that he was going out of town to get something that would fix all of their problems.  Buffy couldn’t imagine what he had in mind.  She hoped it wasn’t some kind of hired demon muscle.

            Joyce looked at her daughter with a tender smile.  Nights like this were rare, where the two of them spent some real quality time together.  She’d been pleasantly surprised when Buffy had asked her to bring movies home with her after work.  Buffy was never home at night.

            Buffy jumped off the couch and yelled, “I have to pee, can you get us more popcorn?”

            “You have to pee again?” Joyce said to a now empty room as she got up to pop the popcorn.  That girl had peed three times since they had put the current movie on.  Joyce made a mental note to buy some cranberry juice. 

            Just as she pushed the start button on the microwave, she caught a movement outside.  She looked closer and saw that it was a really big man in a suit with a box of flowers.  As he neared the house, she realized that the poor man was terribly disfigured. 

            Joyce had the front door open before the bell could even be rung.  She gave the man a big smile and said, “Hello, are those for my daughter?”

            “Umm, yes.”  The flower man pushed the white box at Joyce.

            “Mom?  Who is it?” Buffy asked, coming up behind Joyce.

            “Oh, someone is sending you flowers, dear.”

            Buffy got a look over her mom’s shoulder and grabbed Joyce by the shirt, throwing her backwards into the living room just as the demon on the front porch took out a silver dagger.  Buffy lunged forward, unfortunately stopping the dagger by letting it jam deeply into her left shoulder.

            “Mom, there’s a sword under the couch.  Get it!” Buffy screamed, as she started fighting in earnest.  Luckily, the bulky suit the grey demon was wearing made him awkward and slow.  She was getting some good hits in while keeping him from connecting anything with her stomach.

            “I am here to revenge my leader,” the Morecroft demon said, as his elbow pushed against the dagger embedded in Buffy’s shoulder.  There was a sickening ripping and sucking sound as it tore free.

            Joyce attempted to get past Buffy to use the sword to protect her daughter, but Buffy ripped it out of her mother’s hands without even looking.  She moved lightening fast and swung it against the demon’s neck, cleanly decapitating it.

            Joyce watched in horror as the flower man disintegrated in front of her.  Soon it was nothing more than a bad suit.  She looked at Buffy to make some kind of sense of this, and that’s when she saw her little girl lying on the porch with blood pouring out of her shoulder.

            An hour later, Joyce sat in the hospital waiting room in a state of shock.  First was Buffy’s urgent plea to the EMT to make sure her baby was okay.  Then came the phone call Buffy had asked her to make to the school librarian, who had arrived immediately along with Willow and Xander, and proceeded to tell her that Buffy was a vampire slayer.  The Chosen One.  One girl in all the world to fight the demons.  It was an awful lot to take in.

            The doctor had come out and informed them that Buffy was just fine, and the baby didn’t seem to be in any danger.  He said he’d never seen anyone heal as quickly as Buffy in all of his years practicing emergency medicine.  Giles thanked the man and asked him when they could see Buffy.  The doctor informed him they were just waiting for her to be moved into a regular room, and then she could receive visitors.

            Angel came running into the room then.  He’d taken Giles’ pager on patrol with him but wasn’t able to check it until he’d found a vampire familiar with the damn things.  He’d been sure to thank the former banker before he staked him.  “Is Buffy okay?” Angel yelled.

            “Yes, Angel, she’s fine.” Giles assured him.

            “And the baby?”

            “The baby is apparently fine as well,” Giles said.

            “He knows about the baby?”  Joyce’s irritated voice came through loudly.

            “Yes, Joyce.  She told all of us yesterday.”  Giles said quietly, trying to calm her.

            “Is this Buffy’s boyfriend?”  Joyce demanded shrilly.  Giles winced.

            “They were a couple, I believe, before Buffy became pregnant, but now they are just friends.”  Giles wondered if any other watchers had been faced with irate mothers before.   

            “So, he got my daughter pregnant and then broke up with her!”  Joyce accused.

            “No, no, Joyce,” Giles began, “Angel is not the father of Buffy’s baby.”

            “Then who the hell is?”  Joyce demanded to know.

            “I am.”

            All heads in the room turned to the newcomer in absolute shock.

            “How’s Buffy?” Spike asked.  He’d been keenly aware of both her pain and her panic since the attack had started.  He’d felt it just as he was getting on the highway to head back to Sunnydale from L.A.X., he’d driven like a bat out of hell to get to his mate.  Kendra had been more terrified in that car trip then she’d ever been of any demon.  Spike had thrown a phone at her and had her dial Buffy every five minutes.  Nothing.  Entering Sunnydale, he’d followed the pull of his mate to the hospital and rushed in.

            “Spike,” Angel said with seething hatred, moving to do away with the bleached menace, but finding himself blocked by a wall of slayer.

            “Back off dere, vampire,” the dark beauty said.  “He asked you a question.  How is his wife?”  Kendra had listened to Spike’s story on the way back from the plane, and had come to trust the man inside of the vampire.

            “He is not her…”  Angel started.

            “Would someone tell me how in the bloody hell my wife is!”  Spike yelled, interrupting Angel’s protestation.

            The doctor walked in at that moment and laid a hand on Spike’s arm.  “You must be William.  Your wife’s been calling for you.  She and the baby are fine.  She’s in room 201, if you’d like to see her.”

            “Thank you,” Spike said as he spun out of the room to get to Buffy.

            Everyone in the room got up to follow him, but found themselves faced with a determined slayer.  “You wait.”  Kendra swept them all with a pointing finger.

            “May I ask just who it is you are?” Giles inquired heatedly.

            “I am Kendra…, the vampire slayer,” she replied, drawing herself up, with her arms crossed over her chest.

            “I thought you said Buffy was the vampire slayer?  You said that there could only be one and that’s why she had to do it.  And who was that blonde man?  Why did he tell the doctor he was married to Buffy?”  Joyce took in a much needed breath of air as she waited for answers.

            Giles was about to attempt to form some kind of answer when Kendra’s melodic voice rang out.  “Buffy was de slayer.  She died for a moment and was brought back to life according to Spike’s sire.  So I was called.  Now, I am de Slayer.  De blonde vampire is mated to Buffy and dat makes him her husband.  It is his baby she is carrying.  He came to get me, so dat I can take my rightful place as de protector of the Hellmouth, so his mate could be safe.  Does everyone understand dis?”

            Everyone did not understand.  They just stared at her blankly.

            “Kendra,” Giles broke the silence.  “I realize that Spike has told you many convincing things, but what you do not understand is that he is a vicious killer and will stop at nothing to…”

            “Vicious killer?  Yes, before he came to be his Buffy.  I have listened to him go on for hours about his love for dis girl.  All of you follow me, and witness dis vicious killer.”  She got up and led the way out of the room.  Kendra was keenly aware of Angel’s position behind her.  The tense group piled stiffly into the elevator, wondering why they were even listening to this girl, and not already by Buffy’s side.

            When the doors opened, Kendra followed the pull of ‘vampire’ in order to find her way to the room.  She stopped in the doorway and stood to one side with her arm braced across the threshold, her intent clear.  Everyone could crowd in to look, but not enter.

            What they saw shocked the hell out of them.  Spike had his head on Buffy’s good shoulder and he was openly weeping, while running a hand over her blanket covered abdomen.  Buffy was stroking the back of his head and they could hear her telling him over and over that it was alright, that she was okay.

            The group turned and walked away, realizing that this was a private moment between Buffy and Spike.  They found the waiting room for the second floor and each collapsed into a hard plastic seat.  Their view of the world had been seriously thrown off balance.


Chapter 16:  The Leaving


            When Buffy had finally calmed Spike down, she convinced him to go and get her mother for her.  He kissed her softly and went to do as she asked.  He needed to make a phone call anyway.  He stopped in the hallway outside of her room and dialed Dalton.  He asked the vampire to please grab Drusilla’s things and escort her to the hospital.  Then he went to face Buffy’s friends and family.

            He walked into the room and looked at Joyce.  “Mrs. Summers, Buffy would like to see you now.”

            Joyce heaved a huge sigh of relief as she came to a stand.  She desperately wanted to assure herself that her little girl was alright.  As she walked past Buffy’s newly announced husband she wondered why he seemed so familiar.

            After Joyce left, Spike took a seat beside Kendra.  Funny, how he felt safest sitting next to a slayer.  He looked at the rest of the room, “Okay, fire away.”

            “What the hell did you do to her?” Angel ground out.

            “Nothing.  All I did was put on an old set of clothes that Dru insist I wear.  Next thing I know I’m human and holding the love of my life in my arms.  Tried to forget about it when the spell broke,” Spike paused.  “Okay not really, pretty much pined after her and did a lot of stalking, but the point is I couldn’t forget.  I still loved her.  It ain’t going to go away, peaches.  I love her, always will, claimed her, now she’s mine.  End of story.”

            Angel stood up in anger, “The hell it is!  That’s not love, Spike, that’s a spell.  I’d think you would be able to recognize the difference.”

            Kendra had risen when Angel had.  She made it readily apparent that she wouldn’t let the big vampire anywhere near the smaller one.

            “It’s not like that, grandpa!  Sit back down and I’ll try and explain it to you nice and slow like.”  Spike waited for Angel to take his seat.  “Buffy and I made love when we were under that spell.  It was real.  The spell didn’t cause that, we did it on our own.  It’s like it was always there and just needed a way to make itself known.  Now, she is having my baby.  I’ve claimed her, something she wanted by the way, and I’ve found someone to take over the slayer duties.  As soon as the doc gives the okay, she and I are leaving this town.”

            Giles had his head in his hands during Spike’s explanation.  He felt a migraine coming on.  This was just entirely too much to digest in one night.  Still, he felt he must clarify something.  “Spike, can you tell me about your killing?  Surely Buffy will not allow you to continue?”

            Spike gave the watcher a level look.  “That’s between Buffy and me.  It’s private.  I will tell you that we worked it out, however.  I will also tell you that Buffy is no longer yours to worry about.  She’s mine.”  Spike pointed at Kendra with his thumb.  “This brave little birdie here belongs to you.  She’s the actual Slayer.” 

            Spike sensed Dru a moment before she walked into the room.  “And this gorgeous bird belongs to you, Angelus.  She’s weak.  She’ll listen to you.  Be a man and take care of your childe.”  Spike gave Angel a look that said just what he’d do to the elder vampire if he failed in this.

            Angel saw Dru walk in the doorway and he opened his arms. Drusilla let out a joyful cry and crawled on his lap.  Angel looked at the studious looking vampire holding a suitcase and Miss Edith.  “Just leave those here.  I’ve got her now.”  The man gave both Angel and Spike a nod, before he turned and left just as quickly as he’d come.

            “Hello, Drusilla,” Angel said softly.

            “Hello, Daddy,” Dru giggled as she wiggled on Angel’s lap.  She felt him stiffen and beamed with pride.  “I’m going to be a very good girl, just you wait and see.”

            Angel was struck with the feeling of coming home.  He hadn’t realized just how lonely he’d been over the years until this dark little beauty was resting in his arms.  This wasn’t at all how he pictured things working out, but somehow they made sense.  He felt a rightness with Dru that he’d just never felt with Buffy.

            “If that’s all settled then,” Spike spoke up, “you can each go in and say hello to Buffy.  Don’t tire her out though, I mean it.”



Epilogue:  The Joy



            “Don’t tire her out though, I mean it.”  Spike warned as he let the Scoobies into his home.  “Joyce is in the bedroom with them now.  Buffy’s exhausted.”  His face split into a wide grin.  “Happy, but exhausted.”

            As soon as Spike had called Sunnydale to tell them Buffy was in labor, they’d piled into Giles’ car and headed up north.  Spike had moved Buffy and Joyce to a town in northern California.  It was close enough for them to get back to Sunnydale for any end of the world nonsense, but far enough away for the Hellmouth riff raff not to sniff the slayer out.

            Giles, Xander, and Willow walked into the bedroom quietly.  Joyce sat in a rocking chair staring intently at the tiny bundle in Buffy’s arms.  Spike came into the room and lay down on the bed beside his wife.  He put his arms gently around both Buffy and the baby.  The look on his face was one of pure rapture.

            Buffy was glowing.  She looked up at her friends and gave them a tired smile.  “Look what I did.”  She moved the blanket down so they could see the baby’s face.  “His name is William, after his daddy,” she said proudly.

            “He’s beautiful!” Willow whispered in awe.

            “Yes, Buffy, simply magnificent,” agreed Giles.

            Xander looked at Buffy and the baby wrapped securely in Spike’s arms, “Gee Buff, looks like you got a heck of a lot more than candy for Halloween.”


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