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Sites to Visit for Clip Art

Sites for Teachers

Teacher Files (lots of good ones for the teacher)

Web clip art - links to school-related sites

Discovery School's Clip Art Gallery

EduHound (lots of categories for school clip art) The Teachers' Parking Lot -- Graphics for Teachers Mandy's Web Medley -- Holday Graphics
Sites compiled for teachers by Sue LeBeau; Sites with cool graphics; also music ChipsAhoy (clip art in many categories -- go to first icon, then schools)

Pics4Learning (photos donated by teachers and students)

Graphics for Educators (backgrounds, lines, icons, and seasonal art) Cyberbee -- back to school clip art & animations for kids and teachers Awesome Clip Art for Educators

Sites for Kids (also see Sites for Teachers)
Kid's Domain (lots of categories) Clip Art for Kids (buttons, backgrounds, objects, people, bullets, accents) Awesome Clip Art for Kids
Billy Bear 4 Kids World (graphic maps)  

General Clip Art
Google Image Search Search for Clip Art from Yahoo Free
The Whole Internet Clip Art Guide Clip Barry's Clip Art
AAA Clip Art   Free Clip Art - by category (use listing on left)
Links to lots of sites for free clip art at AAA Clip Art The Amazing Picture Machine (search for educational photos)  

Web Graphics, Animations, Music
Web Design and Clip Art from Education World Clip Art Universe - some of everything Blackat's Free Web Graphics -- backgrounds, buttons, bars; themes
Graphics and Sounds for Web Pages Yahoo -- web design sites  
Images and Icons for Web Pages Media Builder -- animated banners, graphics, fonts, more Kaleidescape -- background textures
ColorMaker -- background and text colors for web pages Project Cool's Web Graphics Zone -- help with graphics for the web WebGround - original background textures
    Backgrounds for educators and others


Compiled by Lynne Levy, Ed.D.
Schaub Instructional Technology Center
Rowan University
Updated November 8, 2004