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Looney Tunes Racing
by Infogrames

Reviewer: Da bomb mom
Review Date: 01/22/2001

Thuffering Thuckatash, It’s that wasscly wabbit!

Click for screen shot 1 of Looney Tunes Racing Click for screen shot 2 of Looney Tunes Racing
Click for screen shot 3 of Looney Tunes Racing Click for screen shot 4 of Looney Tunes Racing
Looney Tunes Racing
GZ Review Ratings:
 Gameplay  8.0
 Graphics  8.5
 Sound  8.5
 Difficulty  8
 Concept  8.0
 Multi-player  8.0
Overall 8.5

Reviewer's Scoring Details

All Reviews for Looney Tunes Racing

This game has to have some of the most familiar characters of any games on the market

This game has to have some of the most familiar characters of any games on the market. All f our loveable Looney Tune characters have a part in the race and this just adds to the fun. How can you not love a game which has Bug, Taz, Elmer and others we have loved for so many years?. Well, we could not love them in a game if the game itself was not up to par. Believe me though, this is not the case!

The game is all about racing, Go-Kart style that is. The difference between this game and other similar games is not only the choices you are given but also the rich sense of humor that each character brings to the play. Bugs carrot fueled kart is of the course of the stand-outs although the rest of the challenging karts each have their own charm and well as their own special power plays.

One feature that really impressed me is the booby trap ala player. As in the ageless and timeless cartoons themselves, this game gives you the power to trip up your worthy opponent. Find an X and you get the chance to set up a roadblock of your own devise. This reminds me a lot of the Road Runner and Wiley. The split screen is an added bonus, which really gives this game a high quality look and gives a dimension to the game, which other similar games cannot boast.

The scenery is on the have to see to believe level. Although it may not be as involved as other games, the big plus here is that all the places where the race takes place stay true to the cartoons from which the characters come from. The desert has the look of Lawrence of Arabia Wile E. Coyote style and the More Opera Doc, which is a classic in itself, especially for those of us who remember the cartoon episode it. If you have not seen it just picture Carusso ala Fudd. Seriously though, there are very well designed tracks that add some tricks all the way to make the game an even challenging slant.

Although this game is one of those games which catches your eye with the familiarity of the characters, don’t be misled into thinking that this is just another one of those “cartoon based, cartoon playing games”. That is as far from what this game is all about as it can get. The graphics are of the highest quality, and the total interplay of the gamer is something you do not always find in a lot of highly touted must own games. This game is an ageless time racing game and luckily for all of us “That’s not all folks!”      

Install: N/A

Gameplay: 8.0
The thing I liked most about this game when it comes to the gameplay is that the game stays consistent on all 15 tracks. Although the goal to win and become champion is what you are playing toward, the extras you are given to accomplish this, including bonus rounds, traps really keeps the tracks from becoming stale.  

Graphics: 8.5
Beautiful graphics abound in this game. Rich background of scenery, which highlights every race, can be seen throughout the game. The characters themselves are also well penned in detail and very much in tune with keeping with the cartoons from which they were inspired. 

Sound: 8.5
I I have to admit I was a little more than pleasantly surprised when it came to sound. I was expecting the standard cartoon mixture with a few lilts in tune here and there. Was I ever on the wrong track! Not only are sound effects given the maximum attention here with everything from dialogue to prop plunking to the ground, but the music is something you have to hear. To imagine it, just close your eyes and envision bugs in the Warner Bros. circle saying, “What’s Up Doc”, and followed up with a richly orchestrated lead in. Authentic voice-overs and tunes we all know and love tie this game up with a winning bow. 

Difficulty: 8.0
The difficulty is pretty much a self chosen one. 15 tracks make up the standard game, although more can be earned by play. Each track and race though is even keeled and offers levels of difficulty, which are challenging in nature to win, but also keep the fun in place to enjoy the whole journey.

Concept: 8.0
Though the concept of racing is not knew this game has a fresh feel to it. The characters are familiar and the fact that each one stays true to their cartoon elements makes this game a cartoon inside a game inside a cartoon which changes the whole dimension of the game.

Multiplayer: 8.0
Although playing this one on one with the game offers hours of good fun, playing against another gives the game more of a feel of challenge. I played against my daughter and noticed that the gameplay took on a more festive feel than playing the game myself. I like the family aspect, as we all know that playing games from GBC to PSX with our kids really helps the old generation gap!

Overall: 8.5
This game is one of those games that not only make you smile at the game itself but also the characters themselves. Their are a lot of racing games on the market and although I have sound fantastic ones to play, this one distinguishes itself from those by rich graphics, sounds which are unbelievable on every front and most of all encourage good family fun. The challenges really call out for some strategy on the players part and that is always something that separates a game of hours of staring at the screen to hours of being one with the screen itself.

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