Riddles & Trivia #1

by Barb Stephens


  1. When can you add two to eleven and get one as the correct answer?

  2. I'm thinking of a number. Three times that number is no larger than twice that number. What number is it?

  3. If three men can chop down three trees in three hours, how many men will it take to chop down six trees in six hours?

  4. Farmer Brown owns three red pigs, four white pigs, and two black pigs. How many of Brown's pigs can say that they are the same color as another pig on Brown's farm?

  5. Here in my hand I have a penny, a nickel and a dime. Johnny's mom has three sons. One is named Pen for penny; one is named Nick for nickel. What is the other son's name?

  6. If it takes two men three hours to dig a hole, how long does it take four men to dig half a hole?

  7. A cowboy rode into town on Friday, and rode out again two days later, on Friday. How could he do this?

  8. A woman had two sons who were born in the same hour of the same day in the same year, but they were not twins. How could this be?

  9. The day before yesterday Cindy was 17. Next year she will be 20. How can this be?

  10. A cabdriver picked up a woman who was a notorious chatterbox. He didn't want to engage in conversation so he pretended to be deaf. He pointed to his ears and his mouth to indicate that he could neither hear nor speak. As she was about to get out of the taxi, he pointed to the meter so she would read how much she owed. She paid him and walked off. Then she realized he could not have been a deaf-mute. How did she know?


  1. How many stars are there in the Big Dipper?

  2. Whose picture is printed on a one dollar bill?

  3. Which is larger, a dime or a penny?

  4. How many legs does a spider have?

  5. With which hand does the Statue of Liberty hold her torch?

  6. How many keys are there on a piano?

Alphabet Soup

What letter of the alphabet is ...

  • A vegetable?

  • A body of water?

  • Part of the head?

  • A female sheep?

  • An actor's signal?
  • A drink?

  • An exclamation?

  • An insect?

  • A bird?

  • A question?


Last updated March 7, 1997

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