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Posted on Fri, Sep. 13, 2002

Miami Chronology: 1900 to 1920

June 21 1900 Miami becomes chief terminal for Flagler's Peninsular and Occidental Steamship Company.
September 10 1901 State grants charter for Fort Lauderdale State Bank, first bank.
May 20 1902 Cuba's first republic is established after U.S. occupation is ended by Platt amendment.
July 5 1902 Meyer Lansky born.
February 23 1903 U.S. leases naval base at Guantanamo.
March 14 1903 First national bird reservation, Pelican Island near Sebastian opens.
March 26 1903 First automobile race on Daytona Beach.
September 15 1903 Frank Stoneman publishes first edition of the Miami Evening Record. It would be replaced in 1910 by a new newspaper, The Miami Herald.
December 11 1903 The Metropolis becomes a daily newspaper (except Sunday) of 8 pages.
November 30 1904 Danish settlement of Modello incorporates as Dania.
December 15 1904 First passenger train reaches Homestead.
March 14 1905 Government Cut completed between Biscayne Bay and the ocean, creating Fisher Island from the south tip of Miami Beach.
July 8 1905 Monroe County game warden Guy Bradley is murdered by egret plume hunters at Flamingo in the Everglades.
January 20 1906 Halcyon Hall, Miami's second grand hotel, opens on site of present Dupont building.
April 2 1906 Dredge Everglades is inaugurated with Gov. Broward and family present
May 7 1906 Married Ladies' Afternoon Club becomes Women's Club of Miami.
July 4 1906 Street car service inaugurated by Tatum Brothers; would last only a year.
July 4 1906 Gov. Napolean Broward opens the Everglades Drainage District project as work begins on New River Canal.
September 29 1906 U.S. reoccupies Cuba
July 7 1907 Fort Dallas National Bank fails.
July 31 1907 Last edition of Miami Evening Record (merged with Miami Morning News)
December 2 1907 First issue of Miami Morning News Record.
January 14 1908 William Brickell dies.
March 2 1908 Prohibitionist Carrie Nation visits Miami through 11th.
June 6 1908 Voters pass a resolution to incorporate Town of Pompano
April 30 1909 Palm Beach county created; it had been part of Dade.
July 1 1909 Frank Shutts arrives in Miami. The Indiana attorney had been chosen as federal receiver for the Fort Dallas National Bank.
July 6 1909 First meeting of Palm Beach County commissioners.
August 22 1910 Col. Frank Shutts takes over failing Record.
October 28 1910 First families arrive by train to settle new town of Detroit (now Florida City).
November 30 1910 Last edition of Morning News Record (published every day but Monday).
December 1 1910 First edition of the Miami Herald (formerly Miami Morning News-Record), published by Frank Shutts with the financial backing of Henry Flagler, Frank Stoneman, editor; 6 days a week except Monday.
January 30 1911 First airplane rescue at sea, Key West, J.A.D. McCurdy.
February 13 1911 Herald publishes first Monday edition, making it a 7-day-a-week newspaper.
March 27 1911 45 voters agree to incorporate a new town named Fort Lauderdale.
July 20 1911 Wright Brothers aviator Howard Gill flies the first plane into Miami, landing near today's 12th Ave. just north of the River. Part of 15th anniversary celebration lasting two days.
December 29 1911 The body of Seminole fur trapper Desoto Tiger is found in a canal west of Ft. Lauderdale. His partner John Ashley is later arrested for the murder, escapes, and joins with his brother and others as Ashley Gang, notorious bank robbers.
January 1 1912 Frank Shutts, along with William P. Smith and Crate D. Bowen, organizes law firm of Shutts, Smith and Bowen (later Shutts and Bowen). During this year Shutts purchases the Herald from Flagler.
January 22 1912 Overseas Railroad to Key West opens with the arrival of a five-car train in Key West.
February 8 1912 First transcontinental flight lands in Jacksonville., R. G. Fowler.
April 15 1912 Titanic sinks; Herald scoops Metropolis.
April 26 1912 Everglades canal system from Fort Lauderdale-Ft. Myers is opened by Gov. Gilchrist
June 1 1912 Fire wipes out buildings in downtown Fort Lauderdale.
June 1 1912 Charlie (Charley) Thompson lands his 30,000 pound whale shark. (Several sources say June 23.)
June 3 1912 Miami Beach Improvement Co. formed by John Collins.
June 5 1912 Ocean Beach Realty Company formed by Lummus brothers.
July 1 1912 Thomas Pancoast arrives in Miami to begin work on bridge to Miami Beach.
July 9 1912 Lummus brothers file first plat on Miami Beach.
July 21 1912 First religious service at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Cocoanut Grove.
November 23 1912 William Jennings Bryan moves to Miami with his wife Mary.
January 13 1913 Carl Fisher receives 200 acres of land on Miami Beach from John Collins.
January 27 1913 Homestead incorporated.
February 17 1913 Charlie Thompson takes his giant whale fish on national tour. The fish is destroyed in a boat fire in Washington in 1922.
May 17 1913 Domingo Rosillo flies from Key West to Havana, winning prize for first flight to Cuba.
May 20 1913 Henry Flagler dies in Palm Beach at age 73.
May 23 1913 Thomas Pancoast and family are first to drive across new bridge to Miami Beach.
June 6 1913 Gov. Park Trammell signs bill creating Everglades Drainage District.
June 12 1913 John Collins' two-mile wooden bridge, "Venetian Way" to Miami Beach opens formally.
October 13 1913 Miami goes dry after 6 years of efforts by Anti-Saloon league.
December 9 1913 William Deering dies in Coconut Grove ("Harvester King" father of James and Charles.)
December 10 1913 Fisher's Alton Beach Realty opens land sales on Miami Beach.
December 18 1913 Richard Bolles and aides are indicted for fraudulent use of mails in his Florida Fruit Lands Company's sales of land in Progresso and the Everglades.
June 28 1914 Archduke Ferdinand assassinated, Sarajevo. Beginning of World War I.
January 1 1915 Miami Chamber of Commerce founded.
February 23 1915 Ashley gang robs Bank of Stuart.
March 26 1915 Miami Beach incorporated as City of Ocean Beach, with 33 voters.
April 24 1915 Theodore Gibson born in NW Miami. (Rev. Gibson was Miami commissioner 1972-1981)
April 30 1915 Broward County created; was part of Dade.
May 13 1915 State legislature approves a new municipal charter for Miami.
June 2 1915 Shootout in downtown Miami as Ashley Gang tries to free John from Dade County Jail; a jailer is killed; Bob Ashley and a police officer shot dead in street.
July 22 1915 First car passes through Broward County on Dixie Highway.
October 14 1915 Motorcade from Chicago reaches downtown Miami, opening Dixie Highway; brainchild of Carl Fisher, the highway would eventually run from Canadian border in Michigan.
October 25 1915 Dixie Highway completed to Miami.
November 2 1915 Miami gets first parking lot: 10 cents to park.
November 7 1915 Athalie Range (Mary Athalie Wilkinson) born in Key West.
May 2 1916 A contract is awarded to build Dade's 42-mile section of the Tamiami Trail.
June 26 1916 Clearing starts work on Dade end of Tamiami trail.
July 3 1916 Work begins on FEC railroad shops in Buena Vista.
July 16 1916 Dade County floats bond issue to fund its share of Tamiami Trail construction.
August 21 1916 Ground-breaking ceremony for Miami Colored Normal school.
November 23 1916 Dedication of Royal Palm Park by Florida Federation of Women's Clubs; predecessor of Everglades Natl Park.
December 24 1916 James Deering moves into his new home, Villa Vizcaya.
April 6 1917 U.S. enters WW I.
May 27 1917 First Sunday school held on Miami Beach, at Smith's Casino.
June 20 1917 Red light district called "Hardieville" shut down. (named for Sheriff Dan Hardie.)
July 15 1917 A group of whites dynamites the Odd Fellows Hall in Colored town. An impending riot is stopped by clergymen.
October 1 1917 First open-air post office, St. Petersburg.
May 1 1918 D.A. Dorsey buys Fisher Island to build a resort for African Americans.
May 15 1918 Work begins on Chapman field.
November 11 1918 Armistice: The Herald publishes a record 8 editions.
March 5 1919 Miami Beach Electric Company and Miami Beach Railway Company organized by Carl Fisher and others.
March 18 1919 Cocoanut Grove residents vote to incorporate and change name to Coconut Grove.
June 1 1919 Chalk's Flying Service inaugurated.
June 28 1919 Treaty of Versailles signed, ending World War I.

Last Updated on 9/13/2002

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