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Bill Stiles
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Apr-22-02, 02:36 AM (GMT)
"New JLT and new WB"
   I was the CD for Aloha Council's new WB course last fall and it was great! I'm also the Council Training Chairman, so I'm anxiously looking forward to the release of the new JLT course. John, any idea on timeframe? Also, if JLT is to be kept consistent with WB (as it was previously, and should continue to be), how will the new JLT course avoid the Blanchard copyright difficulties that the new WB course had? Thanks!

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Member since Apr-15-02
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Apr-25-02, 05:53 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: New JLT and new WB"
In response to message #0

There are two sets of opinion on if the new JLT should clone the new Woodbadge. A number of people that I have talked think that the approach to the leadership skills in Woodbadge, while maybe more in line with the current corporate training approaches, may be more complex than the average 13 year old can effectively assimulate easily.

Henry Allen

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Fred Ullrich
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May-15-02, 01:27 PM (GMT)
2. "RE: New JLT and new WB"
In response to message #1
   While I am not opposed to a thorough review of the Council JLT curriculum, I think that doing so with a desire to "align" that curriculum with Woodbadge would be a mistake.

The new Woodbadge curriculum is designed to provide benefit to ALL scouters: Cub, Boy, Venture. Therefore, there is now less emphasis on outdoor skills than there was under the old program. I always felt that one of the great strengths of the "old" curriculum was that the outdoor activities (that Boy Scouters would already have some interest in) were a true application (demonstration) of the leadership skills being taught. I think that the new curriculum is still struggling with providing "application" for the "talks".

I think our Council JLT program has been very successful... largely because it has been able to use the same symbiotic approach of demonstrating (practicing) leadership skills using outdoor skills that Boy Scouts need. Trying to "broaden" the focus of JLT (in the same way that the new WB has tried to "broaden" its focus) will, in my opinion, dilute the effectiveness of the JLT curriculum.

Finally, I don't believe that the change in WB curriculum necessitates a change in JLT... the major concepts of the two curricula are not all that different. They both use the concept of a "ticket" (although that term is not used in JLT) and there is significant overlap in the concepts taught. A properly run JLT will have joint sessions between the Scoutmasters and their youth participants to help provide orientation and common ground for the two to discuss what was covered in JLT.

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Jul-03-02, 04:10 PM (GMT)
3. "RE: New JLT and new WB"
In response to message #0
   I am an SPL who just finished running our JLT course in a very unique way, and I think I have some input for those working on the new JLT syllabus. As typical, I attended the CDC for our region in the fall of this last year. Most of the conference was dedicated to the new functions of WB, and I liked what I saw. A few of the ideas implemented caught my eye for use in JLT, specifically, the game of life (win all YOU can!) and the study of situational leadership. These struck me as lifelong lessons that are best learned early on in a leader's career. After seeing these presentations, and having them reinforced by my attendence at NLS from the OA, I obtained permission from my scoutmaster to take some liberties with the syllabus and timeline and test run these two activities. So, this course, we had effectively 12 leadership traits, and we crunched and shifted time a little bit in a day to spend an hour with the game of life. It was well received and appreciated! I hope these are included in the new JLT.

That being said, I do not think shaping the syllabus to model the new WB syllabus is a wise choice. As expressed by others, JLT is a course designed to hone down the skills of leaders of Boy Scouts and general leaders, while the WB course is designed to cover a broad range of leaders. In addition, despite many similarities, there are different appeals that keep the attention and learning of youth than there are for adults. I appreciate the idea of altering the syllabus to keep up with the needed changes, but let's not take it too far. Thank you!


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