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The Life of the Last Prophet (Audio)

Yusuf Islam (Formerly Cat Stevens), Mountain of Light Productions

This spoken-word audio biography of Muhammad has been applauded by audiences for its production style and narration. It was written and produced by the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens, who has sold over 60 million albums worldwide to date. It also features Yusuf Islam’s first song, a classical tribute to the Prophet, after seventeen years away from the recording studio. 70 minutes.

The Hajj: One American’s Pilgrimage to Mecca (Video)

ABC News "Nightline"

Michael Wolfe, who is a Muslim convert, was born the son of a Christian mother and a Jewish father. He takes his viewers step-by-step through the spiritual side of the Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca, explaining the origins and meanings of the various rituals. 22 minutes.

Islam: A Closer Look (Video)

Licensed by Astrolabe Islamic Media 

A wonderful and thought-provoking exploration of Islam. Well known personalities such as Imam Hamza Yusuf, Dr. John Esposito, Nancy Ali, and basketball star Hakeem Olajuwon share their understanding of the faith while tackling stereotypes. 30 minutes.

ISLAM: Empire of Faith (DVD)

Robert Gardner, PBS

Narrated by Academy Award-winning actor Ben Kingsley, this three-hour program tells the spectacular story of the great sweep of Islamic power and faith during its first 1,000 years, from the birth of the Prophet Muhammad to the peak of the Ottoman Empire. Evocative re-enactments and a remarkable exposition of Islamic art, artifacts and architecture are combined with interviews with scholars from around the world.

The Islamic Threat: Myth or Reality?

John L. Esposito, Oxford University Press

An objective, thorough response to those who try to oversimplify events in the Muslim world, and demonize Islam. The text examines key developments in the last century, including the rise of Islamic movements, Muslim nation-states and the implications of recent international incidents including terrorism. 292pgs.

"One of America’s foremost authorities and interpreters of Islam…offers an informed and reasoned discussion of Islam in politics." The Wall Street Journal

The Essential Koran

Thomas Cleary, HarperSanFrancisco

"For Muslims, the whole of the Quran is sacred, but there are certain passages which are more accessible to those seeking from the outside to understand its meaning. The present translation has the virtue of making many such passages available in easily comprehensible language, thereby opening the doors for many readers to the inexhaustible treasure of the Sacred Text." Seyyed Hossein Nasr, University Professor of Islamic Studies, George Washington University. 224pgs.  

Critical Lives: Muhammad

Yahiya Emerick, Alpha Books

This concise, informative biography explores:

  • Muhammad’s background and boyhood, as well as the culture and society in which he lived.
  • A look at Muhammad as a family man, and how his personal life was a testament to his high regard for women.
  • Muhammad’s mission as a prophet and his new religion’s philosophy on topics ranging from monotheism to interfaith relations.
  • The Quran and how it was revealed, how Muslims view it in their religious life, and the concept of jihad from Muhammad’s perspective.


Daughters of Another Path: Experiences of American Women Choosing Islam

Carol L. Anway, Yawna Publications

The rapid growth of Islam in America is a current phenomenon. Why are our American daughters leaving their Christian backgrounds and choosing Islam, a religion that requires discipline, submission, and being "different?" This book reveals some of the reasons and thought processes that led these daughters into a new journey in their spiritual life. 214 pgs. 

Gender Equity in Islam

Dr. Jamal Badawi, American Trust Publications

This book presents an overview of the status and rights of Muslim women as defined by the Quran and Prophetic tradition. In this brief but important work, Dr. Jamal Badawi examines the spiritual, social, economic and political aspects of women’s position in Islam. It was originally presented at the UN Conference on Women in Beijing.


Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People

Jack G. Shaheen, Olive Branch Press

This passionately written and meticulously documented book shows the persistent and prolonged vilification of Arab peoples in mainstream Western movies. Offering reviews of the 900 films he has seen or researched over 20 years, the author shows a century of offensive stereotypes the image of the 'dirty Arab' has reemerged over the last 30 years, even as other groups have more or less successfully fought to eliminate the use of racist stereotypes. 592pgs.

Servants of Allah: African Muslims Enslaved in the Americas

Sylviane A. Diouf, New York University Press

A book retracing the "influential footsteps" of African Muslims in America. It asserts that Islam was clearly the first revealed religion followed by African slaves in the Americas. It describes their struggles in upholding practice of Islam, trying to return to Africa, preserving literacy through understanding the Quran, and resisting missionary pressures. It summarizes the enduring legacy of Islamic culture in African-American names, songs, rituals and religious ceremony. 251 pgs. 

"A welcome and timely work on a subject of great importance. By combining materials in African Islam with New World sources and thereby linking both sides of the Atlantic, the author provides a fresh angle on studies of the Diaspora. Readers will find in the book a great deal of information presented in a clear, lively style." Lamin Sanneh, D. William James Professor of Missions and World Christianity, and Professor of History, Yale University

The Meaning of The Holy Quran

Translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, Amana Publications

This book is by far the best known, most studied, and most respected English translation of the Quran. It was the first monumental and authoritative work of its kind and it subsequently inspired many such similar endeavors.

Silent No More: Confronting America’s False Images of Islam

Paul Findley, Amana Publications

Congressman Paul Findley chronicles his far-flung trail of discovery, the false stereotypes of Islam that linger in the minds of the American people, the corrective actions that the leaders of America’s seven million Muslims are undertaking, and the community’s remarkable progress in mainstream politics. 323pgs.

Eyewitness: Islam

Philip Wilkinson

A colorful book for children and young adults that explores the faith, culture, and history that has shaped the modern Islamic world. Beautiful photographs and drawings enhance this unique book.


Teaching about Islam & Muslims in the Public School Classroom: a Handbook for Educators

Council on Islamic Education

Now in its third edition, this popular publication helps American educators presented with the task of accurately and fairly teaching about Islam and Muslims in primary and secondary schools. It contains information on Muslim beliefs and practices, an Islamic terms glossary, charts and relevant graphics, a section on the needs of Muslim students in public schools, and an annotated list of recommended primary and supplementary materials (including audio/visuals) grouped by topic. This book has been reviewed for accuracy by academics and Muslim scholars.

"I would highly recommend this as a resource. It grapples with issues often raised by students and provides the teacher with background information as well as factual details." Penelope Maguire, 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher, Apex Middle School, Apex, NC

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Islam

Yahiya Emerick, Alpha Books

 You’re no idiot, of course. You know Islam is an ancient religion with millions of followers and has a profound impact on world affairs. But are you aware of how many facets of modern life were influenced by Islamic inventions and discoveries? Or that Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the United States? This book takes you back to the origins of Islam and explores its beliefs and practices through the centuries and in the present. 408pgs.

Celebrating Ramadan

Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith, Holiday House

Join Ibrahim and his family from New Jersey as they take you through the month of Ramadan. Fasting, giving charity, gathering as a family, praying in the masjid and preparing for Eid are all well presented in a warm and endearing style. Photographs bring the story to life. The book is highly recommended to explain Ramadan to friends and in public schools. 32pgs.

"The book captures an aspect of the unique cultural interpretation of the Muslim community during Ramadan and Eid in the contemporary United States." Council on Islamic Education


Suhaib Hamid Ghazi, Holiday House

A clear and informative description of one boy’s celebration of Ramadan is skillfully brought to life by Omar Rayyan’s warm and joyful illustrations. Awarded Book of the Year by the National Council for the Social Studies, it is a perfect book to take to school and share. 30pgs.

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