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2001 Civil Rights Report

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Now more than ever before, your local public library is interested in Islamic resources. But balanced and accurate materials are not always available or affordable. Working together, we can change this situation. You can sponsor a library today!

For only $150 (package value over $300), we'll send these enlightening materials to a library of your choice that is interested in receiving them. CAIR has embarked upon an ambitious campaign to put quality materials about Islam in all 17,000 public libraries in the United States. If every person or community agrees to sponsor up to 10 libraries, we will easily meet our goal, Insha'Allah.

You can help educate your fellow Americans about Islam as a religion of peace and justice that has a rich civilization and culture.

Islam a Closer Look    Life of the Last Prophet
Servants of Allah    Gender Equity in Islam
Daughters of Another Path    Islam-Empire of Faith
The Meaning of the Holy Quran    Muhammad-Critical Lives
Silent No More: Confronting America's False Images of Islam    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Islam
The Hajj-One American's Pilgrimage to Mecca    Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People
The Islamic Threat-Myth or Reality    Teaching About Islam and Muslims in the Public School Classroom
Celebrating Ramadan - Children's Book    Ramadan - Award Winning Children's Book
Eyewitness: Islam    Essential Koran

   Caring, thoughtful people like you identify libraries in your local community that would like to receive the library package.

   Libraries are informed of your intention to donate the library package.

   All the materials are purchased together to receive the best discounts.

   Materials are shipped to the libraries.

   A confirmation letter is sent to you indicating that the library has been sent your package.

   The library makes the materials available to readers.

   You encourage your friends to check out the materials at your local library so they stay in circulation.

   With your help, your neighbors and friends learn to appreciate Islam as a peaceful, just religion with a rich civilization and much to offer the American way of life, Insha'Allah.

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Look for these posters in the local public library you sponsor!

Open New Doors. Learn about Islamic Culture and Civilization

Explore Islamic Culture and Civilization

Library Package Display presented at Press Conference (9/9/02)

Library Package Display presented at Press Conference (9/9/02)


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