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Thanks for your visit; my name is Fernando E. Doylet;
I am your host and one more of your cyberfriends.

To know me better, you may take a look at my resume,
and for a more personal approach, my family pictures.

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In this Network of Independent Workers, which I started on December 1994,
I have applied my spare time to promote the ideal of working using the Internet.

End Nuclear Power Campaign   Stop Star Wars Campaign

My first accomplishment was our Directory of Independent Professionals;
formed and maintained via e-mail only,
until Geocities gave us the opportunity of its present exposure and expansion.
Now you can find me promoting my increasing list of web sites and pages.

Creating a discussion meta-list for my high school (Liceo Naval) alumni,
and encouraging my friends and family to use free e-mail,
were the first steps to my personal involvement in helping others
benefit from this new way of communication.

This is my house in Union City, New Jersey, on 530 23rd Street, between Bergenline and West, very close to Mi Bandera and the Lincoln Tunnel; a great place to commute to Manhattan every day!

If you like my little house, you could buy it from me at only 200000 plus closing costs; minimum price until the end of 2003. Cheap!

Now let me challenge you to become a leader in our network;
we need a helping hand to organize our workers in CyberSpace,
and this is the perfect time to take charge.
The Internet is becoming the best way to find products,
services and employment.
If you are interested, click here.


To thank you for your visit, I have prepared a list of my favorite links,
as well as my small collection of poetry, recipes and freebies.

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