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Our Accomplishments
The initial $17,530.65 raised through the generosity and support of ANGEL fans worldwide, paid for the following:

Ad placed in the March 9th issue of The Hollywood Reporter, International Edition.
Ad placed in the March 15th National issue of Daily Variety.
2 week Guerrilla Billboards campaign than ran
Monday, March 15 - Friday, March 26 in Los Angeles. See pictures of the AngelMobile in action!
Donated $276.75 to the IRC.

With our next round of campaigns, so far we have:

Purchased 2,000 chocolate bars with our campaign logo and slogan on the wrapper, which were shipped to various executives at Warner Brothers, FOX, TNT and other media targets in addition to the cast and crew of ANGEL.
Extended our successful mobile billboard campaign for a third week. Paid a one-day rate after the campaign ended to be taped on national television!
Sponsored an amazing Rally in Los Angeles at the WB Ranch on March 31! This was coupled with an equally outstanding Online Rally for fans around the world. You can read the details about both events in our Rally Report.
Made a public presentation of our $13,000 ICRC donation to Mutant Enemy at the Saturn Awards in Los Angeles, on Wednesday, May 5. You can see a picture of Joss Whedon and our media liason Lisa Rowe during the presentation, here.

In addition, the Saving Angel Team Players have contributed their own funds to:

Send flowers to the cast and crew each Wednesday
Send flowers to Jordan Levin for the March 10th flower campaign.
Participate individually in the Beanie Babies for Ancier campaign.
Note: For additional details on the individual campaigns, please see our Donations page. Detailed financial reports are available for both the initial and subsequent campaigns.

An additional note from the Saving ANGEL team about our campaign progress.

Saving Angel has mounted one of the most comprehensive save-the-show campaigns in television history, generating extensive amounts of publicity for ANGEL and everyone connected with it, raising thousands of dollars for charity, and supporting other charitable fan efforts intended to bring attention to the show. Our fight has been one not only for a particular show, but for the ideal of Quality Television against an ever-expanding wasteland of "reality" programming, and the disappearance of well-written scripted dramas from the small screen.

Though the WB did not change its mind, and though no other network has come forward to pick up the series, we're not done fighting yet. But the fact that the actor's contracts have expired, and that there is no way to continue the series at this time, means we have to carefully consider where we go from here. Right now, there simply isn't a viable target for our energies. David Boreanaz, the star of the show, has made it clear that he is not interested in continuing in a regular weekly television drama at this point in time. Creator Joss Whedon is currently working on his long-dreamed-of Firefly movie. Key writers for the series have moved on to other projects.

That situation is not a permanent one, however. David Boreanaz has repeatedly stated that he would come back to his role in ANGEL if "the bar…[were raised]…significantly higher." Joss Whedon's very ending of the series made it clear he has more stories to tell in the Buffyverse/Angelverse. James Marsters has said that he is ready, willing and able to reprise the role of Spike. All of this indicates that there is hope for more ANGEL in the future, and we want to do what we can to turn that hope into a reality.

There are other projects related to the same universe in which ANGEL took place that may also be viable. Ripper, a spin-off devoted to Giles, has been in the works for some time, and it may well be that fan support could help bring that project to fruition. Joss Whedon has recently said he'd be interested in doing something on HBO, where he would be free of many of the network censorship issues that plagued both Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and ANGEL. Fan support for that possibility could have a positive impact. Finally, fan efforts could encourage investment in a big-screen project, such as an ANGEL movie.

The Saving Angel team members have worked long and hard since the middle of February on this campaign. We've put in almost as many hours each week as we have in our full-time jobs. Right now, with no clear target for our energies, we are going to take some time to evaluate where we are, what is possible, and where we should go from here. For that reason, unless we receive information that needs your attention, the site will not be updated and our newsletter will not be sent out, perhaps until the end of summer. We are taking down most of our postcard targets, and we are discontinuing our campaign to target advertisers who sponsored ANGEL during its run on the WB.

However, we want to encourage you to continue to send postcards to FOX Studios. They must understand that fan interest in a continuation of the story has not gone away, and that if they develop a new project, we will support it.

We also encourage fans to continue to let the WB know that without ANGEL on its schedule, we won't be in their audience. Call the affiliates when ANGEL would have aired and let them know what you're doing, instead. Send in postcards to let the WB know that you've canceled your cable or other subscriptions and no longer get their network, because without ANGEL, there's no incentive for you to watch their shows.

The Saving Angel Team wants to take this opportunity to thank everyone who ever sent in a single postcard, or contributed a dollar, made a phone call, or just spread the word about the campaigns. We may regret that we did not get the series renewed, but we are proud to have accomplished the many things we did, and we are glad that the profiles of everyone connected to the series were raised in the industry because of our efforts, and your support. One of the most awesome results of the various campaigns has been the outpouring of fan support for charitable efforts in honor of the series. The message of "helping the helpless" that was at the heart of ANGEL was certainly taken to heart by the fans. It is humbling to think that the lives of thousands of individuals will be just a little bit better because fans of ANGEL donated blood, fed the hungry, gave toys that were sent to children's hospitals, or supported the International Committee of the Red Cross in its many relief efforts around the world.

Thank you.

And, remember: Keep Making Noise. We aren't done yet.

The Saving Angel Team


Send postcards! Make sure that the network executives know that there is still support for ANGEL! See our postcard page for details. Joss said that the noise the fans were making was helping, so help us to keep making noise! REMEMBER: the voices of individual members of the audience need to be heard. The postcards are the backbone of our efforts.
Not Fade Away! As Angel fades from The WB lineup, the Food Drive mounts it's final campaign with the promise that ANGEL fans will Not Fade Away. For details on this new campaign, click here.
Many fans have taken the central message of ANGEL to heart. While the Beanie Baby campaign, which ultimately sent hundreds of stuffed toys to hospitalized children is over, a new blood drive is being planned, and the Food Bank Donation Drive is still going strong. Fans should be proud of these efforts, which will have a positive impact on local communities regardless of what happens to the show. We encourage your continued support.
Get your own Saving ANGEL gear! Show your support for the campaign and for ANGEL with t-shirts, mousepads, bumper stickers and other products now available from our very own CafePress SavingAngel Store!
Download one of our banners and post it on your site. Post our URL to your discussion lists, newsgroups and message boards to spread the word about the work we are doing to keep the show alive.
Sign up for our Saving ANGEL newsletter and receive campaign updates!
Make your own Saving ANGEL T-shirt! You can still show your support for the campaign and for ANGEL by wearing a Saving Angel T-shirt you made yourself. Our free downloadable T-shirt design, and transfer instructions, can be found here.

In addition to the above campaigns, we are continuing to explore other possibilities to keep our efforts to save the show in the public eye.

Join us in saving the show we've all loved for five outstanding seasons.


The Saving Angel Campaign is a multifaceted coalition from all spectrums of the Whedonverse fandom, including groups previously responsible for placing a number of full page fan ads in The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, and other publications. We have banded together as a collective body to support the continuation of ANGEL beyond this season. We are eternally thankful for the creative efforts of Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt, the cast, writers, and crew of ANGEL, and we feel that it is too soon for their voices to be silenced. We are willing to follow ANGEL wherever it may go and hope that you will join our cause. For more about the Saving ANGEL team, click here.

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