Ever thought of something sillier than this?

Have you ever had a REALLY silly idea to cross over some of your favorite shows? Well that is what I am doing! My name is Michelle and I'm bringing you the Radio Play/Book "Marmalade Moon Peach Rayearth"(ya know..those little kid things with a book and tape to play along...?). This will be about the adventures of a few young heroines, Miki(MB), Chibimoon(SM), Hikaru and Umi(MKR), Daisy and Peach. Well this isn't just your normal adventure!
Here is the basic plot:
Some geekazoid(David) was tampering around in the studios of the great animes; Wedding Peach, Magic Knight Rayearth, Sailor Moon and Marmalade Boy..by accident he mixed up all the animes! And created a totally whacked up place cause CefTokyo w/ two crazy monsters, Fuu and Mercury. These two were up to no good! As Miki and Daisy liked to say, the Blue haired bitch was destroying all the other animes out there! And all the cool characters! When Chibimoon, Hikaru, Umi, Miki, Daisy, and Momoko heard about it..they were NOT going to stand for it! They all went searching one day for the Blue haired bitch and her side kick, The Green One(Fuu), but instead of finding them they found a strange little man..he called himself Master Clef...he gave them all powers..to become the "Marmalade Moon Knights!". And from that day on..the girls fought monsters and looked forward to the day..when they would whip the Blue Haired Bitch and Green One's Booty! (And during this all...we have the princess of CefTokyo..Princess Emeraude...imprisoned by the lesbian Sailor Mercury monster..whining...)

I need help! I need help! I need a GREAT fanfic writer to help me with this...I can't do it by myself..and maybe a sound editior! If you're interested email ME!!!


Arist: Wendy Clark
Chibimoon: Michelle Sullivan
Hikaru: Michelle Sullivan
Umi: Kristen
Miki: Sasha Arnkoff
Angel Daisy: Sasha Arnkoff
Momoko/Wedding Peach: Heather Roche
David, the geekazoid: Mark Sprauge
Master Clef: Austin Hanson
Fuu("Green One"): Laura Vasilion
Sailor Mercury("Blue Haired Bitch"): Sailor Vortex
Emeraude: Allison Skwarlo
Extras: (MANY) I lost the names of the family of sisters that I casted as extras ;.; Also I still need a few more guy extras here!!

Copyright: Michelle Sullivan, 1998.

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