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Featured Works
This month's feature is the first ever Northern Arizona poetry journal: The Collared Peccary

And it can be yours with FREE SHIPPING. Go to our online store and purchase it for only $10.80. Only 200 copies printed so get yours today! Do you have a book you'd like to sell? Email NORAZPOETS with information.

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Rhett Pepe of Flagstaff
Rhett Pepe of Flagstaff
Rhett Pepe of Flagstaffis a quasi superhuman living in Flagstaff.

His days are spent practicing mad science at Northern Arizona University and creatively enhancing his penchant for diabolical evil.

His research involves employing directed bacterial evolution in an effort to enhance the production of cheap, clean electricity from the waste products of society by means of microbial fuel cells.

His nights are spent programming at and creatively enhancing his penchant for diabolical evil.

His performances are generally funny, but he has a lot of really whacked out darko stuff too, man, he just needs get on with it.

He likes to play his stupid songs, design new technologies, write screenplays, sketch, and study. He hopes to be in medical school in two years time, where he plans to creatively enhance his penchant for diabolical evil.

He lives in a garage.

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National Poetry Slam

The 2005 National Poetry Slam is in our backyard, Albuquerque Team NORthern AriZona wants to bring a caravan of supporters. For info about NPS-2005 or to join the NORAZ caravan, click here.

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Coming Soon...
Saturday, Jan 8
5:00pm LA Environmental Poet Beban @ Bookman's Flag
7:00pm M.A.D. Slam
Sunday, Jan 9
7:00pm Two-Lane Blues on 89.5 FM/KJZA
Monday, Jan 10
9:00pm Random Acts of Poetry - Open Mic
Tuesday, Jan 11
8:00pm The Flagslam
Wednesday, Jan 12
7:00pm M.A.D. Linguist Open-Mic
7:30pm The Poetry Salon

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