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December 17, 2004
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WCSO Case #: 2004 -- 525790

Aloha High School Student Brings Hoax Device to School

Update (December 17, 2004): Hoax device, not a hoax

This is a follow up on the earlier press release regarding the "hoax" explosive device at Aloha High School this morning. After the device was detonated, the Portland Bomb Squad determined that the device was in fact an actual explosive device. Members of the Portland Bomb Squad detonated the device in a safe area. Upon detonation it became apparent that the device was not harmless and could have caused injuries to students in the school as well as damage to school property.

At this time the juveniles in question have already been arrested and the charges remain the same.

WASHINGTON COUNTY - - About 10:00 a.m. on Friday, December 17, 2004, a student at Aloha High School, which is located at 18550 SW Kinnaman Road in Aloha, told a staff person that he had overheard another student say that he had a bomb and intended to set it off during first lunch.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officer assigned to Aloha High School spoke to the student who allegedly made the statement. The student denied having a bomb, but upon further questioning the student produced a suspicious looking device from his backpack. The device was described as being about 3 inches long and wrapped with silver duct tape.

A member of the Portland Police Bureau’s Bomb Squad was activated and quickly determined the device was harmless.

Two students have been charged in the case:

Sixteen-year-old Edward Locke and 15-year-old Ian Anaya are both charged with Unlawful Possession of a Destructive Device and Unlawful Manufacturing of a Destructive Device. Both charges are Class C Felonies.

The case has been turned over the Washington County Juvenile Department.

The Beaverton School District notified school parents of the incident.

Questions regarding any potential disciplinary actions against either student should be directed to the Beaverton School District.

The student who overheard the conversation about a so-called bomb did the right thing by reporting it immediately to school staff. Hopefully his actions will serve as a good example to everyone.


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