Oswego NY Lake Effect Snow Storm
January 2004


A co-worker's friend took these pictures around Oswego, NY on January 31, 2004. Erin, my daughter, was at college in Oswego when this incredible lake storm hit. She said it was snowing at the rate of 6 or 7 inches an hour! They received 51 inches of snow in just 1 of the days alone! They got 2 more feet the next day. That was after a Nor'eastern storm that hit at the beginning of the week. The lake storm was a combination of strong, cold winds crossing 3 Great Lakes in a row (lakes Superior, Huron and Ontario) and landing on Oswego and Fulton NY. The southeastern corner of Lake Ontario was "ground zero" for the snowfall. It made Albany look like Hawaii.

I have to admit that these are some of the most amazing snow pictures that I've EVER seen ... from anywhere! Rumor had it that they had over 100 inches of snow in less than a week! I don't think that they could really measure it anymore ....

.... and judging from these pictures, I'd say that's probably true.

Oswego Lake Effect Storm Jan 2004

This is one of a couple of 200HP snow blowers brought in. How can these guys possibly know where the road is? Can YOU tell? Are they using GPS or do they just keep going in one direction until they start spitting out guard rails or car parts?

Oswego/Fulton NY Snow Storm January 2004

They're probably 500 feet off course in a farmer's field somewhere ... but with that much snow on the ground, you probably wouldn't be able to tell anyway. Just finding your house is probably an adventure. I think that I would be scared shitless driving between these walls of snow!